NAMAZU Muay Thai Shorts

NAMAZU Muay Thai Shorts

Having good shorts is essential, that is something you should know by now, especially after reading this blog.

I mean, we’ve been talking about it in a lot of the posts as it is that essential, and if you don’t know what I am talking about I really encourage you to read the other posts.

The reason why is, because shorts are really important and it is important for you to know why.

This way you’ll keep yourself from buying something you don’t know anything about, and you are able to make an educated buy.

More about the actual brand Namazu now. See, Namazu is actually a japanese name, and they’re quite decent manufacturers. I don’t buy my other boxing gear with them though, but these shorts are EXACTLY what I am looking for.

When you read our other posts you’ll realise that I am really picky, and I only prefer a specific kind of shorts.

Namazu however is one of my main suppliers when it comes to shorts.

This is due to their amazing design, and the quality of the shorts.

They’re simply better than most in the market, and I actively wear this one.

NAMAZU Muay Thai Shorts for Men and Women

NAMAZU Muay Thai Shorts

Now, before I go deeper in detail it is important to let you guys know that everyone can actually wear this one.

It is not just for Men, but then you’ve probaly seen that in the title already.

The reason I take the time to actually write it again is simple. A lot of brands say it to reach a higher audience, and in reality the shorts are not really fitting well…

…Well, with Namazu that isn’t the case at all.

They actually provide quality, and they are REALLY affordable especially when you compare them with other providers.

In fact… They’re actually one of the cheaper shorts out there, and now you’d think:

“well… we’ve bought stuff from china and japan before, and sure they are cheap… but you often see it lacking in quality…”

Which I can totally understand, but isn’t the case with Namazu at all.

Here is why, see… in order to be and stay on amazon you’d need to meet certain requirements.

If they get too many negative reviews, they’ll be removed from amazon.

Now, that is huge! Amazon is a huge income for them, and they actually get a lot of revenue out of it…

…So, it is essential for them to be on there. Not just that though, this also means they often deliver quite quickly.

They provide quality, and if you are not happy with the service you could get an amazon support employee to help you out by contacting their amazon support chat.

Now, when you do that they’ll use certain techniques to maintain the service and if the supplier don’t refund you for a bad product, you’ll be able to work something out with amazon.

This is why I know they’re providing great quality.

NAMAZU Muay Thai Shorts


  • Price: $19.28
  • Size: S – M – L – XXL

They’re also available in many different patterns, and different colors.

This is awesome as you could buy multiple shorts that look different, or well be picky yourself.

What I like:

I love the fact that they’re so affordable and the amount of choice we have.

Also, I myself had one order problem due to an accidentally wrong click of mine.

I contacted them, and they helped me out with pleasure which was amazing.

Now… as I said before though I am a bit biased due to them being my supplier. I order ALWAYS from them.

This is due to me liking their short design so much. This is the kind of short I feel free in.

I put my mental state on top, as that is the most important thing out there for me personally.

It can totally make me lose a match, and I don’t like losing – haha!

That is why I often am so picky.

I rather spend a bit more finding something I like, than just using things I grow to hate – it is not good for my motivation, and motivation is important.

Yea, I must admit I love them a lot!

What I don’t like:

When I first bought with them I couldn’t find a lot on their brand, it is due to them not being so well known as RDX for example.

Which is why I didn’t like to buy from them… It is actually due to this blog, and my intensive research on amazon that I had to buy from them to make a review.

Eventually I liked it, but yea… They’re not really well known and are one of the lesser known kickboxing brands out there.

Of course, Namazu is a good brand… But their branding needs a lot of help.

NAMAZU Muay Thai Shorts Buyers guide Namazu Muay Thai shorts:

When buying kickboxing shorts you don’t want to rush yourself. You need to find out what kind of style you like.

You want to know whether the shorts are of a high quality, and the brand has high standards or not.

Now, I must say there are exceptions on every rules as I didn’t find a lot on Namazu when I was doing research on them, and asking around.

So, I was a bit sceptical but when I bought them I actually liked them a lot.

Normally I tend to set a lot of high standards especially when doing reviews.

This is due to trying to provide quality for you guys.

That said, if you have a order that goes wrong with the wrong buyer then you could always contact amazon support, as they’re great and always willing to help you out.

Namazu however is a decent brand with great products. When buying them pick a design you actually like so you’ll feel good in it, and you’ll be confident.

Confidence is not just really important when it comes to fighting but also during training.

Having good gear keeps you motivated.