Best kickboxing shorts

    Best kickboxing shorts

    I get it, you are wondering why kickboxing shorts are essential – they’re just shorts, and it is cold, so you love wearing pants, don’t you?

    First of all, let me be clear that if you can stand pants while kickboxing, you are doing something wrong.

    Not only is kickboxing one of the most intensive workouts out there, but pants are also holding you back.

    You want to be able to move fluent, without irritations or clothing sticking to your body.

    You sweat a lot while kickboxing, and you need to move around quickly – This is why it is of most important to wear a beautiful set of QUALITY gear.

    Considering it is actually a quite important part of your gear, and it is always fun to look good in the meanwhile, we decided to test a few shorts!

    Best kickboxing shorts

    1. Elite Sports Muay Thai Shorts Review

    Elite Sports Muay Thai Shorts Review

    Looking at these shorts, it is easy to say they look really good, but the real question is whether they are good enough to do some heavy exercise.

    I like to invest in longevity as you might spend a tad more, but it often is a good investment as it lasts way longer.

    This is why we’ll look at HIGH-quality shorts only!


    1. Price: $19,99
    2. Hand made
    3. 100% soft satin

    Testing these shorts were awesome, I did the same workout session as always, but I loved it twice as much.

    These shorts are real satin, and they are comfortable to wear!

    One of my favourites!

    best kickboxing shorts

    2. Hayabusa Kickboxing MMA Shorts review

    Are you familiar with Hayabusa? Now, don’t feel dumb if you aren’t. It is not a very famous brand, but one of the better brands out there!

    I looked forward to testing these, as I bought many shorts and pieces of kickboxing gear from them before!

    I even have to admit, I bought multiple of these shorts, to keep some extra stocked for some members!


    1. Price: $49,99
    2. Drawstring closure.
    3. A bit on the expensive side!

    I don’t recommend these shorts for beginners, or people who didn’t do kickbox for a longer time yet.

    The reason being that you don’t know for how long you’ll like to do it, and it is not necessary to have shorts like these if you are doing it just for exercise sake.

    And not for competitive kickboxing.

    If that is the case, I would stay with shorts like the above, which are still a bit more expensive but good quality!

    best kickboxing shorts

    3. RDX MMA Blaze Shorts review

    RDX MMA Blaze Shorts Stretch

    If you’ve been on this blog before, you wouldn’t be surprised when we mention the RDX brand. We have a lot of gear of them ourselves, and they’re great producers!

    These shorts are the same thing, they look GREAT! I was a bit concerned though because I am not a big fan of stretch.

    I don’t feel like it suits me well, and let me move around as freely as possible. Others might, of course, experience this different.

    That said, I was positively surprised by testing them as they were PERFECT for me!

    Yep, it is official. I got a new kickboxing shorts producer!


    1. Price: $38,99
    2. Polyester
    3. Breathable

    Looking back, I think I should’ve bought shorts like these before. They’re great, and hey, they look great!

    They are a bit on the more well, expensive side but you don’t pay the same for a Lamborgini as for a pickup truck, do you?

    best kickboxing shorts

    4. MMA UFC Boxer Boxing Trunks review

    best kickboxing shorts

    These kind of shorts are my favourite. They have this excellent piece of material that makes it awesome to wear.

    I wouldn’t use it for competitive kickboxing myself, I always wear stretch there, especially since I found a better brand, but still.

    They fit great, especially for work out.

    Testing these I was a bit hesitant though as I had plenty of shorts like these and I thought that the graphics might not look as good as they did in the picture.

    Well, they did!


    1. Price: $39,90
    2. Soft satin
    3. Breathable

    Yea, I must admit that these are nice shorts and awesome shorts for beginning kickboxers!

    Wear them. You’ll admit they’re fantastic!

    best kickboxing shorts

    5. NAMAZU Muay Thai Shorts for Men and Women review

    NAMAZU Muay Thai Shorts for Men and Women

    Namazu is one of my more favourite brands, but of course, they are a bit lesser-known.

    The cool thing about their shorts though, is that they’re mainly unisex.

    I think all shorts are, but you got shorts like these of RDX, seeming a bit hard to wear for a lady!

    That said, it’s all up to themselves of course!


    1. Price: $35,99
    2. Polyester, satin
    3. Breathable

    This is one of the more cheaper brands, yet they succeed to provide quality. So, yes, they’re my favourites!

    I would recommend these shorts for everyone, ESPECIALLY beginners! 

    They’re not that expensive, great material and you won’t lose a lot if you decide that kickboxing isn’t your thing.

    Not everyone likes kickboxing. There is no shame.

    best kickboxing shorts

    6. Anthem Athletics Classic Muay Thai & Kickboxing Shorts review.

    Anthem Athletics Classic Muay Thai & Kickboxing Shorts

    Last but not least, not least at all! Anthem shorts! The most professional looking shorts, you’ll ever see. For this price, that is!

    I know, they look cool but uncomfortable. I know this is one of the reasons why I was hesitant to test these particular shorts.

    I was a bit scared because, well, as I said before, I like satin shorts.

    These kind of shorts aren’t my thing!

    That said, I had to go all out for this article to deliver what you guys expect from us. So, I had to!

    Oh boy, I am glad I did.


    1. Price: $29,99
    2. Breathable
    3. Comfortable

    Yes, I do recommend these shorts for beginners, especially because they make you excited to start kickboxing and they do the job when it comes to suiting your body.

    They don’t restrict your movement, or well, I didn’t suffer from it myself, but that is just me.

    They were excellent, and I am glad I have an extra pair of shorts!

    They are also one of the cheapest shorts out there! Weird right? Such a high quality for that price.