Best boxing matches All Fans Want To See In 2019: Brutally Simple

Boxing Matches All Fans Want To See In 2019

Best boxing matches All Fans Want To See In 2019: Brutally Simple

Before we can talk about the best boxing matches, it is important to know what boxing really is. Boxing is a well-known martial art, in which two opponents participate, who beat each other with gloved hands. This is a combat sport that tests speed, endurance, strength, reflexes and willpower. Boxing is done by the referee during the rounds, which can last from one to three minutes. The winner is determined when one of the fighters cannot get up after the countdown, the judge considers him unable to continue, disqualified, throws a towel indicating resignation or is judged the winner according to the team of judges.


Boxing was very popular in ancient Rome. For gloves, the fighters wore leather belts wrapped around their fists. Boxing fights took place in the legendary Roman amphitheaters. Unlike today, Roman boxing was a battle to the death. As the popularity of this sport grew, the lives of the participants became more and more valuable, and the struggle to death ceased. As the sport continued to evolve, the slaves fought in a circle marked on the ground, as we received the term boxing ring. Ironically, the Romans eventually banned boxing due to brutal inflection during the gladiatorial periods. Boxing will not be lit again until the end of the seventeenth century in England.

Amateur Boxing VS Professional Boxing

Amateur boxing is found at the university level, during the Olympic Games and on the venues organized by amateur boxing associations. He uses a points system that takes into account only clean shots, not physical injuries. Fights last three rounds, every three minutes. Each fighter has a minute of rest between rounds. Unlike professional boxing, fans wear hats and a band or white circle along the joint. The jab is recorded only by the judges when the boxer joins the white part of the glove. Each blow that strikes a pure blow to the head or torso receives a point.

Amateur Boxing VS Professional Boxing

Professional boxing fights are longer than amateur fights. They usually last from ten to twelve attacks, with rare fights in four rounds between less experienced fighters. In the early 20th century, boxing fights lasted an unlimited number of rounds. They came to an end only when one of the boxers resigned or was eliminated. Unlike amateurs, professional boxers do not wear hats. Fighting is a bit bloodier than amateur fights, but the referee usually doesn’t let it get out of control. If the judge decides that the fighter can no longer continue, his opponent triumphs with a technical knockout victory. Technical knockouts are also awarded if the fighter is cut and unable to continue the game due to blood loss. Because of this, boxers use men cutting in corners to make sure cuts are controlled.

Bottom Line

You can say a lot about boxing. It is both brutal and elegant. He is barbaric and witty. This is not for everyone, that’s for sure. If you think this is for you, it is easy to find the nearest boxing club and experience top 5 boxing matches all fans want to see in 2019. Get ready to test your lungs, muscular endurance, strength, willpower and endurance.


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