best kickboxing gyms in the world

Best kickboxing gyms in the world

best kickboxing gyms in the world

Kickboxing is one of the most intensive sports out there, you wouldn’t believe it if you didn’t try it for yourself.

See, a lot of people… they think we are just hitting people. They think we are animals in a ring, just hitting each other but…

…They don’t know the energy required… how hard we train to win, or to improve.

In orther words, they don’t really know what is required to compete. They don’t know what it takes for us to succeed in the ring, or to do it as a simple work out strategy.

Sure, we are having fun but…

…It is a really intensive sport. Competing at a higher level is fun to do, but it requires years of practice and hardcore workout…

…Some people want it so bad, they search for specific kickboxing gyms.

They search for the best kickboxing gyms in the world, so that one they can compete on the ladder as well.

Or well, at a high level that is.

If you are someone like that, you might really enjoy this post as well.. We are going to cover the best gyms there are, and how you can compete.

1. Banchamek Gym

This gym is awesome, not just because you get acommodation and some world class training…

…Not because you get to spar and learn from other high performing players.

No, because it is the home of Buakaw.

Buakaw is one of the better if not one of the best kickboxers of all time, and practicing alongside him is much more than just an honor, it is a great opportunity.

Every year some people go to the Banchamek Gym, hoping they get to learn from all the top fighters out there.

Yes, it might be the home of Buakaw, but when u get to train at Banchamek… you get access to 30 experienced fighters, ready to spar with you at all time.

Not just that, what is way cooler is that they will also share their awesome strategies with you.

There are not a lot of people who came back and regret it.

Actually, I cannot really think of anyone who ever regret going there in the first place.

Location: Phuket, Thailand.

For most of us though, the distance is the real problem. So, if you decide to go – then you better should make it worth it, and why not book a city trip aswell?

Make it worth your own while, even though training at Banchamek will be awesome on its own as well.

2. Jaco Hybrid Training Center

While they don’t specifically teach kickboxing in this gym, it doesn’t mean you can’t learn kickboxing here.

What I mean with this, I know… complicated right, what I mean is that this is a MMA gym, with a couple of notable trainers who were on the top either in the MMA scene…

…Or Muay Thai, kickboxing scene.

Location: South Florida

This means going here, you won’t just learn from the best… You won’t just learn all kinds of techniques…

…You will have to learn all the workouts aswell.

It is awesome to learn from all these high quality fighters.  You get the ability to meet up with people who compete on the top.

Your trainers are awesome, and used to be on the top themselves!

3. Patong Boxing Gym

This one is my favourite gym in Phuket, or well one of them atleast.

You get to fight here with 300 atleast 300 competing kickboxers. Yes, you get compete with the best.

Not just that, the enviroment is really beautifull. You get to go to 2 beautifull beaches… which are closeby.

Location: Phuket, Thailand.

If you go here, I recommend you plan a city trip, as the enviroment is really beautifull

Now, Patong is not SUPER far away from Banchamek, so you could make it an all in training vacation.

I promise you, if you come back… you won’t be the same fighter unless you didn’t pay attention of course.

Now, just because you go to quality gyms doesn’t mean you’ll improve drastically…

They require you to work hard as well.

If you don’t work hard, and don’t put in the effort to learn from them… it is no longer a way to get better, but just you planning a vacation where you waste your time.

Why should I go to the best kickboxing gyms in the world?

You shouldn’t at all… Weird to see me say that, isn’t it? Well… What I really meant is you shouldn’t, if you don’t plan to do kickboxing competitively.

Or of course, if you can’t afford it.

It is perfectly realistic to do kickboxing as a hobby… Some people just do it to lose weight, and others just want to be a bit more confident.

Not everyone has a competitive drive and that is perfectly fine.

But let’s say… or well, lets assume you actually are competitive… Then it is quite normal you should at least try this.

You will get access to experience and knowledge from people who do this for years… and not just kickboxing, they are actually REALLY good at plenty of sports.

Most combine their strategies, and try to offer a whole package but yes…

…It is a big amount of knowledge… for not that much money at all, though you should book beforehand.

It is always a bit cheaper, and you’ll have more time to prepare also which is really necessary.

Make sure to work hard on your work out routine. This way you can keep up, and you won’t be slacking during the training.

This way you can benefit as much as possible.

Now, do make notes… Don’t be afraid to write down some combo’s or to film your training if they allow it.

This way, you can always redo your training at home… and follow EXACTLY what you’ve learned.

Put it to use in competition, and you’ll see result.

Stay consistent with your training though, as just going to the best kickboxing gyms in the world isn’t enough.