What to Expect From Your First Muay Thai Training Class

The beginning is always scary especially if you do not know what will happen. However, like other firsts, it can be exciting. If you are worried about your first Muay Thai training, you should know that you are not alone. There will always be beginners in the crowd.

Muay Thai is an intimidating sport and martial art to many. There are different reasons why you need to join a Muay Thai class but ultimately, it will make you physically and mentally stronger.

To help you get started, here are some things you can expect from your first Muay Thai class.

Physical Expectations From Training

You don’t expect to have Muay Thai fighting immediately. Instead, you should look Physical expectations from Muay Thai Training Classforward to learning the combos and punch/kicks. You must know that a standard Phase I Muay Thai class will incorporate stretches together with bodyweight or cardio-intensive conditioning.

You must be aware that cardio-intensive conditioning will make you sore. Aside from soreness, you should expect a bit of pain when getting hit. After all, Muay Thai is a combat sport. In your first few sessions, it is normal if you are always out of breath even if you have a fair share of exercise. If you give it time, the training and conditioning will make you better and more resilient.

Muay Thai Class Preparations and Etiquettes

Bring Right Gear and Mindset

If you seriously want to learn the sport you should have the right gear and attitude. By gear, it means you should bring mouthguard, Muay Thai gloves (although it is already provided for you by the gym) and a water bottle so you can hydrate after the session. By attitude, it means you have to bring open-mindedness and your friendliness so you can learn.

Take Your Shoes Off Before Going on the Mat

You should expect to take your shoes off before going on the mat. When you learn Muay Thai and understand it, you will understand that it is a peeve to go on the mat Preparation and etiquettes for a Muay Thai Training Class with dirty feet. Think of the mat as a sacred place where the magic and experience happens.

Support your Team

In Muay Thai for beginners, you are expected to support your team. This is how you get the most out of your gym. If you know someone who will compete, you should go to events and parties. Being a part of the community will surely inspire you to work harder.

Invest in Private Lessons

More importantly, you should expect to invest in private lessons. You can start with group classes but if you want to be better than the rest, you should invest in private lessons.

One-on-one training will help you get better because the trainer will guide you to a focused exercise plan. If you cannot afford private lessons every week, you can get once a month. It will do wonders for your body.


You should expect to suck at first but that is when you will learn. As soon as you mastered the Muay Thai basics, you can proceed to advance levels. With this, you will surely get good in no time. The trick here is consistency. You may be tempted not to go back after the soreness and being hit but everything will be better if you give it a chance.

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