Best shoes for kickboxing class

Best shoes for kickboxing class

Geez… another kickboxing shoes class? Yes, hell yeah! See, we never really covered what shoes would be the best for kickboxing itself…

…While it is really important.

Shoes are essential when it comes onto keeping yourself safe from pain.

Not training correctly, or not wearing the right equipment can be a real issue.

It can hurt your body in various ways and that is something you simply don’t want… especially before a big fight.

When you think about it, it makes sense… the same goes for your bed for example.

If you sleep in a bad bed, I promise you you’ll feel it the next day.

Same goes for shoes… Fight on bad shoes, and I promise you eventually your feet will worsen.

They’ll hurt incredibly and then you won’t really be motivated to keep fighting nor to practice kickboxing at all.

Motivation and the fun of it is what keeps a lot of us going, but if you constantly have painfull feet, then it will be impossible to like.

So, Yes, shoes are very important.

Especially for beginners as they might get tired way more quickly of sports they never really had the chance of motivating themselves.

Sanabul Foot Grips for MMA, Kickboxing, Wrestling, Yoga

best shoes for kickboxing class

Yes, so here is the actual catch. In the ring we don’t use shoes. Nor on the mat really, but that isn’t for every gym.

Some are strict, some aren’t at all. I prefer a strict one for various reasons but let’s continue.

What most gyms do allow though are foot grips. This is very handy to protect your feet and hold it steady…

…In the meanwhile they are also more hygiënic than socks and are very comfortable to wear.

Now, more about the product though: I mean, it is easy to know what I am going to say as it is a Sanabul product.

I mean, let’s be truly honest… Has Sanabul ever dissapointed you? Of course, not… atleast not me.

They are pretty affordable, and really high quality.

best shoes for kickboxing class


  • Price: $15.99
  • Size: Extra Small – Small – Medium – Large- Extra large.

As you see, you can get a nice pair of footgrips for less than actual peanuts.

It is definintly worth getting some Sanabul footgrips especially because they are so awesome to wear.

Sanabul is just a really well known company where I regularly ordered, and I can openly tell you that it is real quality what they are delivering that is.

What I liked:

I really like how the footgrips are so comfortable. I had some others before, and they really failed.

I mean, they didn’t quite suit me… They weren’t my style also and I only had used them once before getting rid of them. Yea, they definintly pissed me off.

So, those shoes weren’t fit for me at all. Or well shoes as I said before is a though thing to say.

They aren’t really shoes but more a footgrip than anything else.

Really awesome to use footgrips actually helping me with my balance with which I used to struggle for a very long time.

After buying these footgrips I really got better and I really liked them a lot.

It is also that it doesn’t really matter what kind of size I really picked, they sat great even with flat feet.

I myself own a large – extra large, and I think this is my third pair just because I want so… but they last a lot longer than anything else.

So, yea… Big fan of Sanabul, and a really big fan of their footgrips which are just awesome to use in general.

best shoes for kickboxing class

What I disliked:

When it comes to it, I love using footgrips and I love sanabul, but what I don’t love is not wearing shoes in general.

See, I hate not wearing shoes which is funny because in kickboxing you are mainly not wearing shoes at all. But, still… it was quite hard for me to adapt to footgrips.

They weren’t nice to wear in the beginning, and even though Sanabulls ones are great, most of them might not be as great as sanabul.

So, if you are not a big fan of socks or naked feet… You can find it hard to adapt yourself.

Push a bit through, or use a different brand.

The buyers guide:

Thinking about footgrips makes me think about how stupid shoes sound, I must admit… Shoes in a ring isn’t the best thing to do.

Especially as we are kickboxers, and might actually hurt someone pretty bad with solely our feet.

Shoes are made for walking, not fighting really so lets not use them for it at all.

Now, when buying footgrips it is important to ask the seller about a size chart.

Some products, especially on amazon actually have on there.

If you have no idea, do some research urself as size is absolutely important especially when buying footgrips.

You want good ones, ones that don’t restrict or hinder your movement at all and if your footgrips do the opposite of that, then they’re not worth it at all.

You want to prevent small footgrips, unless you like them tight that is.

I personally barely want to feel I am wearing anything at my feet when fighting which is weird as I used not to like it at all.

I guess, I adapted. I quite like it now really due to my experience in kickboxing.

The verdict:

I really like sanabul shoes, and if you like kickboxing at all… You should get yourself some too.

Getting sanabul shoes is thus a nice and wise investment. Especially for people who get their feet hurt easily.

This actually supports your back, your ankles and actually positions your body better in general.

When buying footgrips you will notice that the pain you might feel, or might not feel yet might dissapear unless it is due to medic reasons.

I am not a doctor, and I am not allowed to give medical advice at all.