Best Kickboxing Movies of All Time

Kickboxing is awesome and of course widely known. Sometimes you don’t need to be a practitioner to actually enjoy the sport, and even if you do… Sometimes you want to sit back and relax.

Sometimes you just want to see others do it, learn from it. Enjoy it.

Easily said, but what kickboxing movies are worth watching? Have you ever seen top kickboxing videos online?

Well, let me tell you they are quite hard to find if you don’t know anything about kickbox at all.

I myself, I am a big kickbox fan, I have to admit.  That said, I really enjoy all the movies in general, but these are really my favorites.

I will cover movies that either teach or entertain you.

But then for me, learning is also entertainment, that said. Not everyone thinks that way which is why we’ll cover both!

List of Best Kickboxing Movies

Before we actually begin to cover any movies at all, it is important to note that I’ll use amazon to actually review movies.

This is for two reasons, first of all, I do get a commission if you guys buy anything that this website is responsible for.

Second of all, I am a big fan of amazon myself. I spend a lot of money there because they deliver quickly and they have strict rules when it comes to delivery.

1. Jean Claude Van Damme – Kickboxer

This movie has a soft spot for me because Jean Claude is from the same country I am from. That said, everyone in Belgium and the Netherlands has heard from him.

He was really a well-known icon back in the days, and I really feel he made multiple quality moves.

Most of them are even underrated even though they all were really known, I still feel as if they actually deserve more credit.

Our Opinion:

It truly is one of the most inspiring movies ever made, and yeah there are follow up movies to this one.

However, I really feel like this movie gave Jean a breakthrough. It really brought him out there, and for a long period, he was actually a mega superstar.

This is one of the kickboxing movies that is almost known by everyone, and seriously worth a watch for either learning or entertainment…

…Well, why not both right?

It is easy to get. Clicking the amazon buy now button will bring you to the actual movie page, where you can either buy him or rent it.

2. Fat Burning Cardio Kickboxing Workout – Nicole Steen

Our Opinion:

First of all, before I go into any detail. Kickboxing  TRULY is one of the best ways to lose weight! That said, I don’t recommend it for people who are morbid. This is because it is a very intensive sport that requires your body a lot.

Most of our bodies are capable of taking a lot, which is why we are able to do such exercises. They actually make us stronger.

For people who are morbid, they often can’t take it yet – and should start with sports as walking or swimming to avoid getting injured.

That said, Nicole Steen is well known in general. She makes good movies like this, even though I cannot really call it a “movie” it technically is.

This is a very good way to get started with cardio and kickboxing in general. Also, a great way to lose weight!

Nicole Steen is really an intense instructor, but she has booked plenty of results and is widely known over the internet.

Here you can see some of the exercises she’ll teach you, and as you can tell she really knows her stuff.

She herself is quite fit also, but then she works out daily!

Really worth checking out her videos, especially if you’re planning to take this all seriously. I even dare to say it is one of the better ways, except for starting yourself.

I myself really believe in learning by doing.

That said, some rather actually see the stuff first. Some actually learn better by copying someone which is understandable.

It is easier to get started, I really do have to admit it. I myself am just a fan of going to an actual gym and spar with somebody.

3. Double Impact – Kickboxing movies


  • Price to rent: $3,99
  • Price to buy: $14,99

Our Opinion:

This movie is truly one of my favorites, but then it is because Jean Claude Van Damme is in this one.

Actually, he is in it… twice!

Yea, the move, in general, is about twins separated by birth. They’re really skilled fighters whooping some ass.

That said, kickboxing is more than just “whooping some ass” it isn’t about that at all. It is a great work out exercise and a really fun sport.

Enough about that, more about the movie: Jean truly is a superstar. He used to be a big icon in the martial arts scene and actually gave kickboxing a true face.

He inspired a lot of youngsters to actually get started, as a lot of people really wanted to be like Jean.

Nowadays he might not be as well known as he was, but every 90s kid should truly know him.

Some of Jean Claude’s real-life drill exercises:

As you can tell, he really knows his stuff, and there is an obvious reason for his success.

Every kickboxer should hear of him at least ONCE in his life, and I am really glad I might be the reason you just did.

Watching this movie is worth a cheat day! It truly is! That said, don’t let me encourage you to cheat on your diet, that wouldn’t be nice.

Renting this movie though is very entertaining, and it is a very fun movie to watch also, but then I am a bit biased as I am a big fan of Jean in general.

I grew up with his movies, and I cannot picture a life without them.

It inspired me to get into kickboxing, and if you aren’t kickboxing already, I truly hope he’ll inspire you also!