3 Submissions Every MMA Fighter Needs To Know

3 Submissions Every MMA Fighter Needs To Know

A MMA fighter is crazy! In all MMA, there are two fighters who beat each other with blood, which makes the crowd and MMA fans crazy. However, if you train in MMA, I bet you are also happy to see a well thought out presentation. Mixed martial artists understand and respect how difficult it is to work in one of these representative movements. The amount of strategy for forcing your opponent to push.

The fact that for an average MMA fan seems a few seconds, it took months of preparation and preparation for the presentation. Unlike pure knockout (which is also exciting, don’t misunderstand me), the submission movement requires a lot of preparation and work in order to observe and learn about enemy captures and use them to your advantage.

MMA Fighter Needs To Know

Therefore, in the MMA Zone, a list of top 3 submissions every MMA fighter needs to know has been compiled.

Guillotine Choke

This movement is extremely effective against a fighter who tends to hide when he enters. In fact, we all studied this movement when we were children. When your younger brother ran up to you with his head down and planted them in the head. This is the basic premise of this movement. When you are in the ring or in Octagon, if your opponent slides under you with a slightly raised chin, you can use this movement.

MMA: Bellator 182-Gonzalez vs Ward
Aug 25; Verona, NY, USA; Fernando Gonzalez fights Brennan Ward during Bellator 182 at Turning Stone Casino. Mandatory Credit: Dave Mandel-USA TODAY Sports

Just take them by the throat and wrist of your free hand and voila, you will raise your hands in about 30 seconds while you take a nap. As always, when using this movement, be careful not to drag the throat, as this can lead to serious damage and even destruction of the airways.

Triangular Choke

To use this throttle, you will wrap the opponent’s head with one hand on the legs. The hips are the strongest muscle in the body and can exert tremendous pressure when used to squeeze an opponent. Therefore, he squeezes the legs together, at the same time, the opponent’s head stretches to his chest. When this movement gets its name, it will be correctly applied to your opponent, and your legs will form a triangle.

This is undoubtedly one of the most difficult movements to get a presentation. However, when it’s all over, you will get a big blow on the back of your BJJ friends. Thus, basically, after you have placed your opponent or partner in Kimura, you can lift your leg over the opponent’s shoulder, while pressing his chin at the same time. Then sit down and move your weight forward, and this will force the opponent’s hand to rotate vigorously. All you have to do is continue to apply small increments of pressure until your opponent jumps.

Knee Pad

This movement can cause anyone who has problems with the knee. You need to search for this movement when your opponent is freed from your guard. Then immediately force the guard to break down and think about how to get into this movement. He will have to immediately turn his back on the enemy and wrap his hands around one of the legs.

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