Best Kickboxers of All Time Ranked

Kickboxing is awesome, but do know you aren’t the first… and probably not even the best… of all time.

It might sound harsh, and sure you can become one of the greatest by working your ass off on a daily basis, but when it comes to it… You’ll have to compete with the greatest.

Do you remember… the good old days?

If not, you are lucky. I’ll cover them for you, but I cannot promise that I won’t be personally biased, haha!

I must admit, I have intensively followed the entire kickboxing scene for years. I love the old ones, the great ones.

Sure nowadays people are still good kickboxers.

That said, we’ll judge based on a few factors and I’ll make sure to stay as objective as possible when judging.

Greatest Kickboxers The World Ever Saw

1. Buakaw Banchamek

Buakaw elevated the actual kickboxing scene by himself. He combined the best of Muay Thai, and dominated the kickboxing scene.

If you don’t know Buakaw, you haven’t really watched kickboxing before. He truly is one of the better ones out there.

Well, I dare even say that without him, kickboxing wouldn’t be as it is today. Not as well known, and not as advanced, really.

In the video above you will actually see some of his highlights, and actually see how great he really is.

Nowadays though, he is mainly focussing on professional Chinese kickboxing and doing his thing over there.

But then, he knows what he is doing… Hell, he made kickboxing partially what it is known for today.

That has to be respected… Doesn’t it?

He fights less though, and is more busy with promotions and really all the things you would do if you were as well known and famous in his region as he is.

He even thought some of the boxers on this list, which is awesome… as he actually trains people to take his place.

2. Superbon Banchamek

Yea… This guy is amazing! While he is young, and standing at 70kg, he still is a top fighter and he is ranked #1 or was ranked #1 in the china kickboxing scene.

He is the prodigy of Buakaw.

That should tell you enough. They both have a unique and fun to watch style and much like his mentor, he is dominating the scene intensively.

He is truly one of the better ones out there, because well… else he wouldn’t be ranked that high… But yea, he is one of the better ones out there.

When you see this guy fight, you’ll truly know what Muay Thai is. He dominates kickboxing by utilizing styles you never have seen before, and he continues to win a lot.

The future seems bright for this kid.

Do know though that his training schedule will probably be very intense, and you won’t find styles like this in most countries.

This doesn’t mean what you are doing is wrong of course. The beauty of kickboxing is that it allows you to develop yourself a style that fits your body and personality.

3. Badr Hari

Before I go into any detail, I must admit it hurts me to put him on this list. Not because he isn’t a good boxer, hell… he has a phenomenal record. He has 93 KO’s to his name.

It is because of the person he is outside of the ring.

Badr Hari is a dutch Morrocan guy with a narcissistic psychological background. He is very aggressive out of the ring also, and often even abused people.

The problem is that he gets away with it as he has connections in illegal and dark places that allow him to get away with it.

For a while, he dominated the kickboxing scene, and he was truly one of if not the best.

That was until he met the “prince”. Who actually ended his reign. So well, I think everyone eventually gets what is coming to them.

I really had a hard time putting him on the list because I don’t want you to think being good at kickboxing is a free card to hurt people.

It is not, kickboxing is a sport. What happens in the ring during the game, is just a game… Just a sport, it doesn’t give you the right to abuse people nor physically or mentally.

4. Rico Verhoeven

Rico Verhoeven is one of the greatest, and even dubbed “king of kickbox”. When he went against Badr Hari, the Netherlands was both shocked as hysterical.

Most even doubted him, but yet… He succeeded to beat him.

In 2013 he actually became champion and has successfully defended his title 5 times since then.

That said, Rico is kickboxing for a long while now. He was fighting adults when he was 16 due to being tall and bulky.

This is mainly due to his father being very strict with his training though. That said, while he is a good kickboxer and a strong one, he is also a very INTELLIGENT boxer.

This allows him to excel EXTREMELY.

Nowadays, there are not a lot of people who don’t know Rico Verhoeven, as he is well… the king of kickboxing.

5. Kurt Sloane – Jean Claude van Damme.

While Kurt is also a very well known ex-movie star known as Jean Claude Van Damme, he was also a really well-known kickboxer.

Sure, his movies are about kickboxing and Muay Thai, and they are really good DVDs with bad movie plots but…

They were incredible for that time though.

That said, for every young kickboxing fan Kurt Sloan was often the first and the best kickboxer they knew.

He was THAT good.

He is still well known amongst the older people, and back then the movies were considered great. He had tons of fans, and he still does.

Do know he also has MULTIPLE movies about kickboxing, all being quite successful really. Back then there weren’t many kids growing up and not wishing to be him.

Especially when he did split between 2 trucks. That was awesome. Some of his moves were truly legendary!