Rdx headguard review

Rdx headguard review

Yesterday we did the venum challenger 2.0 review and we came to the conclusion while it is great quality it is still a bit expensive…

…Then we started mentioning the rdx headguard but we never really reviewed it. Luckily I ordered a few pieces of headgear in order to do some reviews.

Now, when I started to write this review or well my brainstorming about it as that is how I start every blog before I write, I must admit I was a bit excited.

If you are a common visitor on kickboxingguru.com, then you obviously know that I am a big fan of RDX.

I think I mention them in every post, haha!

This also meant that I couldn’t review it myself as it would be a quite biased opinion of course.

All this caused some issues, but eventually I just figured it out… Why not do exactly the same as I did with the venum review?

Why don’t I just let others review it, and make an article based on their review… This would mean I have an unbiased review right?

Exactly… so that is what I went through to help you make an educated buy and not a biased one.

RDX headguard

rdx headguard review

When reviewing this I picked 5 pieces of headgear, and contacted 2 of my friends. Both weren’t told which was which so that they wouldn’t be able to base their opinion on their emotions and they started sparring.

Now, when they had the RDX headguard they told me they loved it.

They actually asked me where they could buy it, but then they got it for free for their effort. When they were using it I asked them what they liked the most.

One of them loved the lightweight part more than the face grill, the other one said it was an all in package.

So I asked them if they would actually get this one, or the other one they tested… Now, before I tell you what they said it is important to let you guys know here I am talking about the venum challenger.

The opinion however was different for either one of them, as one would go for the venum due to the extreme lightweight and super high quality, while the other one actually thought that the RDX one was high quality as well.

They both agreed that it was high quality, but obviously Venum is the best in the market.

The reason why though is even though they are a bit more expensive, they are really on top of the market when it comes to quality.

That said, RDX is one of the ONLY brands and we all agreed on this, able to rival quality wise. They’re cheaper, and a great brand as a whole.

Really fun to shop at them also as they have a large category of high quality boxing gear, and obviously they’re well known in the meanwhile.

So yea, I am a big fan and everyone who buys their gear, overtime, becomes one.

rdx headguard review


  • Price: $37.99
  • Size: Small – Medium – Large – Extra Large
  • Color: Black, Pink, Red, Blue

When you think about it, you have quite a lot of options and great quality for not that much of money.

It is good to start with RDX as a beginner as you are getting top gear for basically pennies, when you think about it.

They’re affordable, and even professionals use them. In my Gym, almost everyone starts to use them, and they’re actively promoted due to being so affordable for beginners, and as I said before they’re really one of the only brands capable to compete with venum.

And believe me when I say that is a whole big thing.

Venum is the top brand out there when it comes to high quality, and I personally love them but they cost so SO much money.

Beginners often don’t want to spend too much as they are not certain they like it enough to keep going.

When things cost a lot of money, and it is hardly affordable it becomes even harder to stay motivated and then it is quite hard to keep going.

This is why a lot of beginners don’t buy venum, and they need a good alternative… Well, I wouldn’t call RDX a alternative but more like a rival.

They’re that good.

rdx headguard review

What I like:

They’re really cheap for the quality they offer, and that is what I like a lot. That is why I actively promote them in my gym… and others do it aswell.

It keeps people motivated to come, as they get quality for basically pennies.

So why not go for it right? What I also like is just the quality in general and the face grill. This is something you don’t have with some of the venum guards.

It is an extra layer of protection, and I really love it. This is more a personal preference though, some people hate it and then they really should go with a venum challenger 2.0

But yea, I like quite a lot when it comes to RDX.

They’re just such a good brand supporting beginners as well as professionals keeping the kickboxing sector as straight as it is.

Providing quality with every new product they release and keeping it affordable… Like, who doesn’t want that?

And yes… You should get it, especially if you are just starting and you like a face grill.

What I don’t like:

Well, I would like the face grill to be a bit different design wise as it often hinders my face in general. I love a face grill don’t get me wrong, but I just want the design to be a bit different.

I also like the color difference, but my favourite color: Cyan isn’t in them which is also something I don’t really like but as you can see, none of this stuff is important to you.

This is because they’re quite a good brand providing quality. For beginners as well as professionals they’re the go To, unless you got money enough then obviously… I feel like venum is still on top quality wise, and in that regard I feel RDX could do even better than they’re already doing.