How To Wear Shin Guards

How To Wear Shin Guards

How To Wear Shin Guards

The world of sports is constantly evolving and changing. Sports-people have intense pressure on their shoulders and responsibility to perform to the best of their capabilities. Not only do they have to perform for themselves but also to complement their team and to cheer their fans. In situations like this, winning and losing is all that the player cares about. However, in games that involve aggressive contact with the other players, with the ground and the ball, taking care of the players’ safety becomes necessary.


Modern innovations have brought the implementation of several essential pieces of equipment. There are different sports gear available for each sport. They precisely operate to offer better performance or protection from injuries. A shin guard is one of the vital discoveries in this area, also known as the shin pad. As the name suggests, it is worn on the player’s front shin to protect it from any sort of injury, force, trauma, or object. Shin guards are worn by players of competitive sports like football, hockey, and kickboxing.


Different Types of Shin Guards


There are different types of shin guards available in the market, depending upon the purposes they serve and the group of the people that uses them. They are:


  1. Ankle Shin Guards


Along with protecting the shin, this type of shin guard is designed to offer protection to the ankles as well. They have a soft padded area near it that will protect the ankle from being hurt by the ball, the ground, or from contact with other players.


  1. Slip-in Shin Guard


This kind is extremely convenient and non-messy. All a person has to do is just slip the shin guard under the stockings and carry on playing. They are extremely comfortable and light-weighted, and there is no chance of any restricted movement. More advanced players mainly use this kind of shin guard.


  1. Shin Socks


This particular type of shin guards is an impressively innovative one. These are fixed with the stockings. All a person has to do is pull them on. It does not involve any tying or slipping in. Therefore, they are convenient and save time and effort.


Uses of Shin Guards in Different Sports


  • Shin Guards in Kickboxing


Kickboxing is one of the many sports that require a highly sturdy sports gear. It requires the player to exercise proper safety protocols so as to protect their body parts from being hurt. Among boxing gloves, mouth guard, headgear, and the rest, shin guards are also necessary. There is always a possibility of fracturing your shin bones if one does not wear shin guards. Shin guards reduce the impact of any blow and therefore protect the shins.


  • Shin Guards in Soccer


In soccer, shin guards must offer protection but not be a hindrance to the player. Soccer is a game that requires many quick movements, and therefore, the shin guards should be fixed in their place and stay there till the player removes them. The shin guards protect the players’ shins from the ground, the ball and the other players.


  • Shin Guard in Hockey


Hockey is another game where shin protection is extremely necessary. The chances of getting hurt in hockey are also very high. The involvement of hockey sticks can lead to serious damage. Therefore, there is a different set of shin guards available for hockey players.

The hockey shin guards also extend to protect the knee. They are made of plastic on the outside and foam on the inside. To wear them, one has to fix them around the shin with the help of the straps and make sure that they are comfortable with the movement and not causing any sort of obstruction during the game.


  • Shin Guard in Cricket 


Unlike hockey and soccer, the shin guards in cricket are not worn by all players. They are worn only by the batsmen and the wicket-keeper. This is because they are the players that face the immediate threat from the ball, hitting them in the shin area. Also, the shin guard for cricket is a lot more different from the other games. It is worn not on the inside but from outside of the clothes. Shinguard in cricket is fixed around the shin using straps, and in case the ball hits the shin, there is no danger posed to the bone.


  • Shin Protection in Baseball 


Like cricket, the sports gear in baseball also involves shin guards for shin protection. Along with the helmet to protect the head, they use shin guards to protect their legs from the ball. Their shin guard is similar to that in soccer, but like cricket, it is mostly worn from the outside.


How to wear shin guards?


Wearing shin guards is a seamless procedure. You can follow these steps:


Step1: Firstly, to buy the right kind of shin guard, one must measure their shin and then purchase it. Buying a shin guard, which is not your choice, will neither serve the purpose of safety, nor will it be comfortable.


Step2: To put the shin guard on, slide it past your ankle and up your shin. After placing it correctly in the center, fasten all your straps securely and tightly. Remember not to secure it very tightly. That would cause discomfort and numbness in the shin area.


Step3: Pull your socks up to cover the shin guard. This will also ensure the secure placement of the same. In case you still don’t feel completely comfortable, try and use tape to secure the shin guards at a place.




The process of wearing shin pads is not very difficult. What is more important at this point is to make players, the ones that do not play at national and international level games, understand that safety should be prioritized.  There are children playing these sports everywhere. They are in streets and fairly professional environments like school or state tournaments.


Here itself, they should be taught to follow safety measures and to take them seriously. There have, in fact, been instances in international games where ignorance during the game has taken the lives of some players. Raman Lamba of the Indian cricket team is one such example.


Therefore, the importance of safety must be taken seriously, and this attitude must be inculcated in children from the initial stages itself.

How to Keep Shin Guards in Place

How to Keep Shin Guards in Place

Why are firm fitting shin guards crucial to your performance?

How to Keep Shin Guards in Place

Sports are meant for fun and recreation, especially when it comes to younger players. The technical and strategy based aspects of the game do play a crucial role during matches. But normally it is primarily about having a good game in the field. Several sports deal with immense body contact and requires a good amount of agility. Without proper protection, you may suffer a serious injury while playing. Though you cannot eliminate the risk of getting hurt, you can try and avoid them. Here is where the purpose of shin guards comes into the picture. The portion of the legs covered by shin guards is the most delicate and, therefore, prone to injury. Wearing them will help to maintain the excitement for the game and improve your performance.  However, you cannot make its best use if you are unaware of how to keep shin guards in place.

Better protection heightens confidence

A shin guard not only cushions your legs from external impacts but also enhances your level of confidence. Having them in place will make you feel both comfortable and secure. Then you can easily execute difficult moves and develop expertise. The protection and sense of security offered by stable shin guards encourage you to move ahead. This aspect is the key element of any sport and is thereby crucial for the evolution of any player. These are the very reasons that highlight the necessity of keeping sports gears in place.

Don’t just buy them, wear them correctly

Purchasing perfect shin guards is a difficult task, and so is keeping them in place while playing. It is irritating to feel them slip down your leg while you try to focus on the game in vain. Only an outrageously expensive pair of shin guards employ the non-slip feature. The other reasonably priced shin guards require socks for keeping them tight around your legs. We have noted that they too are not of much help as the shin guards take the socks down with itself. But do not lose hope as there are still other methods to keep your shin guards in place.

Ways to keep your shin guards in place

This solution aims at wrapping up your shin guards and socks tightly around your legs using tape. Several sportspersons and athletes of the past few decades have been using duct-tapes to keep their shin guards in place.  This popular method requires some tricks for rendering it fool-proof and to enhance its efficiency.

Tapes, both old and newer varieties

The most common type of tape used in the tightening of shin guards is PVC or electrical tapes. The problem that arises here is its adhesiveness, which makes it difficult to remove after use. Zinc oxide tapes are the other much-used variety. But though they are easy to remove, the material is a little too tough than needed. It is unpopular because it weighs down your legs, doesn’t let your skin breathe and slows you down.

The newer alternative to these tapes is the cohesive wrap. It does away with all the limitations of the regular tapes in an increasingly efficient manner. Cohesive tapes are not only easy to apply and remove but are also made of breathable and stretchy materials. The most striking feature of this product is that it only sticks to itself. It can, therefore, be easily put across your skin to attach your shin pads underneath or over your socks.

We have provided instructions for using the cohesive tape to fix your shin guards in the best way possible:

  • Place the shin pad over your leg and cover the area that comes under the most impact. The best position is around 2 to 3 inches above the ankle. You can wear them with or without socks, whatever makes you feel comfortable.
  • The cohesive tape does not stick to your skin, and so removing it won’t hurt you. Wrap it directly over the shin guards or around your socks. Repeat the process three to four times until it is as tight as you want it to be.
  • Wear socks over the cohesive tape to prevent it from getting displaced. This way, you can keep the shin guards in place and prevent it from falling out.


Keep Your Shin Pads in Place using calf Sleeves

How to Wear Shin Pad Sleeves

Another foolproof technique to keep the shin guards in place is by making use of calf sleeves. This tight-fitting sleeve is to be worn over your shin pads. It does its work by creating adequate pressure around your shin guards and thereby restricting its movement. Sleeves of the right size are good enough for preventing the shin guards from slipping away. You can even use it with cohesive tapes for additional security and comfort

Given below is the ideal way to use the calf sleeves:

  • Put on the pair of calf sleeves and pull them over the portion where the shin guards are to be positioned.
  • Insert the shin guards under the firm hold of the calf sleeves and make sure that you have them located in the right place.
  • After adjusting the shin guards, wear a pair of socks over them for additional stability. Though this is enough for maintaining the shin guards’ position, you may even use tape for better performance.

In this fashion, the calf sleeves and the cohesive tape complement each other to provide you with enhanced functionality. Now any amount of foul play, difficult moves, and intense tackling will not displace your shin guards. You can, therefore, go on playing and focus on your game rather than the state of your sports gear.


In this article, we have emphasized the importance of wearing sports gear in an ideal manner. Accessories such as shin guards are essential for safety, and they must be worn appropriately. We hope that our detailed discussion over the ways to keep your shin guards in place will benefit you. Shifting shin guards are a major source of discomfort for players and it may even lead to major injuries. So to prevent all such hazards, go through the important pointers that we have mentioned above and en

How Should Shin Guards Fit?

how should shin guards fit

How should shin guards fit?

how should shin guards fit

Proper sportswear such as shoes, ankle guards and shin guards are an indispensable part of athletes’ uniforms. These pieces of sports equipment are necessary for the efficient performance of sportspersons in every field.

But selecting these sports items is not an easy task. You have to be 100% sure about the comfort and effectiveness of the item before making the purchase.  This also applies to the problems you face while purchasing a pair of shin guards for yourself.

The first and foremost question you must cater to is ‘how should shin guards fit?’ There are several aspects for you to determine before settling upon a pair of shin guards. You must be aware of exactly how well-fitting or comfortable they should be and also know the correct way to wear them.

You need a better understanding of such products as they can either make or mar your game. This article will provide you with a detailed discussion about shin guards and how to ascertain both protection and a comfortable fit while putting them on.


The right size of shin guards

The most important aspect to be considered while buying shin guards is the right fit. Only a close-fitting pair of shin guards can offer you better protection along with comfort. The equipment’s staying in the right place is most crucial to your performance as it affects all your moves.

The ideal way to wear your shin guards should facilitate maximum protection of your legs. A proper pair of shin guards should be big enough to cover your entire shin area. This is important for obtaining security through the best use of the accuracy provided by the product.

However, market surveys and consumer reviews indicate that most shin guards are relatively small in size. Their size and the surface area must be large enough to cover the area from the tibia’s center up to the ankle. Since this portion of the shin has no muscles, the bones lay exposed to the impacts of all sorts at the field.


Choosing the right fit for advanced comfort and protection

Shin guards are available in a wide range of sizes such as extra small, small, medium, large and extra-large. This range generally encompasses all statures and body frames and covers players of all ages. You are advised to determine your size beforehand so that you can select the right shin guard that will fit you properly and thereby offer a higher protection level.

Other than the player’s height another aspect that determines your shin guard’s fitting is your leg type.

Premium shin guard suppliers will provide you with another size cart of the leg’s width. This will ascertain the attainment of comfort through the procurement of a pair of shin guards that fit you perfectly. Depending on the size chart, you can choose amongst thin, regular and wide-leg profiles and thereby choose the equipment that perfectly fits your legs’ shape.


How to enhance your shin guard’s fit

Initially, professional players would use duct tape to fix their shin guards and ensure a better grip by preventing its slipping away due to all the movement.  With the unprecedented development in the sports equipment’ industries, suppliers have now come up with better solutions for keeping shin guards in place. Nowadays shin guards and calf sleeves come together as a package. The calf sleeves will not only help to keep your shin guards in place but also offer additional benefits. For instance, they induce a good amount of pressure to eliminate the built-up tension in the calf muscles. Apart from this, the sleeves are made of comfortable and breathable material that will sit easily on your skin.


Other shin guard accessories for a better fit

Apart from the calf sleeves, some other accessories will make it easy for you to keep your shin guards in place:

Shin Guard Tape: this uses the same technique as the primitive duct tapes used in the old days. All you have to do is wrap it over your socks from top to bottom to keep the underlying shin guard in place.  The biggest plus point of using tapes over or with other accessories is that you get to decide how tight-fitting you want your shin guards to be.

Shin Guard Stays: this product uses a hook and loop feature to tighten your shin guard around your legs. It is a hassle-free alternative of tapes as its breathable material and easy adjustability will offer enhanced comfort along with better efficiency.

Ankle Guards: most shin guards do not come with ankle guards and they are often sold separately. They can normally be stretched up over the shin guards and therefore creates considerable pressure around them. This will in turn help in tightening the shin guards to fit your legs’ width and offer better protection and comfort.


Why are well-fitted shin guards important?

Shin pads or shin guards are an essential accessory for every athlete and are a primary component for blocking injuries in the field. Buying a pair of shin guards is not an end in itself. To absorb external impact and protect your legs you need to make sure that the product covers and fits you ideally. They shouldn’t be too tight for it may create unwanted pressure on the nerves and obstruct blood circulation. Neither should they be too loose or else their constant slipping will require continuous attention which can divert your focus from the game. If your size is unavailable at the market then you can always buy the one closest to your measurements, preferably the bigger alternative. Then you can fit them in accordance to your comfort by using the aforementioned sports accessories.

Another benefit of wearing close-fitting shin guards is that it keeps your muscles firm and enhances your agility. Assured protection and a stable grip will heighten your confidence. No matter how seasoned you are at your sport, wearing shinguards will only help in improving your performance. This article has enlisted the ways to ensure that your shin guards fit you well so that you never have any issue with its fitting in future.

Rdx headguard review

rdx headguard review

Rdx headguard review

Yesterday we did the venum challenger 2.0 review and we came to the conclusion while it is great quality it is still a bit expensive…

…Then we started mentioning the rdx headguard but we never really reviewed it. Luckily I ordered a few pieces of headgear in order to do some reviews.

Now, when I started to write this review or well my brainstorming about it as that is how I start every blog before I write, I must admit I was a bit excited.

If you are a common visitor on, then you obviously know that I am a big fan of RDX.

I think I mention them in every post, haha!

This also meant that I couldn’t review it myself as it would be a quite biased opinion of course.

All this caused some issues, but eventually I just figured it out… Why not do exactly the same as I did with the venum review?

Why don’t I just let others review it, and make an article based on their review… This would mean I have an unbiased review right?

Exactly… so that is what I went through to help you make an educated buy and not a biased one.

RDX headguard

rdx headguard review

When reviewing this I picked 5 pieces of headgear, and contacted 2 of my friends. Both weren’t told which was which so that they wouldn’t be able to base their opinion on their emotions and they started sparring.

Now, when they had the RDX headguard they told me they loved it.

They actually asked me where they could buy it, but then they got it for free for their effort. When they were using it I asked them what they liked the most.

One of them loved the lightweight part more than the face grill, the other one said it was an all in package.

So I asked them if they would actually get this one, or the other one they tested… Now, before I tell you what they said it is important to let you guys know here I am talking about the venum challenger.

The opinion however was different for either one of them, as one would go for the venum due to the extreme lightweight and super high quality, while the other one actually thought that the RDX one was high quality as well.

They both agreed that it was high quality, but obviously Venum is the best in the market.

The reason why though is even though they are a bit more expensive, they are really on top of the market when it comes to quality.

That said, RDX is one of the ONLY brands and we all agreed on this, able to rival quality wise. They’re cheaper, and a great brand as a whole.

Really fun to shop at them also as they have a large category of high quality boxing gear, and obviously they’re well known in the meanwhile.

So yea, I am a big fan and everyone who buys their gear, overtime, becomes one.

rdx headguard review


  • Price: $37.99
  • Size: Small – Medium – Large – Extra Large
  • Color: Black, Pink, Red, Blue

When you think about it, you have quite a lot of options and great quality for not that much of money.

It is good to start with RDX as a beginner as you are getting top gear for basically pennies, when you think about it.

They’re affordable, and even professionals use them. In my Gym, almost everyone starts to use them, and they’re actively promoted due to being so affordable for beginners, and as I said before they’re really one of the only brands capable to compete with venum.

And believe me when I say that is a whole big thing.

Venum is the top brand out there when it comes to high quality, and I personally love them but they cost so SO much money.

Beginners often don’t want to spend too much as they are not certain they like it enough to keep going.

When things cost a lot of money, and it is hardly affordable it becomes even harder to stay motivated and then it is quite hard to keep going.

This is why a lot of beginners don’t buy venum, and they need a good alternative… Well, I wouldn’t call RDX a alternative but more like a rival.

They’re that good.

rdx headguard review

What I like:

They’re really cheap for the quality they offer, and that is what I like a lot. That is why I actively promote them in my gym… and others do it aswell.

It keeps people motivated to come, as they get quality for basically pennies.

So why not go for it right? What I also like is just the quality in general and the face grill. This is something you don’t have with some of the venum guards.

It is an extra layer of protection, and I really love it. This is more a personal preference though, some people hate it and then they really should go with a venum challenger 2.0

But yea, I like quite a lot when it comes to RDX.

They’re just such a good brand supporting beginners as well as professionals keeping the kickboxing sector as straight as it is.

Providing quality with every new product they release and keeping it affordable… Like, who doesn’t want that?

And yes… You should get it, especially if you are just starting and you like a face grill.

What I don’t like:

Well, I would like the face grill to be a bit different design wise as it often hinders my face in general. I love a face grill don’t get me wrong, but I just want the design to be a bit different.

I also like the color difference, but my favourite color: Cyan isn’t in them which is also something I don’t really like but as you can see, none of this stuff is important to you.

This is because they’re quite a good brand providing quality. For beginners as well as professionals they’re the go To, unless you got money enough then obviously… I feel like venum is still on top quality wise, and in that regard I feel RDX could do even better than they’re already doing.


venum challenger 2.0 headgear review

Venum Challenger 2.0 Headgear review

Venum challenger 2.0 headgear review

Oh, I said this before and I will say it many times… I love Venum. They’re one of the greatest boxing gear providers there is.

Sure, you pay a bit more – most of the time that is – but you get what you pay for. They’re not messing around with their quality.

It is like buying the best guitar in the world, but actually getting the best tunes from it also. This is exactly what Venum does.

You buy the better gear, you do pay a bit more, but you get gear that can last you a lifetime.

I simply love it.

Now, we’ll be reviewing their headgear but before we actually start, I have to say that I personally use this piece of headgear.

I love the venum challenger 2.0 headpiece and it is one of the better ones out there, if not the best. I wouldn’t know as I tried 5 of them, and this one came out as the best.

I love their brand, and everything they do really… Everyone in my gym wears their stuff, I wear it… my girlfriend does… I mean, sure it is expensive I have to admit that, but damn… it is worth it.

Venum Challenger 2.0 headgear

Venum Challenger 2.0 Headgear review

When reviewing the venum challenger 2.0 headgear piece I could of course go based on personal experience but I thought that wouldn’t be totally fair to you as it would be a biased opinion.

So, I got some people in my gym I know that wouldn’t be able to buy venum this month due to being new and all that kind of stuff.

So I let them test a couple of headpieces without actually telling them which is which. A kind of a blind test if you’d say so.

They all began by picking each a piece and comparing them by the way they suit… Suprise suprise, venum came on top.

They said Venum actually protects their face the most, and you can feel that it is top quality. They didn’t really mention the brand though because they didn’t know. This way I could get the best unbiased opinion for you.

Now, do know that this piece of headgear is actually one of their cheaper ones… more affordable ones, and yet I find them to be one of their best ones.

See, I don’t care about the price as long as I get what I am paying for, but I don’t take the price as a factor when I buy something.

Expensive, inexpensive, it doesn’t tell me how the quality of the actual product is so, I cannot make an educated buy without experiencing it myself.

With Venum however I fell in love with their challenger 2.0, not because of the price but more because of the quality.

Sure, the brand is awesome too but lets get back to the review right?

So, when they were testing it – I was actually making them compare with brands like RDX which is known for great gear out there, but also a bit more affordable than most brands.

Sure, they thought it was quite okay… but didn’t really suit their needs. Because they could feel the difference, and all fell in love with the challenger 2.0 except for one person.

Johannes didn’t really like the challenger 2.0, and would rather stay with RDX because it fits him better which proves my point.

Not every gear is equal to every fighter. Some might think venum is actually worse to them, some might never even buy it.

That is totally okay for them.

I myself believe in making educated buys that benefits my fighting the best in long term base.

venum challenger 2.0 headgear


  • Price: $56.81
  • Ultra lightweight

As you can tell, they’re a bit less expensive than you’d expect especially for what you are getting from all of it.

Now, my major factor why I love them the most is obviously the lightweight part. I cannot stand gear that is heavy on the face.

It irritates me, but also makes me feel insecure, and makes me feel bad while fighting. Obviously this is for most people the same but some actually prefer more heavier gear.

Why, well… that is something I don’t know.

Do, I love challenger 2.0 – Yes, I do… and I would buy them any time.

venum challenger 2.0 headgear

What I like:

I love the lightweight part, and also the design really. You can see that it has been battle tested and made to compete with the big guys.

I mean, I personally can feel that it is made to compete at high level, and I absolutely love it.

This is very handy especially due to my hard training routine I’ve put together to keep at the top. Having good training equipment is ESSENTIAL.

Especially to try and beat my sparring partners haha… so Yes, I do love to invest in myself and I like how this gear makes investing in myself even more fun.

They deliver real quality, and they deliver it fast.

They’re one of the greatest boxing gear providers out there, and yes – they provide even for the better kickboxers out there.

I really think that without Venum, kickboxing wouldn’t feel the same for me, especially if someone would rip it away from me right now… I would HATE it!

I am so used to their gear, and I invested quite a lot in it. They focus on battle tested gear and actually make it happen.

What I don’t like:

Now, the thing is… I do think they could be cheaper as they’re quite expensive and even though this is one of the cheaper ones out there – I still think they could go even more cheaper without the actual brand getting hurt.

I do get it though, it is a top level brand… They provide for professionals out there. So, why would they even lower their prices but still for most beginners it is a bit expensive which causes a lot of beginners to not buy it.

Which is something I regret due to the high quality of the products.

Best kickboxers in mma

Best kickboxers in mma

Best kickboxers in mma

Kickboxing is fun, but when it comes to mma we often wonder how much of kickboxing they actually use, and who might be the best kickboxers in mma.

It is a hard scene, and every fighter is utilizing all kinds of style, but when it comes to kickboxing and muay thai, is it really being used that often?

I myself I have tried some mma before, and I am actually still going for a black belt in Jiujitsu myself but, when it comes to kickboxing I used it quite a lot.

See, when it comes to mma you are fighting top boxers who are using multiple fighting styles which is making it quite a bit harder.

Now, I am more intrested if I am the only one who used REAL kickboxing, and if there was anyone on top level who did so.

So, here is what I did:

I went into research mode, and I did in depth research to make sure that what I read would be accurate and good enough to share on this blog.

That said, finding accurate information online is sometimes a bit tricky, so I had to give some attention to offline sources as well…

Here is what we found:

Alistair Overeem – The demolition man.

Best kickboxers in mma

Alistair is from the Netherlands and is known as the demolition man.

Now, Alistair uses kickbox as one of his main styles, but do know though that mma is a bit more complicated.

He wins quite a bit and actually earned a bit more than 4 million from his fighting alone.

Or well, that is what is known to the public.

He also ranks #8 as one of the worlds greatest mma strikers there is.

While his results were very great I find him a bit inconsistent lately, but that is just me… He can though be considered as one of the better kickboxers out there that is competing in the mma world.

The real reason he should be mentioned is due to his ability to maintain a carreer both in k1-style kickboxing as well as mma.

Now, obviously you see this in his mma fights that he is a kickboxer, or well that he is good at it…

…But, he had and has some consistent results when it comes to kickboxing itself.

So, based on his rankings we could say that he is an actual demolition man.

His results are a bit more consistent than most fighters out there, and even today he wins a lot of his professional games.

Fighting for a major company has made him inelgible to compete in the regional rankings though, but I don’t think it would matter to him as much due to the lack of real competition and potential to make good cash.

Because eventually, they’ll need to think about their lifes too and cash does matter.

Still, a fighter worth noticing especially for his great results when it comes to kickboxing as well.

A real fighter!

Mark Hunt – Super Samoan

Mark is an awesome fighter but he has had a real stumbly road. See, the fighting scene is harsh and to make it for yourself is hard.

He came into the mma scene with a rocky start but eventually he managed to win from some real veterans out there.

He had little ground training at this time, and his main style was kickboxing but he suffered big time causing him to fade after having a losing streak of 5 losses in a row.

Obviously his mental state must’ve been broken down by then, but then he decided to make a comeback.

He came back into the UFC scene as a heavyweight starting a lead with a win streak of 3 wins in a row.

He is known as a strong fighter with some solid striking skills, and uses his kickboxing skills a lot.

Mark was also known for his ability to refrain from getting ko’d untill he was ko’d by his smallest competitor causing him to have a rocky reputation as well.

That said though Mark has obviously beaten some prominent

Kickboxing names in kickboxing as well, and saw some success there as well.

He is a great kickboxer, and a great fighter as well but I doubt he will ever make it as big as most fighters out there at this very moment.

Not that he doesn’t have the potential, I just feel that he needs to focus more on his ground skills as well.

Pat Barry – HD

Pat barry is a fighter who is known for his strong explosive striking power, and he has some real quality kickboxing skills but he wasn’t fit for mma.

Sure, this blog is about kickboxers in mma, but I judge based on technique.

I really do think Pat eventually quit, but is known for his awesome kickboxing technique.

He had some nice debut games and had some nice wins on his name, but nowadays he is making some awesome results in the UFC league.

He had some real talent when it comes to kickboxing but he needed some training on his ground technique causing him to have an inconsistent ladder carreer.

Eventually he saw this himself and focussed on training his ground skill.

Once he figured that he could return, he did so in the UFC branche causing him to be a strong and prominent threat.

He was an awesome kickboxer, he still is and his kickboxing style was and is impecable but his ground technique was lacking.

No matter how good your feet work is, in mma it is a bit harder as you are utilizing multiple martial arts, and you are not just doing kickboxing.

Does this mean that kickboxing is a bad sport? No obviously not, but it is flawed when it comes to ground techniques.

In kickboxing we focus on striking and kicking, not on countering choking techniques and how to hold people down.

In mma there are various people focussing on just that, which is why a lot of mma gyms offer training in all martial arts.


Best kickboxing music

best kickboxing music

Best kickboxing music

If you are training, especially kickboxing you want the adrenaline and motivation to keep you going.

If you don’t get this, you tend to lose your momentum which can ruin a training session and make it boring.

Boring, is something we don’t want so what we often do is create a playlist so that we can experience the full extense of the amazing kickbox training I am doing.

When doing so, I make sure the music I put on is motivating me, but it is important for plenty of things.

Before I go deeper into detail, do know though that a lot of people also don’t like music while training.

They go with friends, I myself train on my own or in my gym.

When I am in the gym we put our music on the radio, as we know the owner and he has the same taste.

Now, I am just someone who needs music due to medical reasons making it hard for me not to.

This isn’t always the case, but I have sensitive ears. Now, for you it could be just a good way to stay motivated or to put your body full of adrenaline to achieve things you wouldn’t normally.

Sport Music: Best Workout Music – best kickboxing music.

best kickboxing music

This playlist is one of my most favourite playlists especially as it is been put together by top coaches.

It has a lot of tracks that’ll either keep you motivated or going, now that said… You don’t need to spend money if you don’t want to, and you could just get some free music from youtube.

I mean, who doesn’t right?

I just like to invest in myself as I am in it for long term, and I try to learn as much about us humans as possible.

By losing a lot of weight though, I’ve noticed what kind of big impact music has on keeping you going.

See, I myself I wasn’t a “do it” guy. No, I was a quitter and every excuse was more than enough for me to stop.

More than enough for me to quit everything and go inside to pick up another bag of crisps.

Yea, I was an addict…

…but I was also depressed. Being depressed put me in a bad spot, and made it even harder.

Listening to this music just allowed me to put my mind onto it, and just commit to my training.

It made me want something really bad.

It made me want to succeed so badly, I would do push ups before I went to bed, after I went to bed… when I went outside… literaly every excuse was good enough.

That is the kind of effect music had on me, and actually has on me.


  • Price: $6.99

Now, as you can tell it is quite expensive but you can also get it for $0.99 by buying amazon music unlimited for 4 months.

This is a great feature as it gives you a lot more possibilities… which you might want especially for the kickboxing you are doing.

best kickboxing music

What I like:

I like how it keeps me motivated you know, it is just awesome piece of music and I love to hear it.

It is quite long, and I can just repeat it when necessary… the thing is you don’t get tired of the music due to its extensive playlist.

Which is awesome, because I am far too lazy to download music myself.

I mean, eventually I lose more based on bandwith anyway, but that is what a lot of people don’t really take into account.

Internet costs money and by listening to music or downloading music, or well simply browsing actually takes bandwith.

So, when you download as much music as that is on this list, you might actually spend more money on the downloads, than the list itself but you won’t notice as you are already paying for the internet.

And most people don’t have the knowledge about internet they need in order to see this, which is normal as it is often not talked about anyway.

Still, it is an intresting subject. This music is worth buying though, I myself use it and I can only recommend it to you – really!

What I don’t like:

Well, I don’t really like how you have to pay for music and the expensiveness of it.

I must say, most music I listen to is on youtube, and not on this list which is what I dislike.

Sure, it is a good list for kickboxing and while excercising it might be handy, but it is not the kind of music I would listen when I am just enjoying music at home.

No, not at all… then it isn’t my style which is a bit well, a waste of money in a way.

I just don’t really like paying for music, but I do like investing in myself so it is just a matter of perspective in my eye.

And I think it is worth it, especially to invest in yourself. You need to carry your body everywhere and it is better to stay motivated.

Your mental state is almost everything when it comes to working out and kickboxing, and you’ll actually need to take care of it.

This is also why a lot of professionals and successfull people have mental coaches.

They also need to do certain things like getting massages and all of that in order to stay in a nice mental shape.

best kickboxing music

Buyers guide: Best kickboxing music

Well, if you are serious about kickboxing you might want to invest in this playlist, but before you buy it might be better to actually listen to the trailers amazon is showing you for free.

This shows you the music on the track, and this way you can see if it is worth it for you or not.

My goal is to get you worth something for your money, and not to get you dissatisfied. That wouldn’t be usefull for you at all.

No, I value your opinion!

NAMAZU Muay Thai Shorts

NAMAZU Muay Thai Shorts

NAMAZU Muay Thai Shorts

Having good shorts is essential, that is something you should know by now, especially after reading this blog.

I mean, we’ve been talking about it in a lot of the posts as it is that essential, and if you don’t know what I am talking about I really encourage you to read the other posts.

The reason why is, because shorts are really important and it is important for you to know why.

This way you’ll keep yourself from buying something you don’t know anything about, and you are able to make an educated buy.

More about the actual brand Namazu now. See, Namazu is actually a japanese name, and they’re quite decent manufacturers. I don’t buy my other boxing gear with them though, but these shorts are EXACTLY what I am looking for.

When you read our other posts you’ll realise that I am really picky, and I only prefer a specific kind of shorts.

Namazu however is one of my main suppliers when it comes to shorts.

This is due to their amazing design, and the quality of the shorts.

They’re simply better than most in the market, and I actively wear this one.

NAMAZU Muay Thai Shorts for Men and Women

NAMAZU Muay Thai Shorts

Now, before I go deeper in detail it is important to let you guys know that everyone can actually wear this one.

It is not just for Men, but then you’ve probaly seen that in the title already.

The reason I take the time to actually write it again is simple. A lot of brands say it to reach a higher audience, and in reality the shorts are not really fitting well…

…Well, with Namazu that isn’t the case at all.

They actually provide quality, and they are REALLY affordable especially when you compare them with other providers.

In fact… They’re actually one of the cheaper shorts out there, and now you’d think:

“well… we’ve bought stuff from china and japan before, and sure they are cheap… but you often see it lacking in quality…”

Which I can totally understand, but isn’t the case with Namazu at all.

Here is why, see… in order to be and stay on amazon you’d need to meet certain requirements.

If they get too many negative reviews, they’ll be removed from amazon.

Now, that is huge! Amazon is a huge income for them, and they actually get a lot of revenue out of it…

…So, it is essential for them to be on there. Not just that though, this also means they often deliver quite quickly.

They provide quality, and if you are not happy with the service you could get an amazon support employee to help you out by contacting their amazon support chat.

Now, when you do that they’ll use certain techniques to maintain the service and if the supplier don’t refund you for a bad product, you’ll be able to work something out with amazon.

This is why I know they’re providing great quality.

NAMAZU Muay Thai Shorts


  • Price: $19.28
  • Size: S – M – L – XXL

They’re also available in many different patterns, and different colors.

This is awesome as you could buy multiple shorts that look different, or well be picky yourself.

What I like:

I love the fact that they’re so affordable and the amount of choice we have.

Also, I myself had one order problem due to an accidentally wrong click of mine.

I contacted them, and they helped me out with pleasure which was amazing.

Now… as I said before though I am a bit biased due to them being my supplier. I order ALWAYS from them.

This is due to me liking their short design so much. This is the kind of short I feel free in.

I put my mental state on top, as that is the most important thing out there for me personally.

It can totally make me lose a match, and I don’t like losing – haha!

That is why I often am so picky.

I rather spend a bit more finding something I like, than just using things I grow to hate – it is not good for my motivation, and motivation is important.

Yea, I must admit I love them a lot!

What I don’t like:

When I first bought with them I couldn’t find a lot on their brand, it is due to them not being so well known as RDX for example.

Which is why I didn’t like to buy from them… It is actually due to this blog, and my intensive research on amazon that I had to buy from them to make a review.

Eventually I liked it, but yea… They’re not really well known and are one of the lesser known kickboxing brands out there.

Of course, Namazu is a good brand… But their branding needs a lot of help.

NAMAZU Muay Thai Shorts Buyers guide Namazu Muay Thai shorts:

When buying kickboxing shorts you don’t want to rush yourself. You need to find out what kind of style you like.

You want to know whether the shorts are of a high quality, and the brand has high standards or not.

Now, I must say there are exceptions on every rules as I didn’t find a lot on Namazu when I was doing research on them, and asking around.

So, I was a bit sceptical but when I bought them I actually liked them a lot.

Normally I tend to set a lot of high standards especially when doing reviews.

This is due to trying to provide quality for you guys.

That said, if you have a order that goes wrong with the wrong buyer then you could always contact amazon support, as they’re great and always willing to help you out.

Namazu however is a decent brand with great products. When buying them pick a design you actually like so you’ll feel good in it, and you’ll be confident.

Confidence is not just really important when it comes to fighting but also during training.

Having good gear keeps you motivated.

RDX mma shorts review

rdx mma shorts

RDX MMA shorts review

Here I go describing RDX doing a mma shorts review… could you believe that? As if you guys don’t know RDX?

Well, suprise… not all of my readers are experienced kickboxers, and they come here to learn… so it wouldn’t be a suprise that they don’t know about RDX.

That said, they should get to know them.

RDX is an awesome brand, and we’ve reviewed their glovesshin guards, and lots more! They are just that good.

The thing is, they are well known due to their quality and their reasonable price.

They also support professionals, which is why you might have heard of them.

As a company, from a marketing perspective, I have to admit their branding is great.

I love the company itself due to their supportiveness towards players, and their contribution to the actual kickboxing scene.

Sure, it is important for them also and they might have underlying reasons as every company does but still, they’re making a difference.

That said though, we’ll be reviewing the RDX mma blaze shorts which are one of my favourite shorts i’ve ever bought even though they are not really my type.

If you have read more blogs of mine you’ll actually see that I like short and freely shorts.

Shorts that aren’t thight at all.

But, that is just up to me. This short in particular is one I ACTUALLY use for competitive fights with a good reason too…

…Want to find out??? Keep reading.

RDX MMA Blaze Shorts review

rdx mma shorts

Before I go into any detail, it is important to know that I am very picky when it comes to buying kickboxing gear in general.

See, due to health reasons my bodies get irritated quickly so I need to be picky as a person.

This is why I like only a specific kind of shorts. These often are a specific kind of linnen.

They are soft, and often costum made due to personal preference. That said though, and I am not saying this because I am getting a commission per sale.

No, if you’re a frequent reader of my blog then you know I only write about actual truth.

If a product is bad, then I honestly tell you… and I personally test every item myself in order to get a objective review done.

This way you get to see exactly what the actual product is like. All this I do to inform you as good as possible to make a well thought buy.


  • Price:  $37.99
  • Size: Small – Medium – Large – XL – XXL

Now, you might think that is expensive for shorts… But, when you think about it and when you compare it to other shorts… it is not expensive AT ALL!

See, these shorts are used in kickboxing, cage fighting and way more… They’re such a good quality which means you are paying not that much money for longevity.

I myself consider it a good investment as investing in longevity causes me to save a lot of money in the future.

rdx mma shorts

What I like:

I love how they make such a great short for such a cheap price, it is an awesome short with a really nice design.

A lot of people don’t really get the design part, but for me it is essential. Feeling good, looking good all influences your mental state.

This way you get a head on your competitor as you will feel good and confident… and it is a proven fact that confidence and positivity actually contribute in succeeding into certain things.

This has actually be sientifically been proven by running an experiment with a pro ball player and Zendaya.

They would let them throw 5 balls, the pro player didn’t miss one! Zendaya missed 4 out of 5… Then they blindfolded both players and they boo’d the pro ball player, and they cheered on zendaya.

Zendaya actually scored 3/5 and the pro player missed 4 out of  5 balls.

Do note that he has done this so many times that he shouldn’t even miss one.

What I didn’t like:

RDX is a great brand so I had to dig very deep in order to find dirt on this specific short.

I would say, the only thing I don’t really like is the short style. As I said I like certain shorts, and I actually don’t favor this style at all.

This is not really the brand’s fault but actually my problem… See, I am very picky as I said before and I get irritated quickly.

Being irritated doesn’t help for your mental state, and I actually had a very hard time adapting when it comes to actual competitive fighting.

So, I did a lot of sparring with this one myself, as I well wanted to get comfortable with it.

So, I still like the shorts, they’re just not what I usually wear.r

Buyers guide for the RDX mma guide.

I want you to be very picky when it comes to buying these shorts as you never know when they are actually the size you need or not.

Now, these are stretchy shorts so I wouldn’t really bother, they’re really good when it comes to quality and they can actually stretch quite a lot.

The reason I am saying you should be really picky is to prevent yourself to waste money.

Even though it supports the actual blog, I wouldn’t actually consider doing it when it would hurt you guys.

The verdict:

They’re awesome shorts, and they are really great for the price you have to pay for the actual quality.

I have to say that even though I had to adapt to them, and you most likely won’t… you will love the shorts.

Especially because they sit so well. They look so cool, and actually these particular shorts are used by actual competitors.

By real professionals, so then you know that it is actually worth your money… it is worth theirs, and professionals are picky themselves too.

They often go for the best of the best there is, so that should say more than enough.


Hayabusa kickboxing shorts review

Hayabusa Kickboxing shorts

Hayabusa Kickboxing shorts review

When it comes to kickboxing, gear is one of the more important things out there… We need to perform well and gear makes sure we can keep performing at that level.

For example gloves: They protect our opponent more than us, but they also make sure we don’t hurt our fist or break any fingers at all.

Gear is very important, but what a lot of people don’t know is that kickboxing shorts are very important also.

See, shorts they can restrict your movement… Good shorts need to benefit you in combat. They need to make you feel free.

The sad part is that a lot of people get sold gear that might not be all too good for them, sure they get irritated by it but they endure it.

While it is already ruining your way of thinking… it ruins your entire mental state. This is also why good gear, feeling good in your gear is important.

You need to be confident!

Confidence and your mental state are ESSENTIAL, and can literaly be the decider of the game. If you are feeling bad, if you are feeling negative… it can all go wrong in no time and you’ll lose the fight.

Good kickboxing shorts though can make you confident, don’t restrict your movement and are awesome to wear.

Hayabusa Chikara 4 Fight Shorts for Men review

Hayabusa Kickboxing shorts

Hayabusa is an awesome brand, you should know that by now. But Hayabusa has other treats than just being a good brand.

See, not only do they deliver quality… Not only are their shorts just AWESOME! Their designs are fabulous, and often very affordable!

Yet, you’ll notice that Hayabusa Chikara 4 Is actually not that affordable at all… I’ll explain to you why.

See, it all comes down to quality.

Not the brand name, not the patterns… But straightout the quality. Yes, it is a short that good that you’ll actually want to buy more.

That said, I still think it is a bit overpriced and I would never get it myself due to the short size.

I don’t like this kind of shorts, I like mine a bit more soft. These ones are just not my style but obviously I don’t write about anything before testing them.

I must say, even though they aren’t my style I am still going to keep them as they are good shorts to regularly wear.

I just wouldn’t use them in a competitive fight myself, but some people actually like these more, and then they are ideal.


  • Price: $59.99
  • Drawstring closure

As you can see the price is a bit higher even though they make gear this way so that you can engage in the thoughest fights.

They won’t break easily and are actually great shorts overall though… They are a bit pricy, that is right… but still quite good shorts to wear.

Just unfortunally not my style. You can buy these yourself though, and yes I will get a commission as I am being an amazon affiliate, so every sale is helping this blog out!

Hayabusa kickboxing shorts review

What I like:

Hayabusa is just one of the greater kickboxing brands out there that honestly deserve more respect and exposure.

I truly think they’re the best ones on the market when it comes to kickboxing gear, especially shorts.

I just decided to review something out of my comfort zone though.

The reason I decided to do so is because I’ve always wanted to try these kind of shorts for a longer period to see if I wasn’t just making things up.

Perhaps, all I need to do is adapt right?

Who knows… Great shorts, worth the price!

What I don’t like:

I don’t like the feel of the shorts just because it isn’t as my usual boxing shorts. I prefer different and shorter shorts which I feel allow me to move freely.

It is actually more personal than actually contributing to a don’t like part but, then there isn’t a lot I don’t like in general.

I mean… Hayabusa is just THAT good, and I would buy from them any day again… They’re really that good especially when it comes to quality.

Let me know what you think though.

Buyers guide on Hayabusa kickboxing shorts

See, when it comes to these kickboxing shorts you have a lot of options, and I personally wanted to take hayabusa for the first time and here is why:

Most of their shorts are available in different sizes, in a lot of different sizes and their quality in just great.

They don’t lose their effectiveness easily and I can wear them for as many days as I’d actually like.

I do recommend though that either you measure yourself again or actually contact hayabusa to hear what size would be best for you.

This is because shopping online is always a bit tricky when it comes to size.

See, the only problem I ever had with ordering from amazon and not a store is the actual size. But then I found a trick.

I just contacted the seller, or I looked online for a size reference and I tested it. If it didn’t fit I would just return it though.

There is no point in keeping something u don’t fit in because it is quite expensive, and we don’t want to waste that amount of money, do we?

Of course not, when it comes to shorts you’ll have to be a bit picky.

If you are not you end up wasting money, and that is not the goal of this blog. I want to be honest with you guys when I review stuff and while hayabusa is a awesome brand, you should always think about you.

So, my tips… Be picky, be patient and do research. Now, you know they’re great shorts… are they your kind of shorts or not?

I myself for example don’t like these kind of shorts, I like them real short and if that is the case, you don’t want these kind that you just don’t like.

Mentality is key when it comes to fighting and so is movement. Don’t keep yourself from winning.