RDX mma shorts review

RDX MMA shorts review

Here I go describing RDX doing a mma shorts review… could you believe that? As if you guys don’t know RDX?

Well, suprise… not all of my readers are experienced kickboxers, and they come here to learn… so it wouldn’t be a suprise that they don’t know about RDX.

That said, they should get to know them.

RDX is an awesome brand, and we’ve reviewed their glovesshin guards, and lots more! They are just that good.

The thing is, they are well known due to their quality and their reasonable price.

They also support professionals, which is why you might have heard of them.

As a company, from a marketing perspective, I have to admit their branding is great.

I love the company itself due to their supportiveness towards players, and their contribution to the actual kickboxing scene.

Sure, it is important for them also and they might have underlying reasons as every company does but still, they’re making a difference.

That said though, we’ll be reviewing the RDX mma blaze shorts which are one of my favourite shorts i’ve ever bought even though they are not really my type.

If you have read more blogs of mine you’ll actually see that I like short and freely shorts.

Shorts that aren’t thight at all.

But, that is just up to me. This short in particular is one I ACTUALLY use for competitive fights with a good reason too…

…Want to find out??? Keep reading.

RDX MMA Blaze Shorts review

rdx mma shorts

Before I go into any detail, it is important to know that I am very picky when it comes to buying kickboxing gear in general.

See, due to health reasons my bodies get irritated quickly so I need to be picky as a person.

This is why I like only a specific kind of shorts. These often are a specific kind of linnen.

They are soft, and often costum made due to personal preference. That said though, and I am not saying this because I am getting a commission per sale.

No, if you’re a frequent reader of my blog then you know I only write about actual truth.

If a product is bad, then I honestly tell you… and I personally test every item myself in order to get a objective review done.

This way you get to see exactly what the actual product is like. All this I do to inform you as good as possible to make a well thought buy.


  • Price:  $37.99
  • Size: Small – Medium – Large – XL – XXL

Now, you might think that is expensive for shorts… But, when you think about it and when you compare it to other shorts… it is not expensive AT ALL!

See, these shorts are used in kickboxing, cage fighting and way more… They’re such a good quality which means you are paying not that much money for longevity.

I myself consider it a good investment as investing in longevity causes me to save a lot of money in the future.

rdx mma shorts

What I like:

I love how they make such a great short for such a cheap price, it is an awesome short with a really nice design.

A lot of people don’t really get the design part, but for me it is essential. Feeling good, looking good all influences your mental state.

This way you get a head on your competitor as you will feel good and confident… and it is a proven fact that confidence and positivity actually contribute in succeeding into certain things.

This has actually be sientifically been proven by running an experiment with a pro ball player and Zendaya.

They would let them throw 5 balls, the pro player didn’t miss one! Zendaya missed 4 out of 5… Then they blindfolded both players and they boo’d the pro ball player, and they cheered on zendaya.

Zendaya actually scored 3/5 and the pro player missed 4 out of  5 balls.

Do note that he has done this so many times that he shouldn’t even miss one.

What I didn’t like:

RDX is a great brand so I had to dig very deep in order to find dirt on this specific short.

I would say, the only thing I don’t really like is the short style. As I said I like certain shorts, and I actually don’t favor this style at all.

This is not really the brand’s fault but actually my problem… See, I am very picky as I said before and I get irritated quickly.

Being irritated doesn’t help for your mental state, and I actually had a very hard time adapting when it comes to actual competitive fighting.

So, I did a lot of sparring with this one myself, as I well wanted to get comfortable with it.

So, I still like the shorts, they’re just not what I usually wear.r

Buyers guide for the RDX mma guide.

I want you to be very picky when it comes to buying these shorts as you never know when they are actually the size you need or not.

Now, these are stretchy shorts so I wouldn’t really bother, they’re really good when it comes to quality and they can actually stretch quite a lot.

The reason I am saying you should be really picky is to prevent yourself to waste money.

Even though it supports the actual blog, I wouldn’t actually consider doing it when it would hurt you guys.

The verdict:

They’re awesome shorts, and they are really great for the price you have to pay for the actual quality.

I have to say that even though I had to adapt to them, and you most likely won’t… you will love the shorts.

Especially because they sit so well. They look so cool, and actually these particular shorts are used by actual competitors.

By real professionals, so then you know that it is actually worth your money… it is worth theirs, and professionals are picky themselves too.

They often go for the best of the best there is, so that should say more than enough.