Best kickboxers in mma

Best kickboxers in mma

Kickboxing is fun, but when it comes to mma we often wonder how much of kickboxing they actually use, and who might be the best kickboxers in mma.

It is a hard scene, and every fighter is utilizing all kinds of style, but when it comes to kickboxing and muay thai, is it really being used that often?

I myself I have tried some mma before, and I am actually still going for a black belt in Jiujitsu myself but, when it comes to kickboxing I used it quite a lot.

See, when it comes to mma you are fighting top boxers who are using multiple fighting styles which is making it quite a bit harder.

Now, I am more intrested if I am the only one who used REAL kickboxing, and if there was anyone on top level who did so.

So, here is what I did:

I went into research mode, and I did in depth research to make sure that what I read would be accurate and good enough to share on this blog.

That said, finding accurate information online is sometimes a bit tricky, so I had to give some attention to offline sources as well…

Here is what we found:

Alistair Overeem – The demolition man.

Best kickboxers in mma

Alistair is from the Netherlands and is known as the demolition man.

Now, Alistair uses kickbox as one of his main styles, but do know though that mma is a bit more complicated.

He wins quite a bit and actually earned a bit more than 4 million from his fighting alone.

Or well, that is what is known to the public.

He also ranks #8 as one of the worlds greatest mma strikers there is.

While his results were very great I find him a bit inconsistent lately, but that is just me… He can though be considered as one of the better kickboxers out there that is competing in the mma world.

The real reason he should be mentioned is due to his ability to maintain a carreer both in k1-style kickboxing as well as mma.

Now, obviously you see this in his mma fights that he is a kickboxer, or well that he is good at it…

…But, he had and has some consistent results when it comes to kickboxing itself.

So, based on his rankings we could say that he is an actual demolition man.

His results are a bit more consistent than most fighters out there, and even today he wins a lot of his professional games.

Fighting for a major company has made him inelgible to compete in the regional rankings though, but I don’t think it would matter to him as much due to the lack of real competition and potential to make good cash.

Because eventually, they’ll need to think about their lifes too and cash does matter.

Still, a fighter worth noticing especially for his great results when it comes to kickboxing as well.

A real fighter!

Mark Hunt – Super Samoan

Mark is an awesome fighter but he has had a real stumbly road. See, the fighting scene is harsh and to make it for yourself is hard.

He came into the mma scene with a rocky start but eventually he managed to win from some real veterans out there.

He had little ground training at this time, and his main style was kickboxing but he suffered big time causing him to fade after having a losing streak of 5 losses in a row.

Obviously his mental state must’ve been broken down by then, but then he decided to make a comeback.

He came back into the UFC scene as a heavyweight starting a lead with a win streak of 3 wins in a row.

He is known as a strong fighter with some solid striking skills, and uses his kickboxing skills a lot.

Mark was also known for his ability to refrain from getting ko’d untill he was ko’d by his smallest competitor causing him to have a rocky reputation as well.

That said though Mark has obviously beaten some prominent

Kickboxing names in kickboxing as well, and saw some success there as well.

He is a great kickboxer, and a great fighter as well but I doubt he will ever make it as big as most fighters out there at this very moment.

Not that he doesn’t have the potential, I just feel that he needs to focus more on his ground skills as well.

Pat Barry – HD

Pat barry is a fighter who is known for his strong explosive striking power, and he has some real quality kickboxing skills but he wasn’t fit for mma.

Sure, this blog is about kickboxers in mma, but I judge based on technique.

I really do think Pat eventually quit, but is known for his awesome kickboxing technique.

He had some nice debut games and had some nice wins on his name, but nowadays he is making some awesome results in the UFC league.

He had some real talent when it comes to kickboxing but he needed some training on his ground technique causing him to have an inconsistent ladder carreer.

Eventually he saw this himself and focussed on training his ground skill.

Once he figured that he could return, he did so in the UFC branche causing him to be a strong and prominent threat.

He was an awesome kickboxer, he still is and his kickboxing style was and is impecable but his ground technique was lacking.

No matter how good your feet work is, in mma it is a bit harder as you are utilizing multiple martial arts, and you are not just doing kickboxing.

Does this mean that kickboxing is a bad sport? No obviously not, but it is flawed when it comes to ground techniques.

In kickboxing we focus on striking and kicking, not on countering choking techniques and how to hold people down.

In mma there are various people focussing on just that, which is why a lot of mma gyms offer training in all martial arts.