What You Need to Start Kickboxing

Best Kickboxing Gloves

There are different glove options. While it’s tempting to go for generic gloves, many experts won’t recommend this. Gloves are crucial for your hand’s protection. Get actual boxing gloves. The most ideal weights for beginners are 14 oz or 16 oz gloves. To be sure, fit them and try them out. Equipment stores allow buyers to choose according to what fits them best since it affects their play. When in doubt, relying on household sports equipment brands might work. High-quality ones are considered brand names even in the sports category. Learning care tips helps prolong the usability and functionality of a pair.

Pro care tip to remember: Always use antiperspirants or powders before using your gloves. Spray it with Lyso. Air it out and let it dry after.

Best Kickboxing Handwraps

Aside from gloves, hand wraps are crucial for wrist and hand protection. With the constant pressure and strength used by your hands for punches and other moves, injuries are highly likely to happen. Experts recommend the use of hand wraps at all times. This is constantly used compared to gloves. Some hand wrap types are inconvenient to put on and it also takes time. If this becomes a problem for you, you can try the slip-on types. There’s no ‘wrapping’ involved. But it has the same functions.

Pro care tip to remember: Compared to your gloves, you’ll constantly be wearing hand wraps until the end of your workout or class. It gets sweaty. Experts recommend constant washing right after every use. Buy spares and several pairs of hand wraps.

Best Kickboxing Mouthguards

Remember that kickboxing is a contact sport. Sparring is a way to practice your drills and new techniques. Getting hit in the face or chin or any related part is inevitable. To prepare, a mouthguard is essential, unless you want to lose your teeth. You’ll see different options for mouth guards. Professionals have their own guards customized to fit their mouth and to make their teeth more comfortable. Having mouthguards, even if it’s not an actual sparring session, prevents injuries by reducing the impact of every hit

Pro care tip to remember: To ensure the mouthguard fits, boil it with water for  30 seconds. It softens the material and helps the material to easily fit your mouth. Boiling gets rid of bacteria as well. Since it’s used in a sensitive area, keeping it sanitary is crucial.

Best Kickboxing Shoes

Wearing shoes is optional. However, for beginners, using this is recommended. Try not to confuse shoes worn specifically for boxing and the ones used specifically for kickboxing. There are slight differences since you’ll be using your feet for attacks. The pair shouldn’t have any material that can cause unintentional injury to your opponent. If you’re not certain what to choose, you can start with kickboxing shoe reviews. Several sports blog and fitness websites often list their favorite equipment with a product description and review included. Their list will come in handy.

Pro care tip to remember: There are different choices for shoes. Different brands are also present. This creates confusion. The trick is to always go for comfort rather than style.

Best Kickboxing Headgear

This is a sparring must-have. Beginners absolutely need this. Any strong impact from a punch or kickboxing kicks to the head or to your face will be reduced when you have head gears on. The good thing is there are different varieties to choose from. However, you must remember that protective gear must be of high-quality for it to function properly. Price should be the least of your concerns when it comes to safety.

Pro tip to remember: For every kickboxing equipment you purchase, cleanliness is imperative. While head gears aren’t used as often as others, it still needs constant cleaning and washing. Apart from the smell, bacteria and dirt can fester which can cause an infection or illness.

Kickboxing is a contact sport. You get physical and it demands a lot from your body. The equipment used and needed isn’t just to protect you. It’s also necessary to your opponent on the other end of the ring. This must never be done with the motivation of hurting anyone. With the benefits it offers, kickboxing is surely worth a try! It might be the activity you’re looking for.