Best kickbox training equipment for 2019

The Best Training Equipment To Use For Kickboxing In 2019

Best kickbox training equipment for 2019

Best kickbox training equipment for 2019? Kickboxing is an exhilarating sport that tests a person’s combat abilities. Intense blows are delivered through punches and kicks and the body must be able to withstand hits from the limbs of dedicated opponents. Whether training alone or with an opponent, all kickboxers need the right equipment to keep their bodies safe. Here are some of the best options for training equipment to be used during kickboxing.


Kickboxing gloves are a key component of kickboxing training, as they protect the hands during each strike and add to their impact. A great pair of glove to use are the Cleto Reyes gloves, which are great for training in multiple fighting fields. The company that makes these gloves has been around for a long time and is known for producing great products that even the professionals use. The leather that is used to make them gives the gloves a long life, while the lining inside is water resistant to keep hands dry and make cleaning after sessions easier. Additional support is provided with the extra long cuff. One thing to note is that some have stated that in the thumb area, the padding feels light, so some wrapping will be needed to rectify this.

Everlast is a well known name in the world of athletics, due to having a rich business history and a record of producing quality products. The Everlast Pro Style Gloves are an example of these products, and they are quite useful for many fighting disciplines, including kickboxing. Those who have been kickboxing for a long time will like the gloves, and so will beginners, especially since the gloves can be purchased for an affordable price. The hands will stay protected with each strike due to the two layers of foam padding in each glove. Extra hand defense is provided with Everlast’s patented Thumblock and the gloves conform comfortably around the curves of the hand. Some additional wrapping may be needed to get the perfect fit with the gloves.

Shin Guards

Shin guards are useful in kickboxing for providing the shins with protection from bruises and fractures. While some may prefer not to use shin guards while kicking training bags because they want to firm up their shins, during sparring and drills, the guards are really needed. The best guards for training are ones that protect the shins from impact without restricting movement or being too bulky, such as guards that are compact.

The Top Shin Guards are a good marriage of compact design and protection. These double hook and loop guards have a narrow build that hug the legs tightly and have ample protection and point of impact layering to absorb blows while allowing the user to have ample mobility and speed. Initially users may find them to be stiff, but once they’ve had some time with them, the shin guards will feel right at home. Padding around the ankles and feet is a little thinner to allow for better movement.

While compact designs are ideal for agility, guards with bulkier designs can let users have more protective defense. Those who want to go for the more bulkier shin guards can find a good pair in the Contender MMA Grappling shin guards. These guards have synthetic leather and foam insulation to absorb impact and while they have more protection than the usual compact designs, movement may be a little harder.

Mouth Guards

During kickboxing, people can take a lot of blows to the face. Mouth guards can lessen the impact of these blows and protect the teeth from damage. These mouth guards are usually boiled in water for a short amount of time so that they can properly mold to the shape of the mouth. One of the best mouth guards that kickboxers can use is the SISU Aero 1.6mm mouth guard.

The SISU Aero is one of the most ergonomic mouth guards around, featuring a slim design that allows users to breathe, drink, and speak without feeling discomfort. The guard provides protection for the teeth and gums, especially with its curved upper section that gives it more surface area. This allows the guard to absorb more and keep the gum bone and line from getting injured. The perforated holes in the guard allow energy to be dissipated, preventing the guard from cracking. Although this mouth guard generally costs more than others on the market, it’s a worthwhile purchase for comfort and protection.

Another option is the Shock Doctor Double Braces mouth guard. This mouth guard is unique in that it is made with regular users in mind, as well as those who wear braces. People who wear braces sometimes faced with the problem of finding out that the guard they’ve purchased won’t fit around their braces. The Double Braces mouth guard solves this problem, and covers both the top and bottom rows of the teeth. The guards also have air channels to allow for proper breathing.

Head Gear

The rest of the head beyond the mouth will need protection when kickboxing, which is why people should use head gear. Kicks and punches that land at the head will be absorbed by the head gear and lessen the chances of injury. When it comes to head gear, you get what you pay for, as penny pinching on head gear purchases can leave people with gear that doesn’t have padding to absorb hits. The TITLE Gel World Full Face head gear is a good place to start for head protection.

On the inside of the TITLE Gel World head gear is layered foam padding, along with a gel layer to dissipate the force of blows to it. The outside is covered in leather that makes it durable. Although there isn’t a strap along the chin, a rear Velcro strap helps to keep the head gear tightly fit against the head. The head gear is available in a regular and large size and has enough coverage to protect the head during even the roughest kickboxing sessions.

The Venum Elite head gear is one of the best around, with a construction composed of a soft liner, contoured foam with triple density, and Skintex synthetic leather that is highly durable. Wearers of the Venum Elite will have 180 degrees of vision to work with thanks to its wide berth. There is padding under the chin for jaw protection, along with forehead and cheek padding. Ear cups are also present on the side to block hits. No matter the direction, the Venum Elite should be able to take any impact during kickboxing.

Hand Wraps

To keep the wrists protected from injury during kickboxing, hand wraps are used. The Meister Semi-Elastic wraps are made from a combination of cotton and spandex that give them elasticity to stretch or tighten around a user’s wrists. The wraps are joined with a hook and loop closure system that can be adjusted without much hassle. These wraps can be a little thin, but they are strong and affordable and sit comfortably under gloves.

For those who want to use hand wraps that are a little easier to put on, there are the Everlast EverGel wraps. These hand wraps are closer to a glove style rather than a traditional wrap. Putting them on is as easy as slipping them on the hands without doing any actual wrapping. These wraps are made of neoprene and have gel inside to dissipate energy made from impacts, along with mesh backing that allows the hands to breathe while being comfortable.

Ankle Support Wraps

People do a lot of moving while kickboxing, and if a person lands on their ankle the wrong way, it can be injured. Ankle support wraps are a solution to this problem as they surround the ankles and provide extra protection that is helpful in solo and sparring sessions. Meister makes the Ankle Guard, and much like their hand wraps, these ankle wraps have elastic strength and comfort. They can be easily put on and don’t carry the bulk that some other ankle wraps have.

The Techware Pro ankle wraps provide support, and also come with the added bonus of compression. This reduces swelling and fatigue by keeping the blood flowing in the ankles. Due to elastic in the top and bottom areas, the wraps stay in place regardless of how much movement happens.

Those who are practicing kickboxing at any level should find these pieces of training equipment useful. They’ll protect the wearer by giving them support while making it possible to strike with their full potential.