How To Clean Kickboxing Gloves

Kickboxing is engaging, entertaining, and offers a tremendous outlet for those looking to test their physical abilities.

Before diving headfirst into the world of kickboxing, it’s important to buy the right gear and make an investment into your safety. Without the right gear, you are going to remain a step behind and continue to lose out on potential advantages. For those looking to get started, it’s time to begin with one of the more important pieces in your bag – the gloves.

Here’s more on what you should do to ensure the gloves are in good shape after a long session. A entire guide on how to clean kickboxing gloves.

1) Hang the Gloves

Let’s begin with something simple as it’s important to develop good habits immediately. Most kickboxers will rip off their gloves and stuff them in a gym bag without thinking twice. It might seem like the right thing to do but it’s going to leave a nasty residue that is unlike anything you have ever seen before.

Instead of allowing this to happen, the goal should remain to hang the gloves post-session to make sure they air out properly. This is when the gloves are going to remain in good condition and will not start to soak up sweat.

2) Wipe with Paper Towel

Once the gloves have been allowed to dry for a bit, it’s time to go back to wipe the remaining sweat. You want to be meticulous during this step as it is going to be an essential component of your overall cleaning strategy. Don’t just rub the paper towel over one spot and call it a day! It’s smart to unlace the gloves and patiently go through each part of the glove one by one. This is how you are going to be able to bring the glove back into shape as intended.

After a few minutes, the glove is going to look better and feel good too.

3) Utilize Hand Wraps

For those who are going to be fighting on a consistent basis, it makes sense to use hand wraps. There are many reasons for doing this and one of them involves cleanliness especially when you are going through a regular training session. Don’t just put on the gloves and assume this is going to be enough.

When you put on the gloves with bare hands, you are leaving them unprotected and you will also allow sweat to soak into the seams.

This is when the gloves start to break down and smell awful at the same time!

4) Use Saltwater

For the cleaning process, it’s best to start with a bit of saltwater. Salt is good for cleaning purposes and can do wonders when it comes to getting the gloves into shape without ruining their texture. You will want to ensure the gloves are usable over the long-run and that is why saltwater is awesome.

It is a good solution that is easy to adjust to and will get rid of the grime that settles on top. If you are a constant user of gloves, it makes sense to use a saltwater solution as soon as possible.

5) Buy Anti-Bacterial Spray

If you are hoping to invest in a meaningful cleaning product that is going to help with the kickboxing gloves then it’s time to think about an anti-bacterial spray.

The spray is able to get rid of the bad bacteria without damaging your gloves. This is a simple, effective solution that is used for different types of gloves with impressive effect. It’s all about finding a spray that is well-reviewed, efficient, and safe to use. As long as you find the right type of spray, there is real value in going down this route. The cleaning process will become ten times easier.

6) Don’t Place in a Gym Bag for Long Periods

One of the worst habits a person can develop has to do with where their gloves are placed after a fight. You are going to have different options in front of you and most people go with the convenient one. In this case, they simply stuff the gloves into a dirty gym bag and hope everything works out in their favor when it’s time to fight again.

Unfortunately, the stench worsens and that is when things become impossible to handle.

You want to avoid doing this and simply keep the gloves as far away from the gym bag as possible.

7) Only Use Plastic Bags

If you are going to be storing them in a separate bag, it’s important to invest in a high-quality plastic bag. These bags are easier to manage and are going to offer tremendous value in keeping the gloves smelling nice. Remember, the goal is to avoid allowing a lot of oxygen in as that is going to ruin the gloves especially when there’s a bit of sweat involved.

While most people are recommended to keep the gloves hung in a high spot, it’s okay to use a plastic bag if they have been properly cleaned beforehand.

8) Try Natural Solutions

In some cases, it’s time to mix things up a bit and use apple cider vinegar. The idea is to rub a bit of this solution on top of the gloves to ensure it looks good and stay clean for longer.

It’s important to stay committed to this idea as it will keep the gloves in good shape.

Final Thoughts

Yes, cleaning the kickboxing gloves might be the last thing you want to do but it’s important. Your gear is an extension of who you are and it has to be managed with tremendous patience. If you’re unable to do this, the results will start to show up in your performance. Your gear has to be in good shape as that will ensure your mind is heading in the right direction. Kickboxing is all about being in the right place mentally and understanding what it means to go through a session. Once you clean the gloves, these details will start to become understandable over time.