What is Kickboxing?

I love kickboxing. Many people agree with me on this sentiment. It’s one of the few sports that requires holistic improvement to allow full control of the body and its motions. This is needed if you are to spar with someone in the ring.

Kickboxing is a combat sport based on a combination of kicks and punches. It’s done standing up. This activity developed with the application of boxing and karate. Most of the time, people practice this for self-defense, others for fitness. There are two variations. Japanese Kickboxing started in the 1950s. American Kickboxing, on the other hand, developed during the 1970s and officially became a sport when PKA (Professional Karate Association) held the sport’s World Championships on September 1974.

The activity is more than just a sport. Many want to engage and participate in fitness. Kickboxing lessons for beginners are offered in many schools.

Other Fascinating Facts About Kickboxing 

Kickboxing won’t be what it is today if there weren’t any notable events. For every established event or sport is a story.

  • The United States has listed over 30,000 martial arts schools. 75 percent of that specific number has kickboxing programs for actual competition or as part of a fitness program.
  • Kickboxing is considered a holistic approach for fitness. It’s also an aerobic activity that improves your cardiovascular health and strengthens the condition of your body. With its fitness benefits, many consider kickboxing for weight loss. It also helps strengthen your heart and improve flexibility.
  • The International Kickboxing Federation coordinates the most Kickboxing events for both the amateur and professional categories. There are several organizations that claim they ‘sanction more’. But this hasn’t been founded (and I’m not dropping names). According to data, IKF has organized the most event over the years.
  • The average age range of people currently in the sport is 16 to 35. Of course, there are practitioners way above the age range.
  • The sport charmed numerous businesses and corporations to provide sponsorships for a variety of events. Sponsors came from the top ranks of their own industries. It’s at this time people became aware of the immense popularity and influence of the said activity.
  • Other health benefits of kickboxing: builds and strengthens your core and improves your balance drastically. It’s not only the upper body that benefits from kickboxing routines. The lower body, specifically your legs, become stronger. The lower body is fully utilized for defecting attacks and for attacking. Apart from developing lower body coordination and precision, it also strengthens the legs which is required to create an impact with every hit.
  • It’ll be surprising to know that the safety rules of Kickboxing has promoted and upheld overall safety. This reduced the number of injuries. Boxing is reported to have more fatalities with competitors ending up in hospitals.
  • A study conducted at the University of Mississippi has proven how beneficial kickboxing is for your body and how it improves heart health. Simply put, kicking and punching help relieve stress that’s a common denominator for severe health issues these days.
  • Martial arts gear sales and all the other related equipment has increased over the past decades.
  • A flexible body means a healthier body. One important factor in learning kickboxing is flexibility. This newfound ability is useful and essential for day to day activities and in avoiding injuries. Flexibility encourages mobility. Having full command of your muscles prevents any issues and helps with common physical activities.
  • It’s discovered that books related to martial arts and kickboxing are what interests most people seeing the checkout percentage of such books as compared to all the other categories.
  • Over 10,000 people are recorded in the Competitive Professional level for Kickboxing. Several thousands more than that number are listed in the amateur category.