Best Kickboxing Sneakers For Men Reviews 2020

I know, I know, you are probably wondering “Can’t I just wear regular shoes?” and in fact, you can.

A lot of professional kickboxers didn’t have the money to supply gear.

But yes, new sneakers are essential for kickboxing, especially because kickboxing is one of the most intensive sports out there.

You are always on your feet, performing very heavy cardio. If you don’t use the right shoes, you might cause injury.

See, the right kind of shoes offer the right amount of support. They support your feet enough to keep the rest of your body from injuring.

Wrong shoes could cause back pain and many different kinds of injuries that could perhaps even last a LIFETIME!

Things To Consider When Buying Kickboxing Shoes

Now, you know why you need the right shoes… But do you also know what to pay attention too?


Let us do it for you. I wrote a little list of the best kickboxing shoes! Using these will make cardio and exercise a whole lot less painful, and a lot more enjoyable!

As you can see though, we tested a fair, decent amount of shoes. We tried to pay attention to the budget also, so we mixed some low budget ones in there – so that exercise will be painless for everyone.

That said, good shoes are essential when it comes to longevity and workout.

This is why we decided to do these tests, as I wanted to write about well more kickboxing related gear.

So, I forgot about the importance of shoes. Shameful? Yes! But it resulted in a fun article!

It also resulted in me restocking my kickboxing shoes, so all good. Now, when focusing on shoes, I have to admit beforehand that I have flat feet, which is why I am so picky.

Shoes need to support me well, as I suffer immensely from lousy support.

I tend to get back pain quickly, which used to make sporting a hell until I decided to focus on good shoes, with a nice sole.

Even testing there was a bit of a pain due to some shoes supporting me less than they should’ve. These shoes I didn’t mention for that apparent reason!

Here are the shoes we’ll cover:

Best Kickboxing Sneakers For Men 2020 Review
Best Kickboxing Sneakers For Men 2020 Review

Best Kickboxing Sneakers For Men Review

Before we proceed, it is vital to know that we judge shoes based on multiple things.

  1. Are they fit for outdoors?
  2. Do they support your body?
  3. Are they a good pick, budget-wise?

We test every shoe ourselves, as we are big Kickboxing fanatics also. We check all the shoes by doing the cardio ourselves and based on the knowledge we gather. We tell you what would be a good fit.


1. Reebok Men’s Crossfit Nano 8.0 Flexweave Sneaker

Reebok Men's Crossfit Nano 8.0 Flexweave Sneaker

Reviewing these shoes, I was very eager to get started. I am someone who likes to do my cardio indoor as well as most of my exercise.

Let me say it this way. I don’t like rain and cold. Anyway, let’s continue. Before we get started it is important to know the price and specifics:


  • Price: $144,20
  • Size: 6.5 – 14

The thing is, these shoes seem like indoor shoes, but they can function as both.

That said, I would rather just use them indoors and make sure they remain as good as they are.

After doing some jumping jacks, and some running as well as some exercises with my faithful jumping rope, we’ve determined that they support your body well.

They suit well, and are worth their money! I wouldn’t use them for outdoors, though.

Best shoes for cardio kickboxing class.

2. PUMA Men’s Tazon 6 FM Running Shoe review.

PUMA Men's Tazon 6 FM Running Shoe

These shoes were one of my lesser favourites. The reason being is that they are mainly outdoors.

They’re mainly for running.

That said, we all have to do our exercises, so I wanted to test them out.  


  1. price: $42,55
  2. Size: 7-14
  3. Mainly for outdoors.
  4. Decent support.

I know, I know. They’re puma. They should be amazing. Well, I wasn’t a big fan myself.

Mainly because I am really picky when it comes to shoes, my back hurts easily, due to having extreme flat feet.

So, I need really supportive shoes!

These, however, didn’t do the trick.

Best shoes for cardio kickboxing class.

3. MAIITRIP Men’s Running Shoes Sport Athletic Sneakers

MAIITRIP Men's Running Shoes Sport Athletic Sneakers

Before we go into detail, I have to admit I am biased! Yes, yes, yes! I am very biased because I LOVE these shoes.

Why may you ask? Because they are fantastic for both in as outdoors. They fit well and support your back well WHILE being comfortable.

I wouldn’t wear them when it is raining outside, though. That said, these might just be the Best sneakers for cardio kickboxing.


  1. price: $19,99 – $29,99
  2. Fabric – Synthetic
  3. Both indoors as outdoors.
  4. Breathable
  5. Great support

They’re great, ever since I tested them I grew in love with them, and I use them continuously.

Best shoes for cardio kickboxing class.

4. Adidas Men’s Alphabounce Rc 2 Running Shoe

Adidas Men's Alphabounce Rc 2 Running Shoe

Are you a big fan of Adidas? If not, these shoes might make you so! They provide excellent support, and well, they look terrific too.

A great pair of shoes, worth their money, and I have to say though that it is a bit on the expensive side. 


  1. price: $59,99
  2. 100% Synthetic
  3. Good support
  4. Size: 6.5-14

Even though they’re a bit on the expensive side, I am confident they are worth it.
They offer great support, and with a bit of care, they can last you a very long time also!

Best sneakers for cardio kickboxing

5. Adidas Men’s Energyfalcon Sneaker

Adidas Men's Energyfalcon Sneaker

The “Fabulous” energyfalcon. Great Synthetic shoes with a rubber sole. Ideal for me, of course, as I have flat feet and these prevent my feet from hurting quickly.

So while others might not experience them the way I do, I tend to think they’re worth their money.


  1. Price: $39,99
  2. Synthetic
  3. In and outdoors
  4. Rubber sole
  5. Size: 6.5 – 14

I myself found these to be great shoes, while I had one of my colleagues testing them also, they said it was great. I enjoyed the style of the shoes too.

I must admit though that it isn’t entirely my kind of shoe, and as I said before, I fell in love with a pair while testing! I really enjoyed looking for the Best sneakers for cardio kickboxing.

Best shoes for cardio kickboxing class.