Best Kickboxing Workout DVDs for Beginners

I know what you are thinking… Wow, wow… wow… Haven’t you done a kickboxing DVD review yet?

Sure, I did… The thing was, that I focussed both on entertainment as workout based DVD’s.

This particular post, however, will be focussed on DVD’s that could actually help out people who are beginning with kickboxing.

I will focus on DVDs that teach you some workout routines. We will not cover entertainment-based video’s, but that said… if you really like kickboxing, then you’ll see it as kickboxing as well too.

I will try and cover as much variety as possible, with this I mean cardio or muscle building. I think it is quite important.

I might not cover as much technique based DVD’s because if it doesn’t benefit you workout wise, I don’t consider it useful for this article, and my goal… my very end goal, is to teach you a thing or two about your work out routine.

See, your workout is really important when it comes to kickboxing, as the right workout routine focuses on getting better and in improving your current technique, positioning and of course stamina and power.

Every kind of workout is quite important when it comes to kickboxing as we gotta be flexible, quick, strong and we gotta have stamina.

Kickboxing Workout DVDs for Beginners Reviews 

1. Muay Thai Boxing MMA fitness videos – EFLT-ONLINE review.

Best Kickboxing Workout DVDs for Beginners

This workout DVD, I have to admit, wasn’t the first on my list. I am not a big fan of these kind of video’s, and frankly… I like to do stuff more than I actually like to watch it.

It is very motivational and explanatory and focuses on a workout that also focusses on your technique.

I was hesitating to watch this one, as I said before but that said… I really enjoyed the actual video itself.

It was great, and actually even fun to watch.

The fun thing is that I can pause it whenever I want haha, I love to try things out and watching things over again in order to perfect it.

This particular DVD actually gave me more than that. It was that in-depth, that motivational and yes that important to watch.

I’ve never had a DVD or well, an instructional DVD drop my jaw. This one did.


  • Price: $18,98
  • Workout based.
  • Fitness based.
  • Technique based.

Best kickboxing workout dvd for beginners

What I liked:

I really loved how the DVD was explanatory, and motivating me at the same time. You see, I am quite a motivated person myself, and I don’t get as motivated by these motivational videos, as others actually do.

No, I think most of them are fantastic, but it is not me doing it… So, I don’t feel as if it should motivate me.

The only thing motivating me should be me. I should keep myself going. I am quite strict that way.

This video though, kept me entertained… made me actually WANT TO EXERCISE. That is why I actually liked this video.

And of course, I learned quite a bit from it.

What I disliked: 

Some of the exercises aren’t as easy as they could be. It was explanatory, but he made it a bit well… too “professional” in a way.

Sure, it is a great video, but it is quite expensive for its money also.

That said, It was quite a good kickboxing workout DVD for beginners, but of course, it costs a bit of money.

Also, the video isn’t very basic. Some of the things he says, well… might be a bit complex for a complete beginner or somebody too young, who doesn’t know a lot about kickboxing or fitness in general

Best kickboxing workout dvd for beginners

2. Cathe Friedrich’s XTrain Series: Hard Strikes DVD review.

Cathe Friedrich's XTrain Series: Hard Strikes DVD

Cathe Friedrich is an awesome instructor, and I was actually quite happy to do a review on her, not because I myself own plenty of DVDs of her… No, my girlfriend does and we often work out together.

So, Yes. I do know who Cathe is, and I actually like her video’s a lot.

She is very instructional, and her videos are very intensive also. So, while I wouldn’t really recommend this particular DVD for everyone, I’d still recommend it for most beginners out there!


  • Price: $21,95
  • Intensive
  • Instructional
  • Cardio
  • Muscle building
  • Kickboxing technique based.

What I liked:

Cathe gives her video’s quite a Zumba vibe for being extremely kickboxing, cardio oriented video’s.

This is good because Zumba is very intensive, and this is also quite good when it comes to footwork and technique.

Yea, I love Zumba, haha!

What I disliked:

Oh, I hate the price. Have you ever seen Avengers: Endgame? Well, in my country it costs less than this actual video, it is funny.

That said, sure: You get quite a lot of value from this video. It helps you with exercising, and it is quite fun to watch but…

…Still, especially when you are a beginner… It might be quite a commitment moneywise.

A commitment you might not be willing to make money wise of course. Which is completely understandable.

Best kickboxing workout dvd for beginners


Kickboxing Workout DVDs for Beginners Buying Guide

For every beginner who has money, I recommend looking at Cathe’s DVD. I really think workout wise it might be beneficial to you.

If you are more looking for a more technique intensive, yet cardio and motivational wise DVD. The Elfit one might just be what you are looking for.

But this is, of course, just my opinion based on what I think would be viable for you. I really do think Cathe will be a favorite amongst women more than it is amongst man, due to the womanly vibe you get from the video.

And of course: Some kickboxers simply don’t like Zumba.

The verdict:

For beginners looking for technique, I would definitely go for the first DVD. It is very instructional, and very technique based.

Cathe’s DVD, however, is not just instructional but also quite fun. It is really entertaining at the same time, and quite fun to watch.

Of course, she knows what she is talking about but still, she is a bit expensive though.