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If you train martial arts then it is important that you have appropriate safety gear. One thing that a lot of people don’t realize is that boxing gloves, Muay Thai gloves, bag gloves, and kickboxing / MMA gloves are very different things. The gloves you wear for pad work are not the same as the ones that you would wear for sparring, competitions, or even speed work.

Before you buy gloves for any martial art, it’s important to understand what the art entails and what the gloves are designed to do (e.g. to protect your hand, or to protect the opponent). This Everlast Evercool Kickboxing Gloves review looks at the lightweight women’s kickboxing handwrap style gloves that are designed for day-to-day training.

Everlast Evercool Kickboxing Gloves Review

Evercool Women Kickboxing Gloves 

Everlast Evercool women Kickboxing Gloves

Let’s start this Everlast Evercool Kickboxing Gloves review by looking at the size and form of the gloves. If you have ever boxed before you will be familiar with the full fist boxing glove and bag glove. You may also recognize the open-fingered gloves/open palm gloves that are used for MMA training and sparring.

These kickboxing gloves are closer to MMA gloves than to traditional boxing gloves. They have an open-fingered design with a mesh on the bottom for breathability. They offer full fist support and wrist strap, which is designed to protect your wrist when you are punching heavy bags. They have thick knuckle padding which will protect your fingers, and a ‘grip bar’ to help you make a fist.

What Are These Gloves Designed to Be Used For?

These gloves are intended for use in cardio kickboxing classes. They are very light and thin, and are intended to protect your knuckles when you hit a heavy bag, and support your wrist. They are not designed for use in sparring, and if you tried to use them to spar with there is a good chance that you would injure your partner because the padding is not designed to spread the load from a heavy blow.

Do These Gloves Work?

For the purposes of this Everlast Evercool Kickboxing Gloves review, we sought the thoughts of more than one tester. These gloves are great for beginners and for those who do cardio kickboxing with light, easy to move bags, and who want to enjoy having good freedom of movement and the ability to do other exercises as a part of the class. If you do a kickboxing class where you’re hitting pads, and then doing push-ups, pull-ups, sprawls or other similar exercises all as a part of the same circuit, then you will probably benefit from these gloves.

If, however, you’re mostly hitting heavy bags and you’re a powerful hitter then you might find that your knuckles chafe and that you might end up damaging your wrist or your hands. Female beginners will probably be OK with these, but those who can and do throw heavy punches may want proper gel wraps and 12oz gloves instead.

Great Idea for A Niche Market

Amazing Features:

– They’re lightweight and offer good mobility
– The mesh ventilation panels keep your hands cool
– The EverFresh antimicrobial treatment helps to stop odors from building up
– The closed-cell padding helps the gloves last longer and improves the protection offered
– The hook and loop strap keeps the glove secure on your hand and protects your wrist
– The range of sizes on offer should fit most women

Designed for a Specific Market:

– They’re a snug fit so you can’t wear traditional handwraps under them unless you have very small hands
– They don’t offer enough padding for sparring
– They don’t offer enough padding for serious bag work

This means that they’re perfect for cardio kickboxing classes where the objective is to work up a sweat and ‘sometimes hit things’. People who attend combat-focused striking classes may still find themselves wanting hand wraps, a set of 12oz gloves for bag work and a set of 16oz gloves for sparring, on top of MMA gloves and domed MMA sparring gloves as well if they want to do grappling work.

Should You Buy These Gloves?

The Everlast Evercool Kickboxing Gloves are designed with a specific niche in mind, and for that niche they’re perfect. If you aren’t attending that kind of class, however, you will be disappointed in them.

For the cardio kickboxing market, they solve a lot of problems. They protect your hands so you don’t need to mess around with wraps and bulky gloves. They keep you cool, they don’t smell, and they’re easy to put on and take off. They don’t interfere with your mobility, and they let you do the class without problems while offering adequate protection for your wrists and knuckles. Everlast has solved a lot of pain points with these gloves.

Their mistake is calling them kickboxing gloves when kickboxing runs the full spectrum from ‘the striking part of MMA’ through to cardio-focused training. Some people will buy these gloves and use them in a kickboxing class and love them. Others will buy these gloves not knowing what happens in a class, and turn up to their first kickboxing session only to be told that their kit is not appropriate.

For this reason, we recommend that if you’re new to kickboxing, you take a trial class first. Most groups offer loaner gear so you can go to a class, see what goes on, and then work out what kind of gloves you need.

If you aren’t going to be hitting your training partner in the face, you don’t ned domed knuckles and lots of padding. If you’re not pounding a heavy bag full of sand you probably don’t need dedicated bag gloves. Figure out what actually goes on in your sessions, talk to the coach, and look at what other people are wearing. If you think these gloves will get the job done, then you can buy them with confidence, because the build quality and design is definitely of the level you would expect from a trusted brand like Everlast.