Venum Kontact Shin Guards Review

Venum is one of the brands that consistently deliver high-quality sports gears at budget-friendly prices. Their trendy logos and flashy graphics make them the preferred choice for kickboxers and mixed martial arts experts. With the all-new Venus Kontact shin guards, the company has continued its path to providing quality stuff at reasonable prices. So, what makes these shin guards value for money? Let’s find out.

Best features of Venum Kontact shin guards

You should go through this Venum Kontact shin guards review in detail before investing in this product. The Venum Kontact shin guards don’t mess around with bold graphics or flashy neon colors this time. They have toned down their colors and focused on the razor-sharp basic logo. These shin guards come in black, and the white logo strikes out prominently, making it look absolutely smashing.

• Fittings

This is probably one of the reasons why people love sports gears from Venum. If you are reading this Venum Kontact shin guards review, you should go ahead and try these quickly. They provide the best fittings ever. The finishing of these shin guards is much better than other brands. Venum has tactically used a thin padding material covered with a vent material so that you don’t feel uncomfortable while fighting.

Moreover, the density of the padding is high enough to provide protection to your shins. They may look thin, but are capable of enduring severe shots during fights. Most importantly, it comes with round padding on the top that helps to protect your foot. There is a separate padding that protects your ankle near the bend. So, once you put these beauties on, you can only think of attacking your opponent. The primary shin pad ranges from the ankle to your knee cap.

• Incredible elasticity

This is another area that Venum has fortified when it comes to these shin guards. They have added an elastic strap just below the knee pad. It has a mesh section that holds your calf firmly. When you are in the ring against your opponent, you wouldn’t want your shin pads to flail about independent from your leg. That is why Venum has also added a couple of more elastic straps just below the calf area. This provides a better grip on your shins.

Most importantly, you get a comfortable gripping section right in front of your heel. That means there are fewer chances of hurting your leg if you fall awkwardly. With so many protection in various areas, Venus has certainly made sure that safety is more crucial than flashy logos right now. Although many kickboxers will still want dynamic colors, they will feel safe when they use this pair of shin pads. Venum confirms that there is 60% SBR, 20% EVA, and 20% nylon used in making the meshes covering the padded areas.

• Extra padding for better protection

Safety for all athletes seems to be the motto of Venum this time. Whether you are attacking or defending in a fight, you should always make sure your feet position is correct; otherwise, you may be vulnerable to different attacks from the opponent. However, to resist a terrible fall or severe injury, Venum has come up with reinforced foam in their padding. These padding may look soft enough, but they can endure heavy blows. Whether you are a beginner or a veteran, this pair of shin guards should be in your kit whenever you go for a fight.

Also, the mesh construction around the padding area increases your body thermoregulation and helps to absorb sweat. You can practice wearing these shin guards for hours, and you won’t feel a thing because the pad absorbs your sweat in no time. The Velcro closure on the top allows you to tighten the shin guards according to your comfort level. They are not like the traditional sock-like guards where you need to insert your feet. Just put on the shin guards and tighten the Velcro around, and get ready for your fight. It’s that simple!


• If you prefer reading the Venum Kontact shin guards review before buying this stuff, you should wait longer. These are some of the best shin guards you will ever come across at this price range. When it comes to design, this one beats its competitors by a fair distance. The black and white combination steals the show here.

• Movement is another big positive for this set of skin guards. You don’t feel there is a shin guard on your legs while fighting. Venum manages to distribute the weight of the padding efficiently. This allows you to move quickly. Kickboxing and mixed martial arts involve quick feet movement, and this pair of shin guards provide enough agility so that your legs don’t stick to the rink for more than a second.

• The size and fittings are a massive bonus for all users. You have three different sizes: M, L, and XL. Whichever size you choose, the top of the shin pads will reach your knee. Moreover, the fitting is simply outstanding on this one. If you wear it once you will not want to take it out anymore. With comfortable padding at the top and on the angle, you can fight with more aggression. This is one of the rare shin guards that manage to get everything right. From construction to fitting, you will love every bit of this gem.


• It doesn’t have any flashy color or dynamic logo that many MMA fighters and kickboxers want. However, the black and white combination is attractive enough to keep your mind away from those colors.

Final verdict

If you still haven’t got a set even after reading the Venum Kontact shin guards review, you should get one immediately. This pair of shin guard will never disappoint you. Whether it is comfort or agility, the Venum Kontact shin guards top the list in every department, making it one of the best products from this brand in recent times. Go purchase your set now.