Best Kickboxing Headgear – Reviews and Buying Guide 2022

Regardless if you are just a practitioner or a hardcore kickboxing enthusiast, or probably a professional kickboxer, the importance of sparring will always be taught to you every single day that your trainer will always incorporate it into your training.

Sparring sessions are needed to develop and demonstrate the punch and kick combinations against an actual opponent. However, before you can even start your sparring session, you are required to wear the headgear which is very crucial in keeping you and your opponent safe from head injuries.

This guide will help you in buying the right kickboxing headgear that will suit your needs.

Best Kickboxing Headgear Buying Guide

Importance of Kickboxing Headgears

The use of headgears greatly varies in the world of martial arts, and to further widen your knowledge on this piece of equipment for martial arts, let us talk about the importance of headgears during sparring sessions and even competitions.

The main purpose of headgear is to prevent any superficial injuries to the face and the head of the fighter, and contrary to popular belief the headgear protects the person from having brain trauma caused by the strikes and blow to the head. It does not also make a person less prone to receive any concussion or prevent any traumatic injury to the head, which is why the Olympics are now not using headgears anymore during the competition as well as a majority of amateur competitions in kickboxing and boxing around the world.

Different Types of Headgears

There are different variations when it comes to headgears depending on the sport that you engage, but particularly in this article, let us talk about the headgear used in combat sports, particularly kickboxing, and as you know, kickboxing uses both hands and feet to strike an opponent, and it is proven to be lethal during sparring sessions if one of the fighters do not wear any protective equipment such as groin guard, gloves, knee pads, and of course a headgear.

Do Headgears Offer Complete Protection?

Health experts and sports science experts believe that using headgear increases the likelihood of getting head trauma in amateur matches because both fighters are very confident that they will not sustain heavy damage because of wearing a headgear which results in recklessness and repeatedly getting hit in the head.

However, wearing headgear during the sparring session is still very important to prevent any injuries, especially for kickboxing enthusiasts who do not have the intention to get bruises or cuts on their faces.

4 Benefits of using a Kickboxing Headgear

Listed below are some of the most notable benefits of using kickboxing headgear in kickboxing or boxing sparring sessions.

Superficial injuries

This would likely prevent cuts, bruises, and black eyes from the fighters.

Prevents head clashes

Accidental head clashes would likely result in nasty cuts, and head clashes cannot be avoided and can happen a lot of times, especially during a furious exchange of punches.

Fewer bruises

You do not have to get bothered or conscious with bruises on your face, especially to people whose work makes a lot of value to their facial appearance.

Confidence booster

Headgears reduce the sensation of getting hit with a punch, and this will eliminate fear in the mind of the fighter which boosts their confidence to throw more kicks and punches.

Things to Consider When Buying Kickboxing Headgear

People have different views when it comes to their wants and needs for protective headgear, there are people out there who want to make sure their entire face is covered, while there are people who want to have more visibility in their guard.

To give you the best considerations for buying headgear, here are some useful tips that will help you.

Headgear’s Visibility

Probably the most important aspect of headgear because this will determine how much you see your opponent and where the kicks and punches are directed at considering that the majority of knockouts are from punches and kicks that you do not see coming. The more visible the headgear, the less that you would likely get hit and cover your face whenever your opponents strike you.

Having more visibility will also give you a better chance of where to land your strikes. Just imagine if you only have a limited view of your opponent and your surroundings, you are likely killing your chance of winning a sparring session or a fight.

Comfortability and Fitting

Bothered with a full face sparring headgear that constantly moves and loses itself around your head is very frustrating and distracting, and you would end up adjusting your headgear in your entire sparring session. Instead of doing this, when you buy a headgear, you should fit it first and check if it does not move sidewards.

Also, make sure that your head perfectly fits the headgear, not too tight, and not too loose, so it is better to check it and fix it right away, and also make sure that the headgear is comfortable to wear, because there are headgears out there that have itchy interior paddings, and some are very rough that it causes irritations in your skin.

How Much it Covers your Entire Head

There are different types of headgear that provides coverage for your head, a full-faced headgear where your nose is completely covered, a headgear that exposes your nose and mouth but has a thick cheek padding around it, while there are headgears that have literally a cage in front of your face for complete protection, but take note, the bigger and bulkier the headgear, the more you can get hit easily with your opponent, so be mindful when choosing the size as well.

The Padding

This is very important because this will tell how much of the force the padding will absorb as well as the shock of it when the punch or kick lands on your head. The best headgears out there have paddings that are made up of high-quality foam that absorbs most of the shock from the punch or kick, also check if it has a headgear nose protection feature.

The Price:

The best headgears out there are made up of the best materials available which are why you should spend extra money when buying one because the best headgears usually are the expensive ones while the poor-quality headgears are the cheaper ones, but if you have shopping talents, you might even score a great quality headgear with a very reasonable price.

Best Kickboxing Headgear Reviews

Sanabul Essential Professional Boxing MMA Kickboxing Head Gear

This headgear is Amazon’s choice which can be yours at $**.99 if you order one right now. This headgear is known for its excellent coverage and protection of your face and head while having some sparring with your teammates regardless if you are doing kickboxing, mixed martial arts, or other combat sports.


Engineered to great performance:

This headgear is made from top-quality shock-absorbing materials that are very easy to clean and maintain with a leather finish.

Superb impact-dura shock foam technology:

This will make sure that you will finish your sparring session without any concussion, bruises, or head trauma because of its advanced shock-absorbing foam technology.

Comfortable and secure fit:

You will not get bothered by the constant movement of your headgear that would distract you while sparring.

Customer review: “It is completely non-slip and very comfortable to wear. I found this headgear when I read fighting headgear reviews online. I had enough of the stinky and the very ill-fitting headgears at our gym I wanted to buy my own that’s why I looked for headgears in Amazon and found this. It is not completely expensive, but relatively cheap that’s why I ordered one right away and to my surprise, it surpasses all my expectations. Definitely a great value for my money,”— Brendan Wright.

Venum’s Challenger 2.0 Headgear

One of the world’s top MMA equipment brands, Venum is proud to introduce to you its very efficient Challenger 2.0 headgear which is rated 4.2 out of five stars on Amazon. This can be yours at if you order now. This ultra-lightweight headgear is made from triple-density contoured foam and has a two-way Velcro closure that is made in Thailand’s Skintex leather is perfect for intense sparring sessions in boxing, kickboxing, and MMA.



It feels like it is nothing there. Feel the technology and comfortability of Venum’s Challenger 2.0 with its durable but ultra-lightweight materials used to make this headgear.

Complete protection:

You are assured that your head, cheek, chin, and ear are completely protected from injuries.


One size fits all.


Two-way velcro closure for a complete and secured fit.

Customer review: “As a professional trainer of kickboxing, I always go for the best quality equipment out there for my clients and students because I do not want to sacrifice their safety that’s why I always make sure that I purchase nothing but the best out there. I only use Venum headgears and other kickboxing equipment,”— Allan Smith.

RDX Head Guard Boxing Headgear

RDX revolutionized the way in protecting your head from injuries in combat sports with this very innovative and best-designed headgear that can be yours at in Amazon.


Shell-shock based tri:

Slab foam padding that entirely protects you from shocks coming from the kicks and punches.

Quick-EZ hook:

This headgear has an adjustable quick-EZ hook and loop to completely secure your head and prevent constant movement of the headgear.

Maya Hide leather construction:

To ensure that this headgear can last very long.

Plastic-encased face-grill for full protection:

This optional and removable plastic-encased face-grill is used to completely protect your face from damage during sparring sessions.

Customer review: “The quality is outstanding, and the visibility is also very great. I don’t have difficulties dodging and docking my opponent’s kicks and punches and for a very advanced type of headgear, I definitely recommend this to everyone,”— Alexander Caballero.