Best cross training shoes for kickboxing

Best cross training shoes for kickboxing

Training is ESSENTIAL when it comes to kickboxing, but so is having the right training equipment.

Don’t believe me, go and train with shoes that are too little, or kickboxing gloves of a bad quality.

I tell you, within a few hours you’ll be here again… with immense backpain.

Not just that, you could hurt yourself permanently. It is the same as cleaning ladies for example.

A lot of cleaning ladies permanently wreck their backs because they don’t utilize the right equipment and strategies.

Same goes for kickboxers. Using the right shoes is important even though a lot of people say it doesn’t. It actually does.

Because it keeps your back from hurting, it allows you to go on for longer as it keeps a lot of the pain from you.

Now, shoes for Cardio is one thing… But cardio isn’t the only type of workout you need. It is important to buy shoes for crossfit, especially if you want to take it serious.

Your body isn’t forever, so we need to take serious care of it especially if we plan to take kickboxing a bit more serious. As it can be done competitively.

You don’t want to be hurt in that way, believe me!

1. Aleader Men’s Cross Trainer Shoes Lightweight Sport Walking Sneakers review

These are my absolute favourite, is what you expect to hear… But in fact they are not really.

See, I have serious flat feet and while the quality of the shoes is great, I do think they’re not fit for me.

I can see how others would like them, as well for a while they were actually great but… shoes need to be like super comfortable for me, and these made my back hurt.

Would I use them myself, No. Could you use them? Yes, yes… you could.

Here is why:

People with flat feet are known to experience pain way quicker than others, as most shoes don’t suit their feet.

So, here is what I personally did.

I asked a fellow kickboxer I know well, to try them out. His words: “They were amazing.”

They were amazing? That is not enough to base a review on now, is it?

Of course, it is not… So here is his opinion: The shoes were awesome, I actually ran 2 laps an hour each with them… But since that is cardio, I also decided to do my usual crossfit routine.

I never ever had to complain about my back not even once.

They really fit well, but then it depends on your size – right? I’d say, especially for people who take fitness serious… Invest in these shoes.

Best cross training shoes for kickboxing


  • Price: $47.91
  • Size: 8 – 8.5 – 9 – 10 – 10.5 – 11 – 12 – 13

These shoes are recommended for anyone who does take sport seriously, but if you have flat feet… refrain from using them.

You might actually be a better off buying shoes specially made for yourself.

For someone with regular feet, haha, you are good with buying these… You might like them a lot… so much that you might never buy other shoes haha.

Best cross training shoes for kickboxing

2. Nike Women’s in-Season TR 8 Cross Training Shoes review

Best cross training shoes for kickboxing

While this one is gender specific, I still felt the need to actually mention this one. I myself don’t really believe in genders, and I don’t really like to indentify people based on that but…

…I do think it is still necessary to mention these as gender specific as well, amazon does too.

That said, my girlfriend uses these as we both are fanatics when it comes to kickboxing and use the best gear we can afford.

These shoes however made it possible for her to actually kickbox with me.

Not a lot of shoes suit her needs as her back hurts easily. See, we both used to suffer from obesity… and we lost a lot of weight.

We were able to do that by utilizing gear that supported our backs, knees and well body in general.

These shoes, kept her back from hurting… kept her knees from hurting… It did miracles!

It does miracles.

Best cross training shoes for kickboxing


  • Price: $44.69
  • Size:  6 – 6.5 – 7 – 7.5 – 8 – 8.5 – 9 – 9.5 – 10 – 11
Awesome shoes recommended personally for everyone. That said, they’re woman shoes and I am really certain that almost every woman out there will love them.
What I liked:
These shoes really did miracles, and they were really worth their money. Actually, they are worth gold… Not just that they support the feet, very well… They also look good.
Looking good keeps you going, makes you feel good.
This is especially important to be motivated, and to like sporting even more… especially… for ladies.
That said, I don’t want to genderize this post as that is not the intention of this post at all.
I would say, I really liked these shoes because of what they did for my girl. She loves them, and we actually buy the same pair over and over again.
What I don’t like:
First of all, they’re quite small which is why I truly find them woman shoes. Woman often have smaller feet than men, their body is different no matter what you say can change that.
Second of all, there is not much I actually dislike about these shoes, and I cannot think anything else.
This is the only thing, they’re quite small. I tried to get them to make them personally for me, like a custom shoe tailor… but he couldn’t.
Of course, they are a bit pricey, but you cannot expect to get the best there is… if you aren’t willing to pay more than pennies.
They are truly amazing shoes, my girlfriend will say so too.
Best cross training shoes for kickboxing
The verdict:
Both shoes are amazing, and for man I would go for 1… Just because well, you’ll see what I mean once you wear them.
They’re amazing and look good too.
Of course you can wear both, do know though that if you have flat feet… it is better to buy shoes in person, as your feet can hurt easily… but then you know what I am talking about – don’t you?