Hawk Boxing Gloves Review – The Perfect Pair Of Gloves For A New Kickboxer

Hawk Boxing Gloves Review – The Perfect Pair Of Gloves For A New Kickboxer

Hawk Boxing Gloves review

Choosing a pair of boxing gloves isn’t as simple as grabbing the cheapest thing you can find at your local store. Many of these gloves may look similar from the outside, but they have a lot of small details that set them apart. It’s up to you to find the details that suit your skill, size, style, and preferences. Even with this in mind, chances are you’ll run across several brands and products that suit your needs.

One brand you may encounter is Hawk. They are fairly well known in the boxing community for manufacturer high-quality, entry-level gloves. That means these gloves are great for someone new to kickboxing or who practices the sport casually.

A quick look at any one of the many Hawk boxing gloves reviews online will reveal just how popular they are. On Amazon, they have hundreds of customer reviews and maintain a 4.5-star average out of 5 possible stars. It doesn’t get much better than that. So let’s look at some of the individual features and qualities of the hawk boxing gloves to determine if they live up to the hype.

Hawk Boxing Gloves



Remember how many gloves look the same on the outside? It’s what you find inside that sets them apart. What a glove uses for padding is going to impact so many different elements of its use. It will affect how comfortable the gloves are, how well they fit, and whether or not they can absorb the impact from a well-thrown punch. Luckily, Hawk boxing gloves reviews confirm what the Hawk brand claims, which is that they use superior padding technology compared to most of the competition.

Hawk utilizes what they can “V-impact” technology. Unlike other brands that rely entirely on padding or foam, Hawk uses a multi-layer combination of the two. Additional shock-absorbing foam is added into sensitive areas, such as around the wrist and knuckles. Altogether, this provides an exceptional level of comfort and protection that is missing from many competing brands.

Hand Protection

The protection offered by a glove is primarily controlled by the glove’s padding. As many Hawk boxing gloves reviews have already covered, the V-impact padding is wonderful. However, it’s not just the use of this foam and padding that makes the Hawk glove so protective. It’s also how that padding is distributed through the glove and how the glove is designed overall.

In relation to the padding placement, creating sections between different areas of the hand made a lot of difference with this glove. The foam that protects the glove area isn’t directly connected to the foam that protects the wrist. This allowed them to control how much foam protected a specific area. It also reduced the impact that one area would have on the other.

The design and construction of the glove are important to look at when considering the glove’s protection. One small difference that Hawk made was connecting the thumb piece directly to the glove area. It’s something that many of the best brands do and it’s always a positive design choice. So far, this glove seems to be living up to its many Hawk boxing gloves reviews.

Construction Quality

None of us want to invest in a glove that starts falling apart two weeks into intense training. For a glove to have a good value, it needs to last for months or years. That’s not going to happen with a cheap glove that uses sub-par materials. Hawk manages to use durable materials and make a lot of smart design choices that will ensure the longevity of their gloves.

The materials themselves are straightforward. On the outside is durable synthetic leather and on the inside is the combination of foam and padding previously mentioned. The gloves are then lined with a waterproof coating that prevents sweat and odor buildup during long uses. None of these features are exactly new, but they are necessary nonetheless. The fact that the Hawk boxing gloves have them is a good sign.

Closure System

Older gloves required an extra person to put the gloves on and secure them on your wrists. That is problematic if you’re training alone. In recent years, manufacturers have started using a hook and loop closure system that makes it much easier to put the gloves on by yourself. Hawk is one of the leading brands that utilize this system.

The final strap is secured with Velcro. This doesn’t provide the type of security that you would expect from an expensive high-end glove, but that’s not what the Hawk gloves are. The Velcro will work perfectly well as long as you keep the strap free from dirt and debris that would otherwise make it difficult to secure.

Overall Value

The final point to consider is the overall value of the glove. To determine this, you need to compare the cost of the glove to the various features and benefits it presents. You also need to consider its lifespan and how easy the material is to care for. It’s safe to say that these gloves present some of the best value of any entry-level glove.

For starters, these are affordably priced gloves. There are a lot of more expensive options that have far fewer positive qualities. If you add in the long lifespan, the ease of maintaining synthetic level, and the amount of protection that these gloves offer, it’s clear that they are a valuable investment for anyone new to kickboxing.


– A very affordable pair of gloves considering their many positive qualities.

– The gloves are comfortable and form-fitting.

– The V-impact padding offers a high level of protection.

– They are manufactured by a well-known and respected brand.


– Velcro straps can become problematic if not cared for.

Final Thoughts

It seems that the customers in those many Hawk boxing gloves reviews were absolutely right. These gloves are comfortable, durable, and offer plenty of protection. They don’t cost too much and they will last a long time if cared for. If you’re new to kickboxing, then this is an excellent starter pair of gloves.