How To Choose Kickboxing Gloves

How to choose kickboxing gloves? If you’re a kickboxer or a kickboxer wannabe, then you should be ready to head into the ring and go a few rounds by making sure you always have the right equipment for sparring and hitting the bags. It’s that time again, your old boxing gloves are out of commission, and you’re thinking of getting a new pair. However, with so many kickboxing glove options to choose from, picking boxing gloves can be daunting. After all, not only do you want the right size but you also wish to box gloves that are cool and stylish.

Whether you’re an amateur or a seasoned kickboxer, kickboxing is an excellent sport for improving hand-eye coordination and cardio. Moreover, kickboxing is a great martial art for those interested in learning how to protect themselves. If you’re considering getting started with the kickboxing sport/martial art, then you will need to think about getting top-quality boxing gloves.

Boxing Gloves For Kickboxing

Kickboxing gloves are like cleats for football players. They are the most crucial gear that every person must have to play the sport. Boxing gloves aren’t just for protection; they are also for performance. Can you picture punching a bag or person over and over without the gloves – the sweating and the blood!

Kickboxing gloves provide traction during impact, protection, and support while you throw your punches. For this reason, it’s essential that you find the right kickboxing gloves for you — the type of gloves, the best size, and the best fit.

Choosing Kickboxing Gloves

When searching for the best boxing gloves, it’s imperative that you remember that there’s a lot that goes into the design of boxing gloves. Therefore, whether you want the gloves for traditional Muay Thai kickboxing or North American kickboxing, even the slightest variation could make a world of difference and affect your technique. So, you should take your time and do your homework when shopping for kickboxing gloves and leave no stone unturned. Here’s what to consider to help you find and pick kickboxing gloves that suit you best.

1. Weight And Size

One of the things that you must look into when shopping for kickboxing gloves is the fit/size of the gloves. Training or sparring with gloves that don’t fit is not only not practical but could also have serious consequences. To find the best fit, get familiar with standard sizes and try them on to ensure that they fit snuggly around the wrists, knuckles, and thumb. Standard weight and sizes for kickboxing gloves are:

88 – 119 lbs 8 oz
119 – 149 lbs 10 oz
149 – 185 lbs 12 oz
185+ 14 oz

The above sizes are the best pad and bag workouts whereas 14, 16, 18, and 20 are often used for sparring. The key is to pick gloves that have a comfortable fit. Note that in addition to your weight and hand circumference, the purpose should also dictate the size of gloves you get.

It is best to talk to your coach before you purchase a pair of gloves so that you buy the appropriate size. Kickboxing gloves can range from 6 oz to 18 oz, and the weight you choose will depend on your size and the power you produce with your punches. In many gyms, children and smaller adults will be encouraged to choose 8 or 10 oz gloves, while bigger people may be encouraged to use 16 oz gloves.

Some gyms, however, have a broad safety rule that all practitioners should use 12 or 14 oz at a minimum, with bigger being OK for stronger people, but smaller being forbidden even for a small female beginner. This is to prevent cuts and concussions. In addition, it can be a useful rule to ensure that even if the beginner purchases some low-quality gloves, they will not run into trouble because of the lack of padding. Cheap gloves that weigh 12 oz or less are often very poorly padded.

2. Padding

The other thing to consider when choosing boxing gloves is the padding. Do you want gloves with more or less padding? Kickboxing padding is either made of foam or gel. However, while foam can still protect you and effectively absorb the impact force, it is an outdated option. Today, companies are using gel since gel padded gloves offer the same level of protection but are more durable. Gel padded boxing gloves are pricier than foam-padded gloves.

3. Material

The material of the glove has a significant impact on durability, level or protection, comfort as well as the price. Common materials used to make kickboxing gloves are leather and vinyl.

Vinyl gloves are cheaper as compared to leather boxing gloves and are also an excellent option for beginners. However, if you plan to delve deep into the world of kickboxing and train regularly, then leather gloves are the best pick for comfort and durability. Vinyl gloves are not suited for prolonged use since they are less breathable. However, vinyl gloves are still a great option if you’re taking kickboxing as a fitness sport.

4. Enclosure System

There are two main types of enclosures, loop enclosures and lace enclosures. Many beginners choose velcro since they are easy to fit and do not require an extra pair of hands to put them on or remove them after a session. On the other hand, laces offer better wrist support as well as a tighter fit, but you’ll have to count on your trainer’s help to lace you up before and after a session.

5. Type Of Kickboxing

The type of kickboxing often dictates the type of boxing gloves to choose. Each kickboxing style has its suitable gloves. For instance, MMA gloves are quite different from Muay Thai kickboxing gloves.

6. Purpose

How you intend to use the gloves should steer you towards the right type of kickboxing gloves to get. For example, if you want to hit the bag or pad a lot, then you’ll want to go with boxing gloves with lighter padding. On the other hand, if you will be going against a training partner, then you’ll need well-padded gloves for your safety and that of your training partner.

Jump Into The World Kickboxing With Confidence

Choosing the right training gloves allows you to jump into the world of kickboxing with confidence. Whether you’re taking kickboxing as a fitness sport or you’re into Muay Thai or MMA kickboxing, you can jump right in knowing you’ve got what it takes. With the right pair of gloves, you can start hitting the bag and stand with your head held high. Confidence is vital when it comes to kickboxing, but it can’t be achieved without the right gloves.

Low-Quality Gloves Are Not An Option

If you’re a novice, it’s tempting to go with a cheaper and sparkling option. However, the truth is that low-quality gloves are not suitable for training, let alone fighting. Paying attention to how you choose your gloves and choosing the best kickboxing gloves shows that you’re serious about the sport and your safety.