How Should Shin Guards Fit?

How should shin guards fit?

how should shin guards fit

Proper sportswear such as shoes, ankle guards and shin guards are an indispensable part of athletes’ uniforms. These pieces of sports equipment are necessary for the efficient performance of sportspersons in every field.

But selecting these sports items is not an easy task. You have to be 100% sure about the comfort and effectiveness of the item before making the purchase.  This also applies to the problems you face while purchasing a pair of shin guards for yourself.

The first and foremost question you must cater to is ‘how should shin guards fit?’ There are several aspects for you to determine before settling upon a pair of shin guards. You must be aware of exactly how well-fitting or comfortable they should be and also know the correct way to wear them.

You need a better understanding of such products as they can either make or mar your game. This article will provide you with a detailed discussion about shin guards and how to ascertain both protection and a comfortable fit while putting them on.


The right size of shin guards

The most important aspect to be considered while buying shin guards is the right fit. Only a close-fitting pair of shin guards can offer you better protection along with comfort. The equipment’s staying in the right place is most crucial to your performance as it affects all your moves.

The ideal way to wear your shin guards should facilitate maximum protection of your legs. A proper pair of shin guards should be big enough to cover your entire shin area. This is important for obtaining security through the best use of the accuracy provided by the product.

However, market surveys and consumer reviews indicate that most shin guards are relatively small in size. Their size and the surface area must be large enough to cover the area from the tibia’s center up to the ankle. Since this portion of the shin has no muscles, the bones lay exposed to the impacts of all sorts at the field.


Choosing the right fit for advanced comfort and protection

Shin guards are available in a wide range of sizes such as extra small, small, medium, large and extra-large. This range generally encompasses all statures and body frames and covers players of all ages. You are advised to determine your size beforehand so that you can select the right shin guard that will fit you properly and thereby offer a higher protection level.

Other than the player’s height another aspect that determines your shin guard’s fitting is your leg type.

Premium shin guard suppliers will provide you with another size cart of the leg’s width. This will ascertain the attainment of comfort through the procurement of a pair of shin guards that fit you perfectly. Depending on the size chart, you can choose amongst thin, regular and wide-leg profiles and thereby choose the equipment that perfectly fits your legs’ shape.


How to enhance your shin guard’s fit

Initially, professional players would use duct tape to fix their shin guards and ensure a better grip by preventing its slipping away due to all the movement.  With the unprecedented development in the sports equipment’ industries, suppliers have now come up with better solutions for keeping shin guards in place. Nowadays shin guards and calf sleeves come together as a package. The calf sleeves will not only help to keep your shin guards in place but also offer additional benefits. For instance, they induce a good amount of pressure to eliminate the built-up tension in the calf muscles. Apart from this, the sleeves are made of comfortable and breathable material that will sit easily on your skin.


Other shin guard accessories for a better fit

Apart from the calf sleeves, some other accessories will make it easy for you to keep your shin guards in place:

Shin Guard Tape: this uses the same technique as the primitive duct tapes used in the old days. All you have to do is wrap it over your socks from top to bottom to keep the underlying shin guard in place.  The biggest plus point of using tapes over or with other accessories is that you get to decide how tight-fitting you want your shin guards to be.

Shin Guard Stays: this product uses a hook and loop feature to tighten your shin guard around your legs. It is a hassle-free alternative of tapes as its breathable material and easy adjustability will offer enhanced comfort along with better efficiency.

Ankle Guards: most shin guards do not come with ankle guards and they are often sold separately. They can normally be stretched up over the shin guards and therefore creates considerable pressure around them. This will in turn help in tightening the shin guards to fit your legs’ width and offer better protection and comfort.


Why are well-fitted shin guards important?

Shin pads or shin guards are an essential accessory for every athlete and are a primary component for blocking injuries in the field. Buying a pair of shin guards is not an end in itself. To absorb external impact and protect your legs you need to make sure that the product covers and fits you ideally. They shouldn’t be too tight for it may create unwanted pressure on the nerves and obstruct blood circulation. Neither should they be too loose or else their constant slipping will require continuous attention which can divert your focus from the game. If your size is unavailable at the market then you can always buy the one closest to your measurements, preferably the bigger alternative. Then you can fit them in accordance to your comfort by using the aforementioned sports accessories.

Another benefit of wearing close-fitting shin guards is that it keeps your muscles firm and enhances your agility. Assured protection and a stable grip will heighten your confidence. No matter how seasoned you are at your sport, wearing shinguards will only help in improving your performance. This article has enlisted the ways to ensure that your shin guards fit you well so that you never have any issue with its fitting in future.