Kickboxing at its best

Kickboxing at its best

Kickboxing has achieved a lot, and made people actually gain a lot too. Now, when people think about kickboxing though they often see more than the sport.

They see cruelty or well just “2 man beating each other”, first of all a lot of woman actually do kickboxing as well, and they often excell at it also.

Now, we’re going to focus on kickboxing and what it did for people. This way you’ll perhaps understand that kickboxing is not all about just fighting.

There is a whole lot more behind it, so much more in fact that a lot of people just don’t even try to get to know it.

They think fighting is barbaric…

…and it is.

When you are street fighting that is. See, a lot of people don’t understand how controlled fights are.

There are strict rules, and while it still hurts, all preventions are made in order to prevent themselves of getting hurt.

Well, they’ll get hurt anyway… what I really meant to say is that preventions are necessary to prevent permanent damage.

There is no such thing as naked fist, and the sport is more about technique than anything else.

It is a very intensive sport afterall, and even though it is not liked by the majority of people.

Nowadays though everyone seems lots calmer about martial arts in general, and it is more accepted even though a lot of people still pair it with abuse.

Which is obviously a shame as most fights are really paired up with nothing but mutual respect.

Now, I do get why it is hard to understand especially due to all the trash talk fighters do before they get into the ring, but what people not seem to get is that they do this in order to get riled up.

They fill their bodies with adrenaline and anger, so they can express it in the ring and fight even better.

As you can tell kickboxing isn’t a savage sport at all.

Kickboxing at its best: Badr Hari vs Rico Verhoeven

This fight was legendary, for sure it was… I mean 2 of the greatest kickboxers of this age, I mean… even for non kickboxers this was great.

Which is also why I decided to mention it.

See, at that very moment when this fight was happening there was this big hype.

Everywhere where you would go… everywhere you went, you would hear about this fight.

People had saved up a lot of money to actually visit this fight… and witness it in real life.

I myself was actually one of these people, I have to admit that.

Rico was defending his title, and everyone was rooting for him, or well that is how I saw it obviously.

Others didn’t really witness it in the same way.

Badr Hari obviously was very famous himself, even though he has been facing a few years of cell… at that time he was actually in favour with a lot of the crowd.

Now, I never personally doubted Rico’s skill as well, I have seen a lot of his matches.

I’ve seen him fight plenty of times and the guy can surely be called the king of Kickboxing.

Why this is so great though is that at this one moment everyone forgot about worries, forgot about problems…

…This one moment, they were happy and themselves.

This one moment everyone seemed to be a kickboxing fan, and I could truly say that at that point… for this brief moment kickboxing was a hype again.

Sure, it is still quite popular… just not on that level.

The whole crowd was cheering and thousands of people came. This is what can happen when kickboxing is at its best.

When legendaries meet, and giants clash.

You could say it was a clash of the titans, and the best titan actually won.

Yes, Rico won and I must say I am very glad as I am very biased myself.

See, I am one of the strictest when it comes to hatred against violence, yet I don’t consider kickboxing to be voilence.

I consider it a martial arts worth being called an art. I bet you agree, don’t you?

More on kickboxing:

Kickboxing is great because it has multiple uses. A lot of people think it is just fighting, and you have to fight others… This is not the case.

You can learn how to fight without actually facing others, and it is quite handy to defend yourself.

I mean, especially for women to learn them basic self defence… They’d be great with kickboxing.

Not that self defence is that necessary, but cmon… let’s look at the current state and statistics of this world…

…We both know that nowadays, you need to be able to defend yourself.

This way… you’ll be atleast safe!

That said, kickboxing is also great for losing weight. I myself have been doing my best to lose a lot of weight with kickboxing, and i’ve actually succeeded with it.

I lost over 50 kilo’s by using kickboxing to motivate myself in order to train.

It has been a blast, kickboxing is just one of the best things out there to lose weight especially due to the variety in it.

It is both cross training, kickboxing and many other things that keep you busy.

You need to work hard and consistent, in order to create real results.

In order to improve.

You could also go for the more competitive route which is one of the harder ones out there, I must admit… and not always realistic… But it is one of the more fun ones out there also.

It pushes you to greather lengths, and actually makes you work on your technique aswell.

Which is one of my favourite parts of it.

You push yourself daily, and the results manifest themselves in your own scores.

Tis allows yourself to get better, and better and improve… Daily.

This… is what kickboxing can achieve when it is at its best. Really, an awesome sport!