History of Kickboxing

Before Kickboxing gain prominence and before it was officially considered a sport, it underwent different processes and changes. It’s an activity that was formed because of various influences from other physical activities.

The PKA is the organization that shone the light on this sport on September 1974 when it created and hosted the first World Championships for Kickboxing. Experts consider kickboxing the ‘hybrid martial art’ because of its numerous influence from various combat styles all over the world. This activity is also considered the foundation of what many know today as mixed martial arts. But one may notice that in MMA, you aren’t just fighting while standing. There are also ground combats influenced by Brazilian jiu-jitsu and other martial art forms.

Kickboxing for adults is often confused with other contact sports and activities. People often use the terms differently. While it’s true that most combat and physical sports belong in the same category, there are differences. The comparisons below will explain things properly.