Hayabusa kickboxing shorts review

Hayabusa Kickboxing shorts review

When it comes to kickboxing, gear is one of the more important things out there… We need to perform well and gear makes sure we can keep performing at that level.

For example gloves: They protect our opponent more than us, but they also make sure we don’t hurt our fist or break any fingers at all.

Gear is very important, but what a lot of people don’t know is that kickboxing shorts are very important also.

See, shorts they can restrict your movement… Good shorts need to benefit you in combat. They need to make you feel free.

The sad part is that a lot of people get sold gear that might not be all too good for them, sure they get irritated by it but they endure it.

While it is already ruining your way of thinking… it ruins your entire mental state. This is also why good gear, feeling good in your gear is important.

You need to be confident!

Confidence and your mental state are ESSENTIAL, and can literaly be the decider of the game. If you are feeling bad, if you are feeling negative… it can all go wrong in no time and you’ll lose the fight.

Good kickboxing shorts though can make you confident, don’t restrict your movement and are awesome to wear.

Hayabusa Chikara 4 Fight Shorts for Men review

Hayabusa Kickboxing shorts

Hayabusa is an awesome brand, you should know that by now. But Hayabusa has other treats than just being a good brand.

See, not only do they deliver quality… Not only are their shorts just AWESOME! Their designs are fabulous, and often very affordable!

Yet, you’ll notice that Hayabusa Chikara 4 Is actually not that affordable at all… I’ll explain to you why.

See, it all comes down to quality.

Not the brand name, not the patterns… But straightout the quality. Yes, it is a short that good that you’ll actually want to buy more.

That said, I still think it is a bit overpriced and I would never get it myself due to the short size.

I don’t like this kind of shorts, I like mine a bit more soft. These ones are just not my style but obviously I don’t write about anything before testing them.

I must say, even though they aren’t my style I am still going to keep them as they are good shorts to regularly wear.

I just wouldn’t use them in a competitive fight myself, but some people actually like these more, and then they are ideal.


  • Price: $59.99
  • Drawstring closure

As you can see the price is a bit higher even though they make gear this way so that you can engage in the thoughest fights.

They won’t break easily and are actually great shorts overall though… They are a bit pricy, that is right… but still quite good shorts to wear.

Just unfortunally not my style. You can buy these yourself though, and yes I will get a commission as I am being an amazon affiliate, so every sale is helping this blog out!

Hayabusa kickboxing shorts review

What I like:

Hayabusa is just one of the greater kickboxing brands out there that honestly deserve more respect and exposure.

I truly think they’re the best ones on the market when it comes to kickboxing gear, especially shorts.

I just decided to review something out of my comfort zone though.

The reason I decided to do so is because I’ve always wanted to try these kind of shorts for a longer period to see if I wasn’t just making things up.

Perhaps, all I need to do is adapt right?

Who knows… Great shorts, worth the price!

What I don’t like:

I don’t like the feel of the shorts just because it isn’t as my usual boxing shorts. I prefer different and shorter shorts which I feel allow me to move freely.

It is actually more personal than actually contributing to a don’t like part but, then there isn’t a lot I don’t like in general.

I mean… Hayabusa is just THAT good, and I would buy from them any day again… They’re really that good especially when it comes to quality.

Let me know what you think though.

Buyers guide on Hayabusa kickboxing shorts

See, when it comes to these kickboxing shorts you have a lot of options, and I personally wanted to take hayabusa for the first time and here is why:

Most of their shorts are available in different sizes, in a lot of different sizes and their quality in just great.

They don’t lose their effectiveness easily and I can wear them for as many days as I’d actually like.

I do recommend though that either you measure yourself again or actually contact hayabusa to hear what size would be best for you.

This is because shopping online is always a bit tricky when it comes to size.

See, the only problem I ever had with ordering from amazon and not a store is the actual size. But then I found a trick.

I just contacted the seller, or I looked online for a size reference and I tested it. If it didn’t fit I would just return it though.

There is no point in keeping something u don’t fit in because it is quite expensive, and we don’t want to waste that amount of money, do we?

Of course not, when it comes to shorts you’ll have to be a bit picky.

If you are not you end up wasting money, and that is not the goal of this blog. I want to be honest with you guys when I review stuff and while hayabusa is a awesome brand, you should always think about you.

So, my tips… Be picky, be patient and do research. Now, you know they’re great shorts… are they your kind of shorts or not?

I myself for example don’t like these kind of shorts, I like them real short and if that is the case, you don’t want these kind that you just don’t like.

Mentality is key when it comes to fighting and so is movement. Don’t keep yourself from winning.