Best Heavy Bag for Kickboxing

Now, you are probably wondering why you should get a heavy bag for kickboxing? Well, a lot of people don’t want to do kickboxing competitively… So they still want to get some practice done.

Now, if you don’t want to do it competitively, or don’t have anyone to spar with. You can always practice your technique on a heavy bag.

A good punching bag allows you to train in peace, and get some work done.

This however is not the case if you decide to spar. Sparring however is a fun thing to do, but it is not something everyone is up to.

See, sparring actually means practicing with someone else. This also means you can get hurt, while if you punch a heavy bag, there is a very VERY small chance of getting hurt depending on your technique.

Now, you are familiar with why you should get a heavy bag, I mean… It is pretty obvious, especially for people who rather practice at home.

Not everyone has the time to go to kickboxing gyms. Sometimes it might just be nice to work out at home while having a break.

But are you familiar with what heavy bags are the best heavy bags for kickboxing?

1. RDX Punch Bag for Boxing Training

A punching bag is nice, having a good punching bag is ESSENTIAL! When it comes to picking a good brand it can be a bit tricky though.

See, there are various punching bags that are really good and various brand that deliver really good quality.

That said, RDX is one of my favorite brands.

I’ve bought shin guards at RDX and multiple boxing gloves. They always deliver on time, and quality!

Simply amazing.

They always deliver on time, especially as I shop a lot through amazon and they need to meet certain requirements.

Awesome brand but let’s continue:


  • Price: $63,99
  • Whole set

You get everything from boxing gloves to the necessary equipment to use it… It is an entire punching bag set and ofcourse one of the better quality ones.

This bag truly is one of the better ones out there, and is worth your while.

2. Everlast 70-Pound MMA Poly Canvas Heavy Bag

I was really waiting on this one. Really looking forward to this one. See, Everlast truly is one of my more favorite brands.

Even though I regularly test out certain brands on this website, I really favour everlast for a various amount of items.

My gloves for example are bought at them. They’re simply a really good brand, and often underapreciated.

Highly used though!

I myself use their stuff regularly, and often recommend it to all my boxing partners. Just because they’re great.

Testing out this punching bag I found out that not only their gloves are great, but simply everything at Everlast is great.


  • Price: $86,40
  • 70 pound

Yes, I know… It is a bit more expensive than usual, that is truly correct. But, and here comes the catch.

You get a REALLY good bag filled with sanitized synthetic and natural fibers. This bag is of very VERY good quality.

Sure, you pay a bit more… But you get quite a lot as well!

3. Ringside 100-pound Powerhide Boxing Punching Heavy Bag

For this one I was a bit hesitant as I myself don’t really like this kind of heavy bags, yet ringside has proven to be a good provider.

I’ve used some of their stuff before, but nothing special really.

Sure, they deliver quality and on time. That said, I am not really a big fan myself as I am really a fan of everlast, but that is just me.

I still decided to test out this punching bag for the sake of the article, and I must admit that I quite liked it.

It allowed me to train more heavily, put more into it.


  • Price: $153,54
  • 100 pound

Yea, this is a really heavy and expensive bag, I myself don’t recommend this for any hobbyist who isn’t eager to go hardcore on it.

If it is more for regular workout, It is not needed to buy such a heavy bag, yet it is up to yourself whether you prefer to train with a heavier one or not.

I myself am not a big fan of it, and don’t use it at the very moment. But, testing it allowed me to see that it really has its upsides.

Buyers guide:

We’ve covered one of the top brands in the scene, and all of them have their upsides and downsides but these are my most favourites.

Looking for a good punching bag isn’t easy though, you really have to pick something you’d like and howmuch you’d commit to it.

If you don’t kickbox regularly, yet enough to call yourself a hobbyist, you might go for a cheaper yet a bit heavier bag.

This is because you are most likely up to speed with your form and technique, and you might have experience with your work out routine.

For a beginner, or younger people who are just starting out, I really think starting with a lighter bag might actually be beneficial.

At this point investing in some training equipment might be beneficial.

The verdict:

Buying heavy bags for kickboxing isn’t easy. It is more based on what you need, that said. I really do think for most beginners, it is better to go with the Everlast one.

It is of high quality, might not be the lightest nor the cheapest but it is great quality.

They deliver quickly as they have to in order to work with amazon, so that is exactly what they’re doing.

That said though I never really had any complaints using Everlast, and I myself really love using this bag.

So, yes… I am speaking out of experience.

If you feel like the everlast bag is too heavy for you, or you want an all ready set punching bag… I encourage you to go with the RDX one.

They literaly provide everything you’d need.