Kickboxing training equipment

Kickboxing training equipment

Kickboxing training equipment

You are probably wondering, why do I need kickboxing training equipment. I need gloves, and I’ll be all set.

Not quite right!

Boxing gloves make sure you are a bit safer. Yes, when it comes to it, they do an excellent job.

But if you think all you need are boxing gloves, you never have done kickboxing right.

See, kickboxing is a really “dangerous” sport. This is why you need protection to minimize the damage, and to avoid the damage to be lethal and permanent.

If you decide to box straight of the bet, and all you use are boxing gloves, you will get hurt.

No matter how good you are.

One blow to your face and you might lose teeth.

One kick to your shin, and you might get hurt badly.

There are various ways to get hurt in kickboxing, and yes, it is a dangerous sport.

IF you don’t use your training equipment, that is.

Do mouthguards belong to the standard training equipment?

Kickboxing training equipment

Mouthguards are ESSENTIAL to your training equipment, and here is why.

Imagine you are sparring. Sparring is a practice fight against someone else. It is putting your skills to the test.

Out of a sudden, the person sees an opening, so he lands a combo that allows him to hit you right in the face.

The chance is EXTREMELY high that you hurt your mouth permanently. You might lose teeth, or worse!

Using mouthguards prevent this kind of things from happening as your mouth is continuously being protected.

These guards provide enough protection to your teeth to make sure they’re safe and can take blows to the face.

Of course, if that happens too much, you’ll have to work on your defence, but that is a whole other thing.

How about gloves!?

Having boxing gloves is one of the standard things when it comes to training equipment.

Fighting with naked fists can hurt you and your opponent pretty bad, which is why it is vital to wear gloves.

Don’t think it doesn’t hurt with gloves though, of course. You cannot be a wussy when it comes to kickboxing.

You will get hurt now and then, but you will get hurt significantly less when using gloves.

You wouldn’t say so, but they take away a lot of power from the blow, making the painless and also lower the damage done to your body.

Is headgear important?

See, kickboxing might seem simple, but it isn’t. It is a very technique heavy sport.

A lot of people do it wrong, and they do it to hurt others and to look tough, but these people don’t last long.

Kickboxing is a sport that requires respect for other athletes and the right gear.

Headgear, however, is essential, primarily to provide enough protection to last longer than a simple sparring match.

See, when you see kickboxing on television you might think that it is all about hurting the other person, but that isn’t entirely true.

Kickboxing is also about not PERMANENTLY damaging each other, which is very likely to happen if you don’t use the required gear.

Can you practice without headgear, yes? Of course, you can, is it recommended, however? No, it is not.

Do I really need shinguards though?

Have you ever had a kick right to your shin? Have you ever been hit there pretty hard?

If not, then it is normal that you don’t understand why shin guards are required.

You can hurt yourself pretty bad, especially if you lack in technique because as said before, kickboxing is very technique heavy.

If you don’t kick the right way, you’ll get hurt. If you don’t defend the right way, you’ll get hurt.

This is why you need to do some training before you are allowed actually to spar.

This is also one of the reasons why you need extreme training equipment because you don’t want to get hurt, at least not in that way.

Sure you will get hurt, I mean what do you expect? It is kickboxing, and you are hitting and kicking each other.

There is no other outcome.

That said, kickboxing is one of the better workouts, and it is also a sport if done right, gratifying.

But to spar, you’d need to work at least on your basics, as well as your gear.

Refrain from getting lethal damage done (which is why experienced kickboxers, actually know what they are doing.)

I bought kickboxing training equipment, can I begin?

Of course, you can. Don’t get me wrong, you can also start without training equipment, but then I just don’t recommend sparring.

Kickboxing is more than just fighting each other. It is also working on your cardio.

Working on your technique and working on your skill as a whole.

I can promise you that most of the time, especially in the beginning, you won’t be in the ring.

You will be running, doing extreme training to get in shape to stand a chance in the ring.

In order to actually fight other people, you’ll have to do a lot of training, and most of it won’t even be about fighting.

If you haven’t done kickboxing before, you have no idea how exhaustive it actually can be.

It is one of the more “extreme” sports when it comes to working out, and only a handful of people succeed in doing it competitively.

That said, kickboxing doesn’t need to be done competitively if you don’t want to.

It is more, a thing if you want to.

It is also an incredibly useful way to stay in shape, and when it comes to it, you might not even get to fight other people.

If you don’t like fighting others, you simply don’t have to, and you can just fight a gym bag.

This would, of course, mean, if fighting a gym bag, there is no need for mouthguards or headgear.

It all depends on the kind of kickboxing you wish to do. If you don’t want to spar, nobody will force you.

But if you want to get competitive, I suggest you get the right gear.