Kickboxing vs Boxing

It’s pretty easy to spot the difference between the two sports. The foundation of both sports is the same. But the key difference is the use of both feet and hands in kickboxing.

Boxing involves punches but your feet is never used for attacking. It’s used for deflecting and for carrying your body to different places in the ring. In kickboxing, both hands and feet are used for offense. 

Boxing follows the principle of attacking and blocking. Kickboxing, on the other hand, is more aggressive since you don’t necessarily learn to deflect first. You are often taught to attack with both your weapons.

Dodging strikes for both sports are different as well. You can’t dodge downwards for kickboxing since there’s a chance that a kick will hit you. Hitting below the belt is forbidden in boxing while you can attack and be attacked in different places of the body for kickboxing.