Best Kickboxing Workout DVDs for Beginners

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I know what you are thinking… Wow, wow… wow… Haven’t you done a kickboxing DVD review yet?

Sure, I did… The thing was, that I focussed both on entertainment as workout based DVD’s.

This particular post, however, will be focussed on DVD’s that could actually help out people who are beginning with kickboxing.

I will focus on DVDs that teach you some workout routines. We will not cover entertainment-based video’s, but that said… if you really like kickboxing, then you’ll see it as kickboxing as well too.

I will try and cover as much variety as possible, with this I mean cardio or muscle building. I think it is quite important.

I might not cover as much technique based DVD’s because if it doesn’t benefit you workout wise, I don’t consider it useful for this article, and my goal… my very end goal, is to teach you a thing or two about your work out routine.

See, your workout is really important when it comes to kickboxing, as the right workout routine focuses on getting better and in improving your current technique, positioning and of course stamina and power.

Every kind of workout is quite important when it comes to kickboxing as we gotta be flexible, quick, strong and we gotta have stamina.

Kickboxing Workout DVDs for Beginners Reviews 

1. Muay Thai Boxing MMA fitness videos – EFLT-ONLINE review.

Best Kickboxing Workout DVDs for Beginners

This workout DVD, I have to admit, wasn’t the first on my list. I am not a big fan of these kind of video’s, and frankly… I like to do stuff more than I actually like to watch it.

It is very motivational and explanatory and focuses on a workout that also focusses on your technique.

I was hesitating to watch this one, as I said before but that said… I really enjoyed the actual video itself.

It was great, and actually even fun to watch.

The fun thing is that I can pause it whenever I want haha, I love to try things out and watching things over again in order to perfect it.

This particular DVD actually gave me more than that. It was that in-depth, that motivational and yes that important to watch.

I’ve never had a DVD or well, an instructional DVD drop my jaw. This one did.


  • Price: $18,98
  • Workout based.
  • Fitness based.
  • Technique based.

Best kickboxing workout dvd for beginners

What I liked:

I really loved how the DVD was explanatory, and motivating me at the same time. You see, I am quite a motivated person myself, and I don’t get as motivated by these motivational videos, as others actually do.

No, I think most of them are fantastic, but it is not me doing it… So, I don’t feel as if it should motivate me.

The only thing motivating me should be me. I should keep myself going. I am quite strict that way.

This video though, kept me entertained… made me actually WANT TO EXERCISE. That is why I actually liked this video.

And of course, I learned quite a bit from it.

What I disliked: 

Some of the exercises aren’t as easy as they could be. It was explanatory, but he made it a bit well… too “professional” in a way.

Sure, it is a great video, but it is quite expensive for its money also.

That said, It was quite a good kickboxing workout DVD for beginners, but of course, it costs a bit of money.

Also, the video isn’t very basic. Some of the things he says, well… might be a bit complex for a complete beginner or somebody too young, who doesn’t know a lot about kickboxing or fitness in general

Best kickboxing workout dvd for beginners

2. Cathe Friedrich’s XTrain Series: Hard Strikes DVD review.

Cathe Friedrich's XTrain Series: Hard Strikes DVD

Cathe Friedrich is an awesome instructor, and I was actually quite happy to do a review on her, not because I myself own plenty of DVDs of her… No, my girlfriend does and we often work out together.

So, Yes. I do know who Cathe is, and I actually like her video’s a lot.

She is very instructional, and her videos are very intensive also. So, while I wouldn’t really recommend this particular DVD for everyone, I’d still recommend it for most beginners out there!


  • Price: $21,95
  • Intensive
  • Instructional
  • Cardio
  • Muscle building
  • Kickboxing technique based.

What I liked:

Cathe gives her video’s quite a Zumba vibe for being extremely kickboxing, cardio oriented video’s.

This is good because Zumba is very intensive, and this is also quite good when it comes to footwork and technique.

Yea, I love Zumba, haha!

What I disliked:

Oh, I hate the price. Have you ever seen Avengers: Endgame? Well, in my country it costs less than this actual video, it is funny.

That said, sure: You get quite a lot of value from this video. It helps you with exercising, and it is quite fun to watch but…

…Still, especially when you are a beginner… It might be quite a commitment moneywise.

A commitment you might not be willing to make money wise of course. Which is completely understandable.

Best kickboxing workout dvd for beginners


Kickboxing Workout DVDs for Beginners Buying Guide

For every beginner who has money, I recommend looking at Cathe’s DVD. I really think workout wise it might be beneficial to you.

If you are more looking for a more technique intensive, yet cardio and motivational wise DVD. The Elfit one might just be what you are looking for.

But this is, of course, just my opinion based on what I think would be viable for you. I really do think Cathe will be a favorite amongst women more than it is amongst man, due to the womanly vibe you get from the video.

And of course: Some kickboxers simply don’t like Zumba.

The verdict:

For beginners looking for technique, I would definitely go for the first DVD. It is very instructional, and very technique based.

Cathe’s DVD, however, is not just instructional but also quite fun. It is really entertaining at the same time, and quite fun to watch.

Of course, she knows what she is talking about but still, she is a bit expensive though.

Best Kickboxing Workout DVD – Review and Buying Guide 2020

Best Kickboxing Workout DVD

Why do you do kickboxing? To fight? Sure, you actually might. It is quite normal, but did you know the majority of people do it actually to lose weight?

That is how intensive kickboxing is.

Kickboxing is very hectic which is why a lot of professionals have to train almost daily, in order to keep in shape.

Your stamina is very important, and the best way to lose weight or to train your stamina is by doing cardio.

The real problem, however, is finding a workout routine that works for you as a person, so this is what I did.

I will let you in. I will let you in, in my life and actually show you what routines I like, and what video’s I’ve personally used in order to actually increase my stamina and cut fat.

See, before… I actually was really fat.

I started and worked my ass off by following the exact routines, and ever since I’ve been really into kickboxing.

This is also why I am so passionate about it, but that said, let’s get started.

Now, do take into consideration that the DVD’s shared here, might not be your way of training at all. It is completely up to you as a person.

Best Kickboxing Workout DVD Review

1. Cardio Kickboxing Routine DVD

Cardio Kickboxing Routine Kickboxing workout DVD

Doing cardio can actually be fun, but the main problem is finding a cardio routine that is actually fun to you.

See, I myself, I really believe we have to make sports fun in order to enjoy losing weight or training our stamina.

So, that is what I am focussing on.

This particular DVD, however, can also be watched online, and be rented quite cheaply first.

What this means is that you can actually test the DVD first, watch it and decide whether you want to buy it or not.


  • Price for renting: $1,99
  • Price for buying: $7,99

This DVD, as many others are actually made by GymRA which is a very popular Gym instructor group really.

They provide people with routines, and instructional video’s like these.

I myself loved this one as it is really explanatory, and really takes the time to explain to you everything in detail giving you a full body workout schedule.

The reason I am especially so fond about this one except for the explanatory part, is that it is really easy to start with.

It is a really intensive cardio workout, and actually covers everything you need. You can also start on your own speed of course, and do it on your own pace.

Which is what some people are looking for… what I was looking for, back in the days.

The thing is when you watch this video – you might get the impression that it is easy, that well… it isn’t worth doing because you would be doing this 1000s times faster.

But then… But then you try it, and you realize that it wasn’t as easy as they made it look. Believe me, it’ll be way harder than you actually think.

Best cardio kickboxing workout dvd

2. Fat Burning Cardio Kickboxing 60-Minute Workout DVD

Fat Burning Cardio Kickboxing 60-Minute Workout DVD

When I started with losing weight and burning fat… I needed a workout that actually kept me busy, and motivated enough to keep going.

This video however is keeping you busy for a full hour, keeping you motivated and concentrated on the actual video.

This is exactly what I was looking for back in the days, and if I am really honest I still use some of it in my workout routine.

It is a very thorough video, and again one of the better ones out there. In fact, amazon actually promotes this one themselves.

As you can see, even they can recognize good quality, haha!


  • Price: $15,95

It is a bit more expensive than most DVD’s as amazon often lets you rent them. In this case, I really recommend this one… and it is not just me, but also Walmart and Amazon really!

Yea, in fact, u can pick it up at Walmart if you really liked to do so.

Based on what you’ll see in this video, you can either make your own routine, or you follow it till you nail the actual procedure.

This would allow you to also learn a basic workout structure, that would actually get you going and learn new things on the way.

Good thing, as this way you don’t need to go to the gym and since not everyone really likes that, they can just watch this video and actually train home.

Best Kickboxing Workout DVD Buying Guide

When buying a workout DVD it is really important to look at a video that fits your needs. It is important that the actual DVD fits what you are aiming for, as for example a fat-burning workout routine, won’t really benefit you muscle wise.

They both really require a different focus, which is why it is really important to find a DVD that covers exactly what you are aiming for.

If you are aiming for burning fat: I really do think the martial fusion DVD is your way to go. It is really an all workout session, but I really feel it is perfect to lose weight in general.

I really love the way she explains everything.

The other one though is really just cardio in general but also focusses a bit on building muscles and is more about training certain muscles.

Not really about losing weight at all.

Look at what you need, and go from there, as it still costs money.

Our Pick

When looking at these DVDs I really do believe the martial fusion(2nd) DVD is actually the best out there for what most people are really looking.

So I’d say if you are losing weight, or you are building Stamina, you should get the martial fusion one.

Not because it is more expensive, and I get a commission on every sale. No, because well, read this blog and you’ll see I actually don’t care.

I care about helping others, which is the entire goal.

No, the reason you should get the martial one, is because it is just a really, really good DVD. One you will want eventually anyway.

Best Heavy Bag Stand for Kickboxing – Reviews and Buying Guide 2020

Best Heavy Bag Stand for Kickboxing

As said before, heavy bags are essential if you want to practice at home or you simply don’t want to spar with others.

A heavy bag allows you to practice at home.

You won’t get the full experience but at least some of it. This is because a lot of people who fight at home, they don’t need to dodge.

Sure, they work on their foot movement but still, it has a lot to do with getting hit also. Because this way your muscles remember it.

So, of course, it is better to put your skills to the test every now and then. That said, you can perfectly train at home especially to lose weight.

Now, picking a heavy bag stand is a bit tricky because first of all, you need to know whether you want to hang it or actually put it around.

Some people hang a heavy bag from the ceiling, which I am personally not really a fan of because it seems a bit of dangerous to me.

A stand, however, allows you to set it up in fact anywhere in your house. This allows you to set up a training room capable to practice in peace.

Best Heavy Bag Stand for Kickboxing Reviews

1. Everlast Bag Stand

Everlast Bag Stand for kickboxing

Oh geez, here I go again… Promoting everlast… Yea, It is one of the top brands out there, deal with it. If you don’t realize that by now you are either not following this blog actively, or you are completely new to kickboxing at all.

Everlast, when it comes to it… They also have their own heavy bag that fits perfectly, but that is completely up to you.

It is really the highest quality out there.

The reason I am such a fan of this brand because I’ve bought plenty of things at them and I never EVER had to complain even once.


  • Price with bag: $99,95
  • Price without bag: $79,98

As you can see, you can even buy the bag with it. The quality is quite high. I myself have the everlast bag, and stand due to the awesome delivery.

When looking at it, the bag is one of my favorites ever.

I used it plenty of time and I am very happy myself. I actually had an easy time setting this up also.

It also is one of the better bags I actually had, I myself use it regularly and I can really recommend it.

best heavy bag stand for kickboxing

2. Ringside Prime Free-Standing Station Steel Boxing 

Ringside Prime Free-Standing Station Steel Boxing

This certain standing is a tad more expensive, but still worth a look because it actually is worth its money.

Sure, you are paying a bit more but when it comes to it you really get worth for your money. Now, when you read this blog you might not find a lot about ringside.

This is because, even though it is a great brand, I simply just didn’t have the opportunity to buy from them before.

Or well, I did, but I am quite fond of my current suppliers.

Ringside, however, still is quite a well-known brand, and I know people who buy stuff from them on a daily basis.

I myself until today, didn’t really have a lot of experience with them.


  • Price: $168,34
  • Price with the bag: $188,40

As you can see, it is quite expensive and you’re paying quite a bit more than the everlast one, that is because everlast is more about combining quality and budget whilst ringside is really supplying for veterans.

Sure, any beginner can buy from them, but I really think it is only a good buy if you know that you really like kickboxing or not.

I mean, it is quite a big amount of money and it would be a serious waste if you don’t actually like kickboxing after all.

Which is why I’d recommend actually to try out kickboxing for a few months, get used to it and see if you actually like it or not.

A lot of people might like it, but every now and then there is this one person who doesn’t like it at all.

You yourself can buy this one by pressing the buy now button. It will redirect you to Amazon, and yes whilst the price remains intact, I get a commission from the seller.

So you are helping out this blog too!

best heavy bag stand for kickboxing

Best Heavy Bag Stand For Kickboxing Buying Guide

Buying a stand is very important, and when it comes to it you might actually need it badly. It is not smart to hang it yourself on the ceiling, especially if you don’t know what you are doing as some bags are actually pretty heavy.

That said, when it comes to it, it is important to pick a stand that actually can stand the punches and are actually quite easy to install.

The way you should look at it though, is more about the budget you want to spend on it, and how long you actually want to do kickboxing at all.

I myself recommend, especially if you plan to do it longer to actually get the everlast one, sure it is cheaper and ringside is very nice, but I am talking about the experience.

When I look at it, the ringside one is actually quite overpriced, and I really don’t think it is necessary to overspend especially if you’re doing it more as a workout routine. Even when you want to try and get professional, it still is quite a bit of money and I wonder if it is actually worth it.

The Verdict

As I said before, I really think it is not really worth spending all the money on the ringside, and I myself would really go with the everlast one.

Not just because I am familiar with the actual brand and all of that, I am just familiar with the quality of the actual product and the prices are actually very very decent.

It is actually quite cheap considering other brands, especially for the quality you are getting out of all this.

It truly is phenomenal.

Best Muay Thai Headgear – Reviews and Buying Guide 2020

best muay thai headgear

Muay Thai headgear is ESSENTIAL, but is the reason really that obvious? Why do you need headgear, well in theory you don’t!

Now, before you’ll blame me for spreading nonsense hear me out first.

You do need headgear if you plan to fight other people, this is in order to prevent yourself from suffering from permanent damage.

Which is a real possibility, no matter how tough you are.

See, if you fight other people without your actual gear, you fight people talented too. They know how to hit you, and since it is a competition they won’t hesitate.

This is because the end goal is to win. To win, and improve that is. So, if you don’t have headgear you won’t be able to actually compete.

The only reason why you wouldn’t need it is if you have NO intention at ALL to actually fight people. This is because you won’t be physically hitting someone else, nor will they be hitting you.

But did you know a lot of head injuries come from boxing? It is quite common, and possibly, the damage caused might just be permanent.

There is an OBVIOUS reason why you should get headgear, so get it.

Best Muay Thai Headgear Reviews

1. RDX Headguard for Boxing

RDX Headguard for Boxing

Oh, if you don’t know RDX by now, you aren’t actively following this blog which is a shame as you should. I mean, cmon look at all the value…

…That said, if you know RDX, or even read at least one article on this blog, you know I am a big RDX fan myself.

There is no real article I cover, with at least one product of them.

They are one of the top providers in the kickboxing/Muay Thai scene and actually deliver real quality. But that said, let’s continue with the review hm? I mean… you don’t care about all this, do you?

This specific headgear is awesome for a few reasons. First of all, It is not expensive at all. Second of all, it comes in different colors and has a removable head grill.

Not just that, I’ve actually tested this piece and it is awesome. It takes a lot from the blow, and really protects your head from getting damaged.

Sure, it might still hurt a bit, I mean… if not, they’re not doing it right or your defense is the best of the best.

But since everyone even professionals make mistakes, I am going to assume that ain’t the case.

In short, you get a lot for the price!


  • Price: $37,99
  • Size: Small, Medium, Large, X-large
  • Color: Black, Blue, Pink, Red

Our Opinion:

As you can see there is plenty of options, and they really provide the best of the best out there. I think RDX, and everlast truly are my favorite vendors.

I always buy my stuff with them, and never EVER had one complaint. No, they’re awesome. You can buy them yourself too btw!

Do know I get a commission from every purchase made through this blog, however, it won’t change the actual cost of the product.

best muay thai headgear

2. Venum Challenger 2.0 Headgear review

Venum Challenger 2.0 Headgear

Yes, I am actually doing it… covering Venum. See, I am often a bit reluctant to cover them, because they are one of the best brands out there, but they are also a bit more expensive.

See, Venum is actually a really well-known brand but I am also focussing this blog on both experienced and beginning boxers, but it is not my goal to make sure you people buy expensive stuff, that can also be replaced with something a little bit less expensive yet equal in quality.

That said, here I go again covering stuff that isn’t really important, is it?

The reason I covered Venum in this one, is because first of all for training equipment you want to invest a bit.

It is better to invest in longevity instead of looking cool.

We want good, high-quality gear. Gear that will last you for a long period in your kickboxing “career”, and will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Well, this is EXACTLY why you need Venum.


  • Price: $59,99
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Good dense foam.
  • Color: Black, Black/white

Our Opinion:

You get quite a lot, and it is one-size as well, so it will fit. They’re lightweight, and won’t really interfere with your movement at all.

Also, it takes a lot of power from blows and allows you to practice and spar in peace.

Or well, without getting hurt too much. This is why it is better to invest in a bit better gear because this is what you get from it.

Lightweight, good and dense… nice looking, you get quite a lot for your money and it is easily ordered!

best muay thai headgear

Muay Thai Headgear Buying Guide

Both are awesome pieces of headgear and really the best there are, especially for the price.

That said, normally I cover plenty of pieces, well right now I took the best of the best and without a doubt, these were the ones.

I myself use the Venum one though, especially because I love competitive sports.

Venum is awesome though but it costs a bit more, but I bet you’ll eventually end up buying it anyway.

That said, if you don’t have a lot of money to spare, the RDX one is more than enough, and even recommended for beginners.

Final Verdict

I myself would go for the Venum one if you are already a veteran, or you are really determined to do this for a long while.

This way you won’t spend too much money, so it won’t really be a huge waste if you decide Muay Thai or kickboxing isn’t something for you.

If you are someone who is planning to do this for a longer time, I recommend you definitely go for the Venum one as It’ll last you longer.

So, in the end, It’ll really be worth your investment as in the long term you make it back by not having to buy new gear.

Best Kickboxing Mouthguards – Reviews and Buying Guide 2020

Best Kickboxing Mouthguards - Reviews and Buying Guide 2020

Kickboxing is a popular professional sport similar to boxing or MMA with its origins from karate. It also combines elements of boxing. Essentially, punches and kicks are used during a match. Due to its practical techniques ideal for self-defense, many fitness enthusiasts practice it as well.

This guide will help you in selecting the right mouthguard for your kickboxing needs!

Kickboxing Mouthguards Buying Guide

Kickboxing is a popular professional sport similar to boxing or MMA with its origins from karate. It also combines elements of boxing. Essentially, punches and kicks are used during a match. Due to its practical techniques ideal for self-defense, many fitness enthusiasts practice it as well.

If you want to be a professional kickboxer, you need the right equipment. You should start securing the right boxing gloves followed by Kickboxing Mouthguards. Mouthguards are necessary whether for sparring or training. Aside from these, you also need shin guards, ankle support wraps, headgear, and hand wraps.

Things to Consider When Buying Kickboxing Mouthguards

When you’re hit by an impact on your face, it will send shock waves from your jaw to the rest of the skull. You must know that this impact will cause a fracture to your teeth. What to Consider When Buying Kickboxing MouthguardsFor extreme impact, the force will lead to a fracture of the lower jaw or a concussion to the brain. A mouthguard can help you survive the impact.

When it comes to buying mouth guards, different options are available. With this, you must take your time choosing.

Here’s what to consider when buying mouthguards for fighting:


Mouthguards protect and it will start with the material. You should look for a mouth guard with a minimum of 4 mm material especially in the front teeth area (impact zones).


In order for you to get the most protection, the mouthguard should be worn properly and that will start with the fit. Your mouth is unique so it’s critical to be sure that the mouth guard is designed based on your mouth’s exact structure. You should look for a mouth guard that will fit snugly so it stays in place during an impact.

Find The Right Accessories

It should be emphasized that the key to success is finding the right equipment or gear. For a small and simple mouth guard, buying is complicated. You already know how to choose based on protection and fit but there is more to that.

Aside from protection and fit, you should also look for the right accessories. The option to personalize makes mouth guard interesting. If you want the best, you should look for the latest upgrades that will improve your performance. If you have braces, there are mouth guards for you. Finally, you should look for a case that will protect your mouthguard.

Best Kickboxing Mouthguards Reviews

Sure, there are many options but at the end of the day, it will all boil down to your personal preference. To help you get started, here are the different mouth guards and their key features for a successful purchase and use:

1. Venum Challenger Mouthguard

Professionals and fitness enthusiasts prefer the Venum Challenger Mouthguard because Venum Challenger kickboxing Mouthguardof its intense protection. This new and improved mouth guard assures that it will fit snugly keeping you safe at the same time ensuring that it stays in place all the time.

You can trust Venum Challenger because it is a sponsor to some of the best fighters and grapplers in the world. The best places to buy mouthguards are online.

The key features of Venum Challenger include the following:

Custom-fit design:

The mouth guard is custom fit, which will prevent any injury at the same time enhances your performance.


The mouth guard is made of advanced Nextfit gel frame. This is to ensure that you are comfortable. Aside from better comfort, the material is also crucial in adding an exclusive breathing channel for a clear passageway of oxygen, which can be helpful during training. As for the lower frame, it is made of rubber. This is important in absorbing the shock because when you bite, it will diffuse it in the direction of the strongest teeth.

Delivered with the protective case:

The mouthguard comes with a protective case. This is to ensure that it is safe and hygienic to use. Aside from that, it will also lower your risk of losing your mouthguard before the game.

CE (Conformite Europeenne) Marking:

The Venum Challenger has “CE Certification” marking. This marking symbolizes its conformity with appropriate assessment procedures and other provisions.

2. Redline Sportswear Custom Molded Mouthguard

When you check mouth guard reviews, you’ll know that Redline Sportswear works well for adults and children. This mouthguard is preferred by most because it’s easy to Redline Sportswear Custom Molded kickboxing Mouthguardmold. What makes this special is the company’s policy that a portion of every purchase will be given to underprivileged youth athletes in the USA.

You can join thousands of satisfied customers.

The key features of Redline Sportswear Custom Molded Mouthguard include the following:


The Redline Sportswear offers one-size-fits-all mouth guards. They will simply provide you with easy-to-follow instructions. Since it is a one-size-fits-all mouth guard, men, men, and children can take advantage of it.

Safe materials:

The mouth guards from Redline Sportswear are FDA approved to ensure that you are safe. This means that their mouthguards are BPA (Bisphenol A) free, PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) free and latex-free.

Money-back guarantee:

If in the event that you are not 100% satisfied with the mouth guard, Redline Sportswear will refund it quickly and easily through Amazon.

Carrying case:

The product comes with a free carrying case. This will ensure that your mouthguard is protected from dirt, bacteria and any damage. It does not stop there because along with the case, the Redline Sportswear Mouthguard also comes with a free Carabiner. You can use this to conveniently clip the case to your gym bag or simply hang it in your locker. With this, you’re lowering the risk of it getting lost or misplaced.

3. Shock Doctor Double Braces Mouthguard

If you are using braces, you want to protect that investment from harm or injury. People Shock Doctor Double Braces kickboxing Mouthguardlove how it does not need to be boiled, which is great considering that it must fit everyone. More importantly, once it is adjusted, it does not require any refitting.

The mouth guard provides breathing gaps that make it easier to breathe during training – you just need to learn how to breathe through to optimize its use.

The key features of Shock Doctor Double Braces Mouth Guard include the following:


This mouthguard gives protection to your upper and lower teeth as well as the braces while playing kickboxing, football, basketball, boxing, Lacrosse, MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), Jiu-Jitsu and many more.


This strapless mouth guard is created from 100% medical-grade silicone for protection and ultimate comfort.


The Shock Doctor Double Braces Mouth Guard boasts of an integrated ortho-channel. This feature allows the mouthguard to fit snuggly and securely over the braces thereby protecting the mouth from cuts or lacerations. Ultimately, the mouth guard fits around both lower and upper teeth brace brackets.

Colors and sizes:

The available colors include blue, pink and red. As for the sizes, youth and adults can utilize the Shock Doctor Double Braces Mouth Guard.

Satisfaction guarantee:

The manufacturer stands behind the quality of the mouth guards. With this, they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

4. Impact Custom Professional Mouthguard

The impact creates hundreds of mouth guards every month for athletes enduring intense Impact Custom Professional kickboxing Mouthguardtraining. Many beginners love Impact Custom Mouthguard because it makes them look like a professional. The biggest selling point of this mouthguard is its custom-fitted professional-grade impression kit. This will ensure that the mouth guard is 100% perfect fit.

The key features of Impact Custom Professional Mouthguard include the following:


This mouth guard boasts of superb protection because of its 6-7 mm thickness. Its thickness assures heavy impact absorption. Aside from that, it also allows optimal oxygen flow so you can speak with ease.

Impression kit:

As soon as the company receives your order, they will ship an impression kit. This is important to ensure that you have the right fit. It will only take about 2.5 minutes to accomplish. As soon as it is done, you can send your impression back to the company using the postage label provided and they will create your guard immediately. It will take about 14 days to complete the guard and it will be sent to you right away.


The materials used are safe from BPA (Bisphenol A). It is made in the USA.

Available color and design:

There are many designs that you can choose from the American flag to peace sign and yin yang. Available colors include black, blue, clear, yellow and many more. You will never run out of ideas to express yourself.

Our Verdict

Regardless of your age or skill level, a well-fitted mouthguard is essential. Mouthguards function more than just protecting your smile. It is can also protect your lower and upper jaw from colliding together.  Whether you are sparring or in your first competition, you can buy a mouthguard online.

Best Kickboxing Gloves – Reviews and Buying Guide 2020

Best Kickboxing Gloves

For kickboxing, you need kickboxing gloves, and in order to use them, you need to know what kickboxing actually is. Kickboxing is a high-intensity exercise that combines the kicks of karate and the punches of boxing. Many people consider it to get some good cardio while others choose

Gloves used in kick boxing

it to improve hand-eye coordination. Whatever your goals, you should have the right equipment like Kickboxing Gloves.

We have written this guide that will help you in selecting the perfect kickboxing gloves so that your kickboxing sessions feel comfortable and enjoyable.

Best Kickboxing Gloves Buying Guide

Choosing the right pair of gloves is the most important thing that you can do to significantly improve the quality of your training. Remember that if you have a bad pair, it is aggravating and irritating. Aside from boxing gloves, you need mouth guards, headgear, hand wraps and many more.

Things to Consider When Buying Kickboxing Gloves

As soon as you decided to incorporate kickboxing into your exercise routine, you should start securing the right equipment. You need to start looking for the right kickboxing gloves.

With the right gloves, your chances of injury will decrease over time. At the onset, you may think that choosing the right pair is easy but it is not. However, this guide will give you a general idea of what to look for when choosing boxing gloves.

Things to consider before buying kickboxing glovesDetermine Glove’s Types

You should know that there is a number of specialist gloves out there – bag gloves, training gloves, and sparring gloves. The bag gloves are used for a punching bag. The training gloves are used for training but you can use them for pads and the bag. Lastly, sparring gloves are mainly used for sparring with a training partner.

Think about Glove’s Weight

When you are a beginner, experts recommend that you buy 12 oz. gloves for your training. This size will allow you to use the weight 90% of the time for bag work and pads. If you are heavyweight and hit hard, you should choose 14 oz. gloves for training. For sparring, you need a pair of gloves weighing 16oz. The most popular choices are 12 oz., 14 oz. and 16 oz.

Consider the Glove’s Price

Aside from the glove types and the weight, you should also keep in mind the kickboxing gloves price. The price will depend on the glove material. You must know that the most common materials used are leather and vinyl. Vinyl gloves are considered the cheapest while genuine leather gloves are the most expensive because it boasts of the highest quality.

Check the Glove’s Closure

Do not forget about the glove closure. Laces will give you a tighter and more stable fit while Velcro is easier to tighten and loosen. For average training, you can consider Velcro. More importantly, you should consider good hand wraps. When you are choosing a size, you should always try them with wraps so you can determine if it is the right fit.

Best Kickboxing Gloves Reviews

Now that you have an idea what to look for, here are some gloves you might want to consider:

Sanabul Essential Gel Boxing Kickboxing Training Gloves

Many applauded these gloves because of its comfort. Aside from the comfort, the gloves are low cost with high-quality materials. If you are the type of person who loves training Sanabul Essential Gel Boxing Kickboxing Training Glovesmore than just boxing, this is a good place to start.

Here are the key features of Sanabul in detail:


Sanabul boasts of Durasoft impact protection foam. With this foam, it can support rough training. You will have peace of mind knowing that your hands are comfortable and protected from impact. This is made possible with gel-infused foam offering enhanced protection and softness.

Arch design:

The shape of the gloves has an impact on your performance and Sanabul understands this. With this, Sanabul gloves have a unique longitudinal arch design, which ensures that the gloves follow the natural curvature of your hand.

Leather construction:

The gloves boast of leather material, which makes them breathable and durable. Leather gloves are easier to clean and maintain.

Closure system:

The closure system of Sanabul gloves is Velcro. Velcro will not only secure the fit but it will also improve your ability to put it on and take it off.

Mesh palm:

The palms are created from mesh. This will ensure that your hands remain cool throughout your training. The mesh palm enhances the breathability of the gloves, which will not hold any moisture inside.


Sanabul offers different colors that will go perfectly with your outfit. The color includes vivid and bright variations.

RDX MMA Gloves

There are many kickboxing gloves online but MMA fighters prefer RDX gloves. This is RDX MMA Glovesbecause it can endure heavy bag work and grappling. This goes to show that RD MMA gloves are versatile. Available sizes are Small, Medium, Large and X-Large with colors black, blue, pink and red.

Here are the key features of RDX MMA gloves:


The RDX MMA gloves feature a resilient Maya Hide leather construction for durability. Maya Hide is high-quality leather that is easy to use and can be worn frequently for sparring or training purposes. These gloves can be used for an extended period without the exterior easily degrading or flaking.


Aside from the leather construction, you should expect that the gloves offer efficient protection against impact. This is because of the polymax contoured tri-slab padding curves, which are found in the knuckles.

Closure system:

The closure system is an important feature that should not be overlooked. The RDX MMA gloves have this Quick-EZ hook and loop closure. At the end of the day, it will give a comfortable fit not to mention it can support the wrists.


When it comes to gloves, you have to ensure that it can wick away moisture from the skin. Together with the moisture-wicking technology, it also boasts of a palm-side design that promotes moisture escape for better grip and added thumb sheath.


The RDX MMA gloves boast of affordability, which can help you increase your gym output or in the cage.

Everlast EverCool KickBoxing Gloves

If you want to buy kickboxing gloves, you should consider Everlast EverCool Kicking Everlast EverCool KickBoxing GlovesGloves. It boasts of superior protection and comfort. The Everlast EverCool Gloves are ideal for speed bag workouts and shadowboxing.

Here are the key features of Everlast Gloves:


The EverCool describes the mesh ventilation panels of the gloves. The mesh assures breathability and comfort.


This feature describes antimicrobial treatment. This treatment is ideal for those who are conscious of offensive odors. The antimicrobial treatment will prevent odors by keeping your gloves smelling fresh and clean.


The gloves provide a full wrist wrap strap that will provide excellent wrist support. Aside from that, it allows a customizable fit. This is through the adjustable hook and looks wrist strap. More importantly, the strap allows for quick on and off.


The Everlast EverCool features a new design having extended knuckle padding. The knuckle padding seeks to protect the fingers while training.


Everlast guarantees that their products are free from defects both in workmanship and the materials. With this, they are giving 120 days warranty period from the date of purchase provided that the gloves were not subjected to misuse or abuse.


Everlast EverCool Kickboxing for women are available in Medium (hand size up to 7”), Medium-Large (hand size up to 7 to 7.5”), Large (hand size up to 7.5 to 8”) and Extra Large (hand size up to 8 to 9”) and another Extra large (hand size up to 9 to 10”).

Venum Challenger 2.0 Boxing Gloves

Venum Challenger 2.0 Boxing Gloves are cheap kickboxing gloves. With different Venum Challenger 2.0 Boxing Glovesfeatures, it will guarantee an ultimate training or fighting experience. These gloves are made in Thailand and are ideal for beginner and advanced boxers. The Venum Challenger is also available in six colors that will match your needs and style.

Here are the key features of the Venum Challenger 2.0 Boxing Gloves:


The gloves feature a polyurethane leather surface, which makes them slick and smooth. Polyurethane leather is made to be durable. It will last longer if compared to vinyl gloves. Since it has a smooth surface, cleaning is easier. More importantly, the quality of material protects it from liquid damage.


The Venum Challenger boasts of interior foam that is layered three times. This means that your hands are ultimately protected from shock. With this, you will less likely to be sprained. When you look at the wrist enclosure, you will see that it is built with a combination of Velcro and elastic. These materials will allow you to fit the gloves snuggly.

Mesh palm area:

The palm area features mesh. This encourages ventilation thereby helping your hands dry while using it.


The gloves boast of curved anatomical shape. Along with the anatomical design, it has reinforced palms and fully attached thumbs that can ensure a safe strike.


When it times to select your size, you should refer to the sizing chart. The boxing gloves will depend on your body weight.

Our Verdict

Kickboxing allows you to burn tons of calories. It’s also a great way to strengthen and tone your muscles. More importantly, kickboxing is a great stress reliever. With the right equipment, you will be healthy and competitive. If you’re wondering where to buy kickboxing gloves, you can purchase them from here or any other online store.

Best Kickboxing Headgear – Reviews and Buying Guide 2020

Best Kickboxing Headgear - The Buying Guide

Regardless if you are just a practitioner or a hardcore kickboxing enthusiast, or probably a professional kickboxer, the importance of sparring will always be taught to you every single day that your trainer will always incorporate it into your training. Sparring sessions are needed to develop and demonstrate the punch and kick combinations against an actual opponent. However, before you can even start your sparring session, you are required to wear the headgear which is very crucial in keeping you and your opponent safe from head injuries.

This guide will help you in buying the right kickboxing headgear that will suit your needs.

Best Kickboxing Headgear Buying Guide

Importance of Kickboxing Headgears

The use of headgears greatly varies in the world of martial arts, and to further widen your knowledge on this piece of equipment for martial arts, let us talk about the importance of headgears during sparring sessions and even competitions.

The main purpose of headgear is to prevent any superficial injuries to the face and the head of the fighter, and contrary to popular belief the headgear protects the person from having brain trauma caused by the strikes and blow to the head. It does not also make a person less prone to receive any concussion or prevent any traumatic injury to the head, which is why the Olympics are now not using headgears anymore during the competition as well as a majority of amateur competitions in kickboxing and boxing around the world.


Different Types of Headgears

There are different variations when it comes to headgears depending on the sport that you engage, but particularly in this article, let us Different types of kickboxing headgearstalk about the headgear used in combat sports, particularly kickboxing, and as you know, kickboxing uses both hands and feet to strike an opponent, and it is proven to be lethal during sparring sessions if one of the fighters do not wear any protective equipment such as groin guard, gloves, knee pads, and of course a headgear.

Do Headgears Offer Complete Protection?

Health experts and sports science experts believe that using headgear increases the likelihood of getting head trauma in amateur matches because both fighters are very confident that they will not sustain heavy damage because of wearing a headgear which results in recklessness and repeatedly getting hit in the head.

However, wearing headgear during the sparring session is still very important to prevent any injuries, especially kickboxing enthusiasts who do not have the intention to get bruises or cuts on their faces.

4 Benefits of using a Kickboxing Headgear

Listed below are some of the most notable benefits of using a kickboxing headgear in kickboxing or boxing sparring sessions.

Benefits of using a Kickboxing Headgear

Superficial injuries

This would likely prevent cuts, bruises, and black eyes to the fighters.

Prevents head clashes

Accidental head clashes would likely result in nasty cuts, and head clashes cannot be avoided and can happen a lot of times especially during a furious exchange of punches.

Fewer bruises

You do not have to get bothered or conscious with bruises on your face especially to people whose work makes a lot of value to their facial appearance.

Confidence booster

Headgears reduce the sensation of getting hit with a punch, and this will eliminate fear in the mind of the fighter which boosts their confidence to throw more kicks and punches.

Things to Consider When Buying Kickboxing Headgear

People have different views when it comes to their wants and needs for protective headgear, there are people out there who want to make sure their entire face is covered, while there are people who want to have more visibility in their guard.

To give you the best considerations for buying a headgear, here are some useful tips that will help you.

Headgear’s Visibility

Probably the most important aspect of headgear because this will determine how much you see your opponent and where the kicks and punches are directed at considering that the majority of knockouts are from punches and kicks that you do not see coming. The more visible the headgear, the less that you would likely get hit and cover your face whenever your opponents strike you.

Having more visibility will also give you a better chance of where to land your strikes. Just imagine if you only have a limited view of your opponent and your surroundings, you are likely killing your chance of winning a sparring session or a fight.

Comfortability and Fitting

Bothered with a full face sparring headgear that constantly moves and loses itself around your head is very frustrating and distracting, and you would end up adjusting your headgear in your entire sparring session. Instead of doing this, when you buy a headgear, you should fit it first and check if it does not move sidewards.

Also, make sure that your head perfectly fits the headgear, not too tight, and not too loose, so it is better to check it and fix it right away, and also make sure that the headgear is comfortable to wear, because there are headgears out there that have itchy interior paddings, and some are very rough that it causes irritations in your skin.

How Much it Covers your Entire Head

There are different types of headgear that provides coverage for your head, a full-faced headgear where your nose is completely covered, a headgear that exposes your nose and mouth but has a thick cheek padding around it, while there are headgears that have literally a cage in front of your face for complete protection, but take note, the bigger and bulkier the headgear, the more you can get hit easily with your opponent, so be mindful when choosing the size as well.

The Padding

This is very important because this will tell how much of the force the padding will absorb as well as the shock of it when the punch or kick lands on your head. The best headgears out there have paddings that are made up of high-quality foam that absorbs most of the shock from the punch or kick, also check if it has a headgear nose protection feature.

The Price:

The best headgears out there are made up of the best materials available which are why you should spend extra money when buying one because the best headgears usually are the expensive ones while the poor-quality headgears are the cheaper ones, but if you have shopping talents, you might even score a great quality headgear with a very reasonable price.

Best Kickboxing Headgear Reviews

Sanabul Essential Professional Boxing MMA Kickboxing Head Gear

This headgear is Amazon’s choice which can be yours at $**.99 if you order one right now. This headgear is known for its excellent coverage and protection of your face and head while having some sparring with your teammates regardless if you are doing kickboxing, mixed martial arts, or other combat sports.

Sanabul Essential Professional Boxing MMA Kickboxing Head Gear


Engineered to great performance:

This headgear is made from top quality shock-absorbing materials that are very easy to clean and maintain with a leather finish.

Superb impact-dura shock foam technology:

This will make sure that you will finish your sparring session without any concussion, bruises, or head trauma because of its advanced shock-absorbing foam technology.

Comfortable and secure fit:

You will not get bothered by the constant movement of your headgear that would distract you while sparring.

Customer review: “It is completely non-slip and very comfortable to wear. I found this headgear when I read fighting headgear reviews online. I had enough of the stinky and the very ill-fitting headgears at our gym I wanted to buy my own that’s why I looked for headgears in Amazon and found this. It is not completely expensive, but relatively cheap that’s why I ordered one right away and to my surprise, it surpasses all my expectations. Definitely a great value for my money,”— Brendan Wright.

Venum’s Challenger 2.0 Headgear

One of the world’s top MMA equipment brand, Venum is proud to introduce to you it’s very Venum’s Challenger 2.0 Headgearefficient Challenger 2.0 headgear which is rated 4.2 out of five stars in Amazon. This can be yours at $**.10 if you order now. This ultra-lightweight headgear made from triple-density contoured foam and has a two-way Velcro closure that is made in Thailand’s Skintex leather is perfect for intense sparring sessions in boxing, kickboxing, and MMA.



It feels like it is nothing there. Feel the technology and comfortability of Venum’s Challenger 2.0 with its durable but ultra-lightweight materials used to make this headgear.

Complete protection:

You are assured that your head, cheek, chin, and ear are completely protected from injuries.


One size fits all.


Two-way velcro closure for a complete and secured fit.

Customer review: “As a professional trainer of kickboxing, I always go for the best quality equipment out there for my clients and students because I do not want to sacrifice their safety that’s why I always make sure that I purchase nothing but the best out there. I only use Venum headgears and other kickboxing equipment,”— Allan Smith.

RDX Head Guard Boxing Headgear

RDX revolutionized the way in protecting your head from injuries in combat sports with this RDX Head Guard Boxing Headgearvery innovative and best-designed headgear that can be yours at $**.99 in Amazon.


Shell-shock based tri:

Slab foam padding that entirely protects you from shocks coming from the kicks and punches.

Quick-EZ hook:

This headgear has an adjustable quick-EZ hook and loop to completely secure your head and prevent constant movement of the headgear.

Maya Hide leather construction:

To ensure that this headgear can last very long.

Plastic-encased face-grill for full protection:

This optional and removable plastic-encased face-grill is used to completely protect your face from damages during sparring sessions.

Customer review: “The quality is outstanding, and the visibility is also very great. I don’t have difficulties dodging and docking my opponent’s kicks and punches and for a very advanced type of headgear, I definitely recommend this to everyone,”— Alexander Caballero.