Best kickboxing workouts

Best kickboxing workouts

Kickboxing is one of the best workouts I’ve ever seen, but it is not a workout in itself… Or well, in fact it is a sport and eventually also a workout, but it is all round.

Yes, you’ve heard me… Kickboxing is a nice allround sport, that keeps you both musculair as lean and you’ll have stamina.

It is very intensive and thus perfect for training, gaining musscles as well as losing weight.

This is also why a lot of people start with it, but there is one specific reason people keep doing it.

See, there is this one reason why a lot of people stay motivated while kickboxing, and why I personally think it is a good way to lose fat easily.

Here is why:

Have you ever played soccer, even though you were overweight or not musculair?

Sure you have right? When you did that you were amusing youself, you were having fun.

When you have fun, it is hard to be demotivated.

With kickboxing there is another plus point even though it is amusing.

See, kickboxing is something you can also do on your own. You don’t have to fight other people at all… It is a personal choice.

The best kickboxing cardio workout:

best kickboxing workouts

For cardio it is important to mix in some jumping rope excercises except if you are too fat.

Now, it might sound rude but that wasn’t my intention at all… let me explain myself.

People with obesity (I used to suffer from this) often can get injured more quickly.

Your body is under more stress, and it isn’t used to the intensive workout, so you should start with either walking or swimming.

This way you’ll be less likely to get hurt while losing a good amount of calories.

Doing cardio kickboxing though is a very viable way to lose weight but as soon as you feel pain you shouldn’t do it. Get some medic advice from a doctor first.

While I speak from experience, I cannot advice you medically or prevent your body from hurting.

It is just very unhealthy to start with a very intensive workout schema that isn’t fit for your body.

That said, enough about that. Let’s talk about cardio.

See, cardio is awesome but what kind of routine do you do? I actually do a lot of jumping ropes and run my combo’s for atleast 30 minutes.

I take my time to adjust my pose of course, as it is really important.

Your fighting pose is essential.

I often throw a few jabs to warm up, and actually spar quite a lot but you don’t need to step in the ring if you don’t want to.

You could also just by a heavy bag and practice at home. This is a favourite for a lot of experienced people and busy people.

As you are not bound to gym hours, and if you have late working hours it can be tricky to make room for practicing.

Not everyone has time however so they rather practice at home. Others just like to build stamina and musscles, they just like to get stronger in general and they don’t want to fight others.

Then putting you in the ring won’t really help you.

Kickboxing cross training workout – best kickboxing workout

Well, kickboxing is a bit different than many sports. See, it is divided up in leagues.

For example, lightweight is a whole different ladder than heavy weights… so It is important to train in specific ways. For example, if you are going for lightweight…

…You cannot go and get too bulky.

Sure, you might think it looks good but you’ll actually not be able to compete if you are too heavy.

Also, the heavy weight seemed to be more competitive than the lightweight as people have to train a tad harder.

It is also way more populair I would say, but that is highly debatable.

It is just because I like to watch it more. It really depends on what you want to do, and how you want to train.

Or well, what you enjoy most.

Most likely everyone starts off low on the ladder anyway, and you’ll get the feeling by doing it more often.

This is why cross training is important, it keeps you in the right position and doing the right thing.

Doesn’t get you too bulky or too lean… It keeps you in shape.

Training with materials?

It is always more fun to train with materials but the most used yet most underapreciated material might actually be the best.


Training with video’s gives you an idea of how professionals do it, and you can mimic their movement.

This allows you to get a good basic nailed down, and allows you to train at home.

This way you can train in peace without feeling bad.

Now obviously you need training equipment when boxing but that is very necessary.

You need to get materials in order to keep some things from hurting and increasing endurance.

Increasing endurance is key, as it allows you not only to train longer but also just to enjoy yourself longer… I mean the results that is.

Endurance is important in the ring, kickboxing is one of the harder and more intensive sports and if you are not prepared then you’ll have a very hard time.

You will get worn out way to quickly, and all they really have to do then is dodge and look for openings.

This is because you will be going all over the mat while continiously fighting. Your competitor will likely train all day and is prepared to fight.

If you are not, and all you did is train to get stronger then you will be dissapointed.

Training is important when it comes to kickboxing, and you need a nice schedulce to get started.

I recommend:

  • Start with some warm up stretches.
  • Run 30 minutes AT LEAST…
  • Throw your combo’s for 30 minutes
  • Do jumping rope excercise
  • Buy a workout cardio dvd.

Yea, follow professionals, they know best as they’ve been training to be on the top themselves for years now.