Best Kickboxing Videos

Kickboxing is intensive, and it is one hell of a cool sport. That said, sometimes we need relief… We cannot train forever, sometimes we need a day off.

Here is the thing, what if you love kickboxing so much… that you are actually looking for fun kickboxing videos to watch?

Where would you look?

On Kickboxingguru, of course. Now, this time instead of cardio and other workout sessions…

…Or technique videos that would benefit you.

No, forget about all that kind of stuff, it is important but not now… Not today!

Today we will be focussing on fun, and entertaining movies.

Video’s you can watch when sitting back and relaxing without having to worry about anything.

Video’s worth watching with a family.

I can hear your thoughts at this very moment: “You are either going to put some Jean Claude Van Damme movies in here or some videos that have way too much blood in it to see with the family.”


First of all, kickboxing isn’t cruel, so let’s not make it look like it is. It simply is not.

Second of all, we already mentioned Jean Claude’s movies, and I will only mention them if they are really worth watching – which most of the time they are.

1. Bloodfist II review

Everyone eventually ends up retiring from kickboxing, especially when they have achieved their goals already.

Eventually there is no need in further competition, and we start slacking to enjoy life on a later age.

Sometimes life just get too serious, and it no longer is considered a priority.

Well, in this case the kickboxing champion Jake, thought he was finished.

He thought his fighting days were over… only to discover he has no chance to quit fighting.

Retiring simply isn’t an option.

That said, there are multiple movies about bloodfist, and some of them are great – my favourite however is bloodfist 2.

Whilst being my favourite, the video is just one of the better ones out there and actually gives a fun look into the kickboxing world.

Despite the though name, it is not really a rough movie and really entertaining to actually see.


  • Price to rent: $2.99
  • Price to buy: $7.99

As you can see also, it is not a really expensive movie at all. You can watch him for pennies when it comes to it.

It is also really worth to watch, and you could say a family movie but still I would be cautious of little kids watching it.

Not only is it bad for them to see violence, I’d also just refrain them from watching it cuz they get nightmares easily.

We want to keep this from happening and well, I personally think watching an action movie like this is really just more fun when u can sit back in the dark, and watch there.

Also, even though I don’t really recommend having cheat days and don’t want to tempt anyone to go on a cheat streak, it is really in your best interest to open up a package of popcorn with this one, haha!

2. Jackson Bolt review

What if you are suffering immensely emotionally, you are being treated by a shrink but… It is not really doing it for you.

In the meanwhile you got your detective job, and your wife is cheating with your partner.

All you have is your kickboxing, and of course, your old kickboxing promoter who took care of your carreer by making sure you could fight?

And out of all the blue… your partner dies?

Before you know it, everyone is after you because it is a solid motive isn’t it?

Well, this is how it is for Jackson Bolt.

Jackson suffered emotionally a lot, and while he was dealing with all of this his wife was cheating on him with his partner.

Jackson has a past as kickboxer, and is struggeling with emotional problems so much he is considered unstable.

It is a solid motive, but what does an emotional unstable person do when he finds out he is set up for something he didn’t do

This movie is awesome, even though not quite a lot of people seem to like it. I quite like the story, as I like stories with a plot twist in them.

Which is why I am a big fan of the sherlock series, but then that is not kickboxing at all… even though… the fighting skills are there, haha!

No, this movie is one of my favourites due to it combining the legal system with kickboxing as well as a nice plot story.

This, I find very intresting in particular.

This is also why this is one of the more underrated movies out there, and quite entertaining at the same time.

It is not very expensive at all, and you can watch it for less than $3 which is nothing when you think about it.

Kickboxing Videos Buyer’s Guide

Picking a movie isn’t a hard thing to do, if you know what you are looking for.

If you are looking for a movie that is more about fighting in general, and while it has quite a story… not that intensive of a plot.

Well, then it is an easy pick afterall and you should definintly pick bloodfist 2.

It is a good movie, and easy on the eyes also.

Also, it has some humor here and there, so it is really fun to watch, even though the name sounds as if someone just hit a fist through someone, and pulled it back out.

If you are looking for a movie with a plot that you actually need to follow, and with some cheesy romantic stuff as well as a dramatic approach.

Then you definintly should go with Jackson Bolt. It is quite a good movie, but I have to admit a bit cheesy.

Entertaining nonetheless but still… Meh, remember it is an old movie. That is all I am saying, it is a good one but older than most movies you see today with fancy graphics and nice effects happening everywhere.