Sanabul Essential Gel boxing Gloves Review 2020

What do you look for when purchasing a new set of boxing gloves? Ideally, you want a pair of gloves with a comfortable level of padding, a firm fit, quality construction, and an adequate level of protection. And these are only a handful of the important qualities that you need to keep in mind when searching for boxing gloves.

Sanabul boxing gloves manage to exceed in all of these categories. In specific, the following Sanabul boxing gloves review will focus on their flagship product: the Sanabul Essential Gel Gloves. We’ll look at this pair of gloves closely and consider some of the important qualities mentioned above.

It’s safe to say from step one that these are one of the best pairs of boxing gloves on the market today. They receive consistently high reviews from customers regardless of what store or website they use to make the purchase. A big part of what makes these gloves so great is the brand behind them.

With that in mind, let’s start this Sanbul boxing gloves review by looking at the brand behind the product.

Sanabul boxing Gloves

Is Sanabul A Good Brand?

Sanabul Boxing Gloves brand

If you are involved in any form of combat sports, then you’re probably already familiar with the Sanabul brand. They are well-known and respected by customers across the globe. They manufacture products for a variety of different combat sports; whether they are learned for self-defense, pure sport, or another reason entirely. If you spend time in a gym with a ring, the Sanabul brand will pop up somewhere.

That’s obviously a very good thing for these gloves. It means they come from a reputable brand with a strong history and reputation in combat sports. If their track record is to be believed, then their Sanabul Essential Gel Gloves will be another reliable, long-lasting product that sees plenty of use in gyms everywhere.

Of course, a brand alone isn’t enough to earn a positive review. It’s simply the start of something good. Next, we need to look at some of the individual qualities and features of the glove to determine how well it stacks up against the competition.

Protection Level of These Gloves

Protection is one of the primary reasons anyone wears a boxing glove. A glove that doesn’t offer much protection isn’t worth using. Protection is provided by the padding in the glove as well as a few additional aspects. For example, the more the glove is capable of absorbing the impact the greater the protection will be. This is why the Sanabul Essential Gel Gloves are such a great choice.

Inside each glove is a specialized gel foam. This foam has the amazing ability to absorb the impact from a blow and then disperse that energy among the foam. The level of protection that this provides is exceptional; whether you’re punching a bag or sparring in the ring.

How Well Does The Glove Fit?

How well the glove fits also affects the protection. A glove that can firmly hold your hand in the appropriate punching position. This will lessen the impact on your fingers and reduce the risk of injury to the hand. Having a glove with the perfect fit is very important even without considering the protection that it provides.

Sanabul boxing gloves reviews regularly cover how well these gloves fit. It’s one of their most common pieces of praise. You can wear gloves with hand wraps or without and you will always have a firm, snug fit with plenty of support. Some customers have complained that the gloves are a bit tight at first. This can go away after a bit of use.

It’s generally a better idea to wear a glove that is a little tight compared to a larger glove that is loose. A larger glove can lead to painful blisters and unwanted chafing. Depending on the positions of the blisters, it could take you out of the sport for some time. Instead, take time to measure properly and choose the Sanabul gel gloves that are right for you.

Are These Gloves High-Quality?

The quality of the product is another important factor that can’t be overlooked. Quality often relates to the glove’s durability. A low-quality glove might be cheaper, but you’ll need to replace it after a short period if it sees any heavy use. Sanabul boxing gloves are some of the most durable on the market. The special gel foam formula is to blame once again.

The materials of the glove on the inside and out were clearly selected with durability in mind. The outside of the glove is made from high-quality blended leather. The glove manages to be soft and durable at the same time. On the inside is the gel foam mentioned earlier, which is a very long-lasting product. Overall, this is a glove that you can use for months and years to come.

How Comfortable Are These Gloves?

A final factor to consider is the comfort element. You can expect to spend a lot of time wearing these gloves if you’re a serious fan of kickboxing. An uncomfortable glove might not seem like a big deal at first, but it’s going to become a problem after a few months at the gym. It’s best to plan ahead by finding a glove that is comfortable and the appropriate weight.

In terms of comfort, all Sanabul boxing gloves reviews agree that the Essential Gel Gloves are wonderful. The gel foam provides a very comfortable material to work with while you are training. Over time, you’ll begin to feel as if the gel is molding to the specific shape of your hand. Other design features of the glove, such as its completely closed thumb, help improve the comfort tremendously.

Is This The Best?

Whether or not the Sanabul Essential Gel Gloves are the best on the market is something only you can decide. According to the many Sanabul boxing gloves reviews, thousands of happy customers already love and support this product. The fit is exceptional, the foam is very comfortable, and they offer a great deal of protection.

This is a long-lasting and affordably priced product.