Best kickboxing fight ever

Best kickboxing fight ever!

Before we go into any detail, there are a couple of things you should know about me.

  1. I am a gamer who is quite good at the game starcraft 2.
  2. I am a competitive kickboxer.

Now, I have my strategies in order to improve in everything I do and these strategies work effectively.

One of these strategies is analyzing pro players, and mimicing their play.

I make it my habbit, to make their professional moves, my moves.

Sure, they might be known but pro’s are not throwing combinations for no reason.

So, I analyze why they are doing that certain combo, and I use it the same way.

Analyzing pro players makes me pick up their misstakes, and my own misstakes.

Not just that though, I often ask someone to film my own fights so I can analyze what I did wrong and improve.

This is a thing I picked up while gaming actually.

When I lost, I would look at my replays… When I won I did the same. I watched every tournament, and all the pro plays.

This improved my own style, and helped me develop my own identity within the niche.

Same goes for kickboxing, and any sport we really do.

1. Khamal vs Amrani

These 2 morrocian fighters, have a legendary fight. They’re both fighting in the Netherlands and their strategies are awesome.

I was actually here in person, and I really loved it.

Especially since you can take away so much from watching these 2 legendary fighters.

As you can see in this fight, every punch matters… That is how it goes in real life as well.

I obviously mean, if you fight someone else yourself. Every punch matters, and the right combo can win you the game.

That is why watching players like this actually matter.

I do think the game could be finished earlier, see, a lot of pro players… Well, let me put it this way. I really felt they were putting on a show for a while.

Which is all right, it is still entertainment, but I think the right timed hook, could’ve won this game earlier.

Who am I to speak though.

I am no where on that level myself, and what they do is extraordinary.

So, yes I really loved this fight myself.

I learned a lot from it btw, I use some of the combo’s in my daily workout routine… and even in competitive fighting.

Works great. Even won me a few games!

2. Badr Hari Vs Rico Verhoeven

This fight was LEGENDARY! People were waiting for this fight to happen for weeks, if not months.

This was like putting the best of the best against each other to decide who is the true kickboxing king.

Wow… simply, wow.

Now, before we go into deeper detail, it might be good to let you know that I am personally biased.

I truly cannot stand Badr Hari, because he is just a bad person overall and has intimidated multiple people as well as physically abused them…

…While Rico Verhoeven, is truly gratefull to be there. You see, how he actually respects his opponents while being full of adrenaline as well as thanking all his fans?

He thanks everyone to be there, as ofcourse without fans kickboxing would be dead.

This fight though, I knew how it would end… with Rico victorious ofcourse!

He put some nice knee’s in place but he took some hard hits as well.

In this game Rico was defending his title, and ofcourse they had a rematch happen also.

But Badr, well… as you can see, he kind of melted down half through the actual game.

So, yes… Rico definintly had some advantages here. He did enough damage to make it happen, and as you can see he was truly confident of his skill as well.

Now, it is quite normal for Badr Hari to go and trashtalk his opponents as he openly admitted to actively hating them.

But, I am suprised that he kept it to a minimum.

I tell you, this game was one of the most well known… most hyped up fights there was in the Netherlands.

They both have a huge reputation, and while Badr might be known for lesser good things outside of the ring, he is also well known for his skill in the ring.

Why I picked these fights to be the best kickboxing fights ever?:

Now, I gotta be honest… I picked the games because I thought of them as the best.

These are from the Netherlands, which is where I love closeby… so I was able to attend these fights in person easily.

Which I did of course, and attending fights in person always makes them a bit better I find myself.

But the main reason I think these fights were so legendary is because I saw these guys grow.

I knew who they were from when they weren’t as well known and I loved it.

Then I started to hate Badr Hari, as I cannot stand evil people.

That said, these guys are considered legends in the kickboxing scene, and especially in Belgium and the Netherlands, which is why I am such a big fan of these games.

Everybody here wanted to see this in person, and for just once… a lot of non kickboxing fans actually came together, to watch kickboxing themselves.

It brought people together, and for once they saw kickboxing as the beautifull sport it is.

For that one moment, it didn’t matter who was around… It didn’t matter who was a kickboxing fan or not, they all wanted to see the giants fight.

Which is why i consider it the best kickboxing fight ever. It truly is, if it can do this… then it should be considered to be so.

Now, the tickets were truly expensive though.

A lot of people couldn’t see it in person, and a lot actually gave up a lot of their savings for it.

Truly amazing fights… Really.