venum challenger 2.0 headgear review

Venum challenger 2.0 headgear review

Oh, I said this before and I will say it many times… I love Venum. They’re one of the greatest boxing gear providers there is.

Sure, you pay a bit more – most of the time that is – but you get what you pay for. They’re not messing around with their quality.

It is like buying the best guitar in the world, but actually getting the best tunes from it also. This is exactly what Venum does.

You buy the better gear, you do pay a bit more, but you get gear that can last you a lifetime.

I simply love it.

Now, we’ll be reviewing their headgear but before we actually start, I have to say that I personally use this piece of headgear.

I love the venum challenger 2.0 headpiece and it is one of the better ones out there, if not the best. I wouldn’t know as I tried 5 of them, and this one came out as the best.

I love their brand, and everything they do really… Everyone in my gym wears their stuff, I wear it… my girlfriend does… I mean, sure it is expensive I have to admit that, but damn… it is worth it.

Venum Challenger 2.0 headgear

Venum Challenger 2.0 Headgear review

When reviewing the venum challenger 2.0 headgear piece I could of course go based on personal experience but I thought that wouldn’t be totally fair to you as it would be a biased opinion.

So, I got some people in my gym I know that wouldn’t be able to buy venum this month due to being new and all that kind of stuff.

So I let them test a couple of headpieces without actually telling them which is which. A kind of a blind test if you’d say so.

They all began by picking each a piece and comparing them by the way they suit… Suprise suprise, venum came on top.

They said Venum actually protects their face the most, and you can feel that it is top quality. They didn’t really mention the brand though because they didn’t know. This way I could get the best unbiased opinion for you.

Now, do know that this piece of headgear is actually one of their cheaper ones… more affordable ones, and yet I find them to be one of their best ones.

See, I don’t care about the price as long as I get what I am paying for, but I don’t take the price as a factor when I buy something.

Expensive, inexpensive, it doesn’t tell me how the quality of the actual product is so, I cannot make an educated buy without experiencing it myself.

With Venum however I fell in love with their challenger 2.0, not because of the price but more because of the quality.

Sure, the brand is awesome too but lets get back to the review right?

So, when they were testing it – I was actually making them compare with brands like RDX which is known for great gear out there, but also a bit more affordable than most brands.

Sure, they thought it was quite okay… but didn’t really suit their needs. Because they could feel the difference, and all fell in love with the challenger 2.0 except for one person.

Johannes didn’t really like the challenger 2.0, and would rather stay with RDX because it fits him better which proves my point.

Not every gear is equal to every fighter. Some might think venum is actually worse to them, some might never even buy it.

That is totally okay for them.

I myself believe in making educated buys that benefits my fighting the best in long term base.

venum challenger 2.0 headgear


  • Price: $56.81
  • Ultra lightweight

As you can tell, they’re a bit less expensive than you’d expect especially for what you are getting from all of it.

Now, my major factor why I love them the most is obviously the lightweight part. I cannot stand gear that is heavy on the face.

It irritates me, but also makes me feel insecure, and makes me feel bad while fighting. Obviously this is for most people the same but some actually prefer more heavier gear.

Why, well… that is something I don’t know.

Do, I love challenger 2.0 – Yes, I do… and I would buy them any time.

venum challenger 2.0 headgear

What I like:

I love the lightweight part, and also the design really. You can see that it has been battle tested and made to compete with the big guys.

I mean, I personally can feel that it is made to compete at high level, and I absolutely love it.

This is very handy especially due to my hard training routine I’ve put together to keep at the top. Having good training equipment is ESSENTIAL.

Especially to try and beat my sparring partners haha… so Yes, I do love to invest in myself and I like how this gear makes investing in myself even more fun.

They deliver real quality, and they deliver it fast.

They’re one of the greatest boxing gear providers out there, and yes – they provide even for the better kickboxers out there.

I really think that without Venum, kickboxing wouldn’t feel the same for me, especially if someone would rip it away from me right now… I would HATE it!

I am so used to their gear, and I invested quite a lot in it. They focus on battle tested gear and actually make it happen.

What I don’t like:

Now, the thing is… I do think they could be cheaper as they’re quite expensive and even though this is one of the cheaper ones out there – I still think they could go even more cheaper without the actual brand getting hurt.

I do get it though, it is a top level brand… They provide for professionals out there. So, why would they even lower their prices but still for most beginners it is a bit expensive which causes a lot of beginners to not buy it.

Which is something I regret due to the high quality of the products.