Best Kickboxing Combos

Have you ever fought in a ring before? Have you ever gone face to face in the ring?

If so, then you truly know how important kickboxing combos are.

Combining the right moves allows you to get through your competitor’s defense.

Not just that, learning a variety of combos will allow you to stay unpredictable.

This way your competitor doesn’t know how to counter your moves, and you already have an advantage.

Now, that might sound all cool and all… but learning new combos can be quite tricky and require practice.

You cannot hesitate when it comes to using combos while sparring, or competing.

It all has to go fluently, like your footwork!

Some of the combos you will see here, are ideal to start with.

We’ll teach you some awesome combos that will allow you to get a bit more advanced as well.

This way you truly learned something useful, that you can actually put to use – don’t you think that is the best to do?

Of course, it is, so I truly recommend you to already get started while reading, and you put your laptop or computer next to you while practicing.

Keep practicing until it is perfect, and do know that combos are also great for losing weight!

Yea, kickboxing is great…

1. Jab — Cross — Left Hook — Low Kick

This is one of the most fundamental combos you’ll ever use. This is also perfect, to begin with and to practice on.

It is quite simple because you are using your hands in the first three moves, they don’t expect the low kick which is the reason why their movements are focussed on their hands.

So while their defense is focused on your hands, you bring in a quick low kick.

Do know though, that learning just this one combo is pointless. It is good to practice it, and to throw it in there… but you need a mixture of combos.

2. Inside Kick — Cross — Left Hook — Right Body Kick

This particular combo gets a bit more advanced already, but hey – I know you like that.

We don’t keep it easy here, do we?

Of course, not. We go hardcore, all in! Now, that said… This particular combo keeps the competitor guessing.

See, we make sure to keep all kinds of attacks coming, we give them kicks…  hooks, this way they need to protect everywhere which is quite impossible.

They keep busy, and we exploit the openings we make.

It is important for us to stay on top of the competitor, and keep them confused and busy.

This way we are mentally already ahead as if the competitor can’t follow… it’ll mess with his confidence, opening even more possibilities for you.

This truly gives you a shot to actually win the game.

Do know though that this combo isn’t enough, and in fact, I would take a solid amount of combos and practice them in a workout round.

This way you don’t just perfect your combos, you also learn how to use them together.

3. Cross — Left Hook — Cross — Left Body Kick

This one is actually pretty similar to the first one. It relies on your opponent thinking the hands keep coming, while you disguise your kick and put it in there creating openings.

In fact, you are making use of your opponent’s thinking intellect. It is really effective, and combining this one with others is one of the best things to do.

This opens up a lot of possibilities and can put your competitor out of the game.

Now, do pay attention to your competitor’s technique. Is his defense more focussed on the lower region? Well then make sure you put in some extra punches!

If you think he sees it coming, then start with this combo – but end with a different one.

Because if they see it coming, and you can make them think that specific combo is coming, then all you need to do is switch it up in speed.

The way to master this is by practicing this a lot while either sparring or training at home.

While practicing though make sure to perfect every move! This is essential when focussing on combos! So, get it right!

4. Double Jab — Cross — Left Body Shot — Low Kick

This particular combo is focused on heavy hits. Of course, it is a bit more all-rounded, but do know that if you can land one of these hits…

You are really ahead.

Sure, this one looks for weaknesses and exploits them, but I wouldn’t open with this one unless you know your opponent well.

It is important to actually know the weaknesses and exploit them well.

Use other, quicker, and more efficient combos to open up your opponent and register their moves.

At what place are they lacking their defense?

This way you know where to kick, and where to put more pressure in order to land jabs and low kicks.

Fighting is also about gathering information, the only issue is that you need to do these things at high speed. You don’t have all the time in the world, and despite what everyone says… it is truly important to fight with your mind as well.

Use this combo when possible, and not just whenever you don’t know what to do. Make it a part of your routine.

Use it, practice it… over and over again until you perfect it, and when you do so… make sure your footwork is on point as well.

I promise you, you’ll see wins coming in. Slowly, but surely you will!

How to practice these “Best kickboxing combo’s”?

It is important to spar a lot. Sure, you won’t win all the time…

Sure, you might not even win most of the time but that is why you are sparring.

You are training, and eventually, once you learn how to use the combos and how to position yourself properly… You will notice a difference, and you will start winning.

Do know, however, there is no magical combo… and it is still required to practice almost daily.

Your workout is ESSENTIAL, just implement some combos in it.