Best kickboxing book

best kickboxing book

Best kickboxing book

best kickboxing book

As you can tell I’ve done plenty articles on dvds, even on training equipment in general, but not really on books.

Now, most of you might wonder why I would write an article on books… Well, me like some people love to read.

This is just a difference in people understanding stuff, as some people just don’t learn by watching video’s.

I myself I like to cover everything for every person. What I mean by this, is that I love to see things from different perspectives… I like to do my best, in order to get as much people to do kickboxing, and try it out.

It is a wonderfull sport, and it did plenty of things for me… But I didn’t do it all by watching DVD’s or actual training.

No, I read frequently. I think reading is a nice and passive way to actually consume knowledge, and while knowledge might not seem important for kickboxing, it truly is.

Reading on new workout routines, new kickboxing combo’s… It all is very important, just watching video’s is not enough.

Or well, not enough most of the time.

That said, let’s get started with the actual reviews. It is important to mention that I get a commission for every sale that happened through this site.

The price remains intact, the seller just pays me out a commission which helps me keep the blog running in general.

1. Muay Thai: The Footwork: The Secret to Learning the Art of 8 Limbs

best kickboxing book

Footwork is actually one of the most ESSENTIAL things to master in kickboxing you’ll ever have to master.

This book covers how to learn being quick on your feet, they teach you what you need to master and explain it step by step.

If you don’t even get tempted by reading “footwork” then I am pretty sure you are either someone who doesn’t like reading, or someone who doesn’t know why it is so important to master.

Mastering your footwork can actually help you win a fight, and this is also why doing cardio is so important.

Because, you need to be quick… you need to have stamina, and you need to move a lot!

Keep moving, and find openings… Disoriënt your competitor and try to put them on a wrong leg.

Make your own opportunities, and abuse it.


  • Price for kindle: $9.06
  • Price for paperback: $29.99

If you don’t know what a kindle is, it is actually something you can either install on your phone: Here I am talking about amazon’s kindle app.

But you also have kindle e-readers made for just kindle books. Well, if you buy kindle you can read your book on the kindle e-reader or on your amazon kindle app.

There are plenty of upsides to it, and really no downsides except for the fact that you might actually get “distracted” more often due to messages.

Paperback however, is just awesome… I love to read paperback or hardcover books way more than actual kindle books, because it keeps me more foccused on the book itself, and actually keeps me entertained.

best kickboxing book

2. The Art of Peace: Teachings of the Founder of Aikido

The Art of Peace: Teachings of the Founder of Aikido

Yes… Yes, you read it right.  “of the founder of Aikido”, but what you should really focus on is “the art of peace”.

Learning peace is really important whilst kickboxing, because while fighting… While kickboxing, you need to keep your mind clean.

You need to manage to get actual “inner peace”, and stay calm yet all pumped up by the adrenaline.

You cannot let it influence your way of thinking. You need to think clear, and think about your moves.

That said, if you practice enough they actual become habits.


  • Price for kindle: $5.93
  • Price for hardcover: $7.40
  • Price for paperback: $6.67

I truly must admit, I really did love this actual book because, I myself I used to have an anger issue.

I used to get so mad, that I didn’t think clearly, and it was quite bad. Of course, it is actually why I started to do kickboxing.

This way I could get rid of frustrations, not that I hurt other people… I am not that kind of person, but still it was very frustrating to lose control.

This book actually helped me with a lot, and is actually very explanatory, and philosophical.

Now, I truly do understand this isn’t a book for everyone, and it isn’t as essential as your footwork but it truly depends on what kind of boxer you wish to be.

I personally, I am a strategic person.

Before I fight, I actually know about my opponents weaknesses, and I exploit them by throwing the right combo’s.

This way I feel I win way more often.

Not everyone is like this, and wants to get straight to business… If this is you, then this book won’t really be your thing unless you really like reading.

If not, then I truly think this isn’t a book for you.

best kickboxing book

Buyers guide:

Buying a book isn’t a hard thing to do… IF YOU LOVE READING! Not a lot of people do love reading, and if you dislike reading then you shouldn’t start with a kickboxing book first.

No, start with something that looks appealing to you.

Now, if you are a reader then look for the uses in the actual mentioned books.  I think for most kickboxers the footwork one is important, and they might see more use in it, but if you do kickboxing because it helps you relieve stress…

…And you love philosopical stuff, well the other one is awesome too.

The verdict:

I personally think whatever you decide, you should really start with the footwork one because it is essential for your kickboxing “carreer”. This is because you actually need it a lot.

After that look into a cardio dvd, and do as much cardio as possible combined with actual power training too.

Keep in shape, and you’ll see footwork will help you a lot. But when you think about philosophical stuff, the other one is ideal, but it won’t really influence your kickboxing routine nor results.

Best Kickboxing Workout DVD – Review and Buying Guide 2020

Best Kickboxing Workout DVD

Why do you do kickboxing? To fight? Sure, you actually might. It is quite normal, but did you know the majority of people do it actually to lose weight?

That is how intensive kickboxing is.

Kickboxing is very hectic which is why a lot of professionals have to train almost daily, in order to keep in shape.

Your stamina is very important, and the best way to lose weight or to train your stamina is by doing cardio.

The real problem, however, is finding a workout routine that works for you as a person, so this is what I did.

I will let you in. I will let you in, in my life and actually show you what routines I like, and what video’s I’ve personally used in order to actually increase my stamina and cut fat.

See, before… I actually was really fat.

I started and worked my ass off by following the exact routines, and ever since I’ve been really into kickboxing.

This is also why I am so passionate about it, but that said, let’s get started.

Now, do take into consideration that the DVD’s shared here, might not be your way of training at all. It is completely up to you as a person.

Best Kickboxing Workout DVD Review

1. Cardio Kickboxing Routine DVD

Cardio Kickboxing Routine Kickboxing workout DVD

Doing cardio can actually be fun, but the main problem is finding a cardio routine that is actually fun to you.

See, I myself, I really believe we have to make sports fun in order to enjoy losing weight or training our stamina.

So, that is what I am focussing on.

This particular DVD, however, can also be watched online, and be rented quite cheaply first.

What this means is that you can actually test the DVD first, watch it and decide whether you want to buy it or not.


  • Price for renting: $1,99
  • Price for buying: $7,99

This DVD, as many others are actually made by GymRA which is a very popular Gym instructor group really.

They provide people with routines, and instructional video’s like these.

I myself loved this one as it is really explanatory, and really takes the time to explain to you everything in detail giving you a full body workout schedule.

The reason I am especially so fond about this one except for the explanatory part, is that it is really easy to start with.

It is a really intensive cardio workout, and actually covers everything you need. You can also start on your own speed of course, and do it on your own pace.

Which is what some people are looking for… what I was looking for, back in the days.

The thing is when you watch this video – you might get the impression that it is easy, that well… it isn’t worth doing because you would be doing this 1000s times faster.

But then… But then you try it, and you realize that it wasn’t as easy as they made it look. Believe me, it’ll be way harder than you actually think.

Best cardio kickboxing workout dvd

2. Fat Burning Cardio Kickboxing 60-Minute Workout DVD

Fat Burning Cardio Kickboxing 60-Minute Workout DVD

When I started with losing weight and burning fat… I needed a workout that actually kept me busy, and motivated enough to keep going.

This video however is keeping you busy for a full hour, keeping you motivated and concentrated on the actual video.

This is exactly what I was looking for back in the days, and if I am really honest I still use some of it in my workout routine.

It is a very thorough video, and again one of the better ones out there. In fact, amazon actually promotes this one themselves.

As you can see, even they can recognize good quality, haha!


  • Price: $15,95

It is a bit more expensive than most DVD’s as amazon often lets you rent them. In this case, I really recommend this one… and it is not just me, but also Walmart and Amazon really!

Yea, in fact, u can pick it up at Walmart if you really liked to do so.

Based on what you’ll see in this video, you can either make your own routine, or you follow it till you nail the actual procedure.

This would allow you to also learn a basic workout structure, that would actually get you going and learn new things on the way.

Good thing, as this way you don’t need to go to the gym and since not everyone really likes that, they can just watch this video and actually train home.

Best Kickboxing Workout DVD Buying Guide

When buying a workout DVD it is really important to look at a video that fits your needs. It is important that the actual DVD fits what you are aiming for, as for example a fat-burning workout routine, won’t really benefit you muscle wise.

They both really require a different focus, which is why it is really important to find a DVD that covers exactly what you are aiming for.

If you are aiming for burning fat: I really do think the martial fusion DVD is your way to go. It is really an all workout session, but I really feel it is perfect to lose weight in general.

I really love the way she explains everything.

The other one though is really just cardio in general but also focusses a bit on building muscles and is more about training certain muscles.

Not really about losing weight at all.

Look at what you need, and go from there, as it still costs money.

Our Pick

When looking at these DVDs I really do believe the martial fusion(2nd) DVD is actually the best out there for what most people are really looking.

So I’d say if you are losing weight, or you are building Stamina, you should get the martial fusion one.

Not because it is more expensive, and I get a commission on every sale. No, because well, read this blog and you’ll see I actually don’t care.

I care about helping others, which is the entire goal.

No, the reason you should get the martial one, is because it is just a really, really good DVD. One you will want eventually anyway.

Best Heavy Bag Stand for Kickboxing – Reviews and Buying Guide 2020

Best Heavy Bag Stand for Kickboxing

As said before, heavy bags are essential if you want to practice at home or you simply don’t want to spar with others.

A heavy bag allows you to practice at home.

You won’t get the full experience but at least some of it. This is because a lot of people who fight at home, they don’t need to dodge.

Sure, they work on their foot movement but still, it has a lot to do with getting hit also. Because this way your muscles remember it.

So, of course, it is better to put your skills to the test every now and then. That said, you can perfectly train at home especially to lose weight.

Now, picking a heavy bag stand is a bit tricky because first of all, you need to know whether you want to hang it or actually put it around.

Some people hang a heavy bag from the ceiling, which I am personally not really a fan of because it seems a bit of dangerous to me.

A stand, however, allows you to set it up in fact anywhere in your house. This allows you to set up a training room capable to practice in peace.

Best Heavy Bag Stand for Kickboxing Reviews

1. Everlast Bag Stand

Everlast Bag Stand for kickboxing

Oh geez, here I go again… Promoting everlast… Yea, It is one of the top brands out there, deal with it. If you don’t realize that by now you are either not following this blog actively, or you are completely new to kickboxing at all.

Everlast, when it comes to it… They also have their own heavy bag that fits perfectly, but that is completely up to you.

It is really the highest quality out there.

The reason I am such a fan of this brand because I’ve bought plenty of things at them and I never EVER had to complain even once.


  • Price with bag: $99,95
  • Price without bag: $79,98

As you can see, you can even buy the bag with it. The quality is quite high. I myself have the everlast bag, and stand due to the awesome delivery.

When looking at it, the bag is one of my favorites ever.

I used it plenty of time and I am very happy myself. I actually had an easy time setting this up also.

It also is one of the better bags I actually had, I myself use it regularly and I can really recommend it.

best heavy bag stand for kickboxing

2. Ringside Prime Free-Standing Station Steel Boxing 

Ringside Prime Free-Standing Station Steel Boxing

This certain standing is a tad more expensive, but still worth a look because it actually is worth its money.

Sure, you are paying a bit more but when it comes to it you really get worth for your money. Now, when you read this blog you might not find a lot about ringside.

This is because, even though it is a great brand, I simply just didn’t have the opportunity to buy from them before.

Or well, I did, but I am quite fond of my current suppliers.

Ringside, however, still is quite a well-known brand, and I know people who buy stuff from them on a daily basis.

I myself until today, didn’t really have a lot of experience with them.


  • Price: $168,34
  • Price with the bag: $188,40

As you can see, it is quite expensive and you’re paying quite a bit more than the everlast one, that is because everlast is more about combining quality and budget whilst ringside is really supplying for veterans.

Sure, any beginner can buy from them, but I really think it is only a good buy if you know that you really like kickboxing or not.

I mean, it is quite a big amount of money and it would be a serious waste if you don’t actually like kickboxing after all.

Which is why I’d recommend actually to try out kickboxing for a few months, get used to it and see if you actually like it or not.

A lot of people might like it, but every now and then there is this one person who doesn’t like it at all.

You yourself can buy this one by pressing the buy now button. It will redirect you to Amazon, and yes whilst the price remains intact, I get a commission from the seller.

So you are helping out this blog too!

best heavy bag stand for kickboxing

Best Heavy Bag Stand For Kickboxing Buying Guide

Buying a stand is very important, and when it comes to it you might actually need it badly. It is not smart to hang it yourself on the ceiling, especially if you don’t know what you are doing as some bags are actually pretty heavy.

That said, when it comes to it, it is important to pick a stand that actually can stand the punches and are actually quite easy to install.

The way you should look at it though, is more about the budget you want to spend on it, and how long you actually want to do kickboxing at all.

I myself recommend, especially if you plan to do it longer to actually get the everlast one, sure it is cheaper and ringside is very nice, but I am talking about the experience.

When I look at it, the ringside one is actually quite overpriced, and I really don’t think it is necessary to overspend especially if you’re doing it more as a workout routine. Even when you want to try and get professional, it still is quite a bit of money and I wonder if it is actually worth it.

The Verdict

As I said before, I really think it is not really worth spending all the money on the ringside, and I myself would really go with the everlast one.

Not just because I am familiar with the actual brand and all of that, I am just familiar with the quality of the actual product and the prices are actually very very decent.

It is actually quite cheap considering other brands, especially for the quality you are getting out of all this.

It truly is phenomenal.

Best Muay Thai Headgear – Reviews and Buying Guide 2020

best muay thai headgear

Muay Thai headgear is ESSENTIAL, but is the reason really that obvious? Why do you need headgear, well in theory you don’t!

Now, before you’ll blame me for spreading nonsense hear me out first.

You do need headgear if you plan to fight other people, this is in order to prevent yourself from suffering from permanent damage.

Which is a real possibility, no matter how tough you are.

See, if you fight other people without your actual gear, you fight people talented too. They know how to hit you, and since it is a competition they won’t hesitate.

This is because the end goal is to win. To win, and improve that is. So, if you don’t have headgear you won’t be able to actually compete.

The only reason why you wouldn’t need it is if you have NO intention at ALL to actually fight people. This is because you won’t be physically hitting someone else, nor will they be hitting you.

But did you know a lot of head injuries come from boxing? It is quite common, and possibly, the damage caused might just be permanent.

There is an OBVIOUS reason why you should get headgear, so get it.

Best Muay Thai Headgear Reviews

1. RDX Headguard for Boxing

RDX Headguard for Boxing

Oh, if you don’t know RDX by now, you aren’t actively following this blog which is a shame as you should. I mean, cmon look at all the value…

…That said, if you know RDX, or even read at least one article on this blog, you know I am a big RDX fan myself.

There is no real article I cover, with at least one product of them.

They are one of the top providers in the kickboxing/Muay Thai scene and actually deliver real quality. But that said, let’s continue with the review hm? I mean… you don’t care about all this, do you?

This specific headgear is awesome for a few reasons. First of all, It is not expensive at all. Second of all, it comes in different colors and has a removable head grill.

Not just that, I’ve actually tested this piece and it is awesome. It takes a lot from the blow, and really protects your head from getting damaged.

Sure, it might still hurt a bit, I mean… if not, they’re not doing it right or your defense is the best of the best.

But since everyone even professionals make mistakes, I am going to assume that ain’t the case.

In short, you get a lot for the price!


  • Price: $37,99
  • Size: Small, Medium, Large, X-large
  • Color: Black, Blue, Pink, Red

Our Opinion:

As you can see there is plenty of options, and they really provide the best of the best out there. I think RDX, and everlast truly are my favorite vendors.

I always buy my stuff with them, and never EVER had one complaint. No, they’re awesome. You can buy them yourself too btw!

Do know I get a commission from every purchase made through this blog, however, it won’t change the actual cost of the product.

best muay thai headgear

2. Venum Challenger 2.0 Headgear review

Venum Challenger 2.0 Headgear

Yes, I am actually doing it… covering Venum. See, I am often a bit reluctant to cover them, because they are one of the best brands out there, but they are also a bit more expensive.

See, Venum is actually a really well-known brand but I am also focussing this blog on both experienced and beginning boxers, but it is not my goal to make sure you people buy expensive stuff, that can also be replaced with something a little bit less expensive yet equal in quality.

That said, here I go again covering stuff that isn’t really important, is it?

The reason I covered Venum in this one, is because first of all for training equipment you want to invest a bit.

It is better to invest in longevity instead of looking cool.

We want good, high-quality gear. Gear that will last you for a long period in your kickboxing “career”, and will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Well, this is EXACTLY why you need Venum.


  • Price: $59,99
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Good dense foam.
  • Color: Black, Black/white

Our Opinion:

You get quite a lot, and it is one-size as well, so it will fit. They’re lightweight, and won’t really interfere with your movement at all.

Also, it takes a lot of power from blows and allows you to practice and spar in peace.

Or well, without getting hurt too much. This is why it is better to invest in a bit better gear because this is what you get from it.

Lightweight, good and dense… nice looking, you get quite a lot for your money and it is easily ordered!

best muay thai headgear

Muay Thai Headgear Buying Guide

Both are awesome pieces of headgear and really the best there are, especially for the price.

That said, normally I cover plenty of pieces, well right now I took the best of the best and without a doubt, these were the ones.

I myself use the Venum one though, especially because I love competitive sports.

Venum is awesome though but it costs a bit more, but I bet you’ll eventually end up buying it anyway.

That said, if you don’t have a lot of money to spare, the RDX one is more than enough, and even recommended for beginners.

Final Verdict

I myself would go for the Venum one if you are already a veteran, or you are really determined to do this for a long while.

This way you won’t spend too much money, so it won’t really be a huge waste if you decide Muay Thai or kickboxing isn’t something for you.

If you are someone who is planning to do this for a longer time, I recommend you definitely go for the Venum one as It’ll last you longer.

So, in the end, It’ll really be worth your investment as in the long term you make it back by not having to buy new gear.

Best Kickboxing Movies of All Time Reviewed

Best Kickboxing Movies of All Time

Kickboxing is awesome and of course widely known. Sometimes you don’t need to be a practitioner to actually enjoy the sport, and even if you do… Sometimes you want to sit back and relax.

Sometimes you just want to see others do it, learn from it. Enjoy it.

Easily said, but what kickboxing movies are worth watching? Have you ever seen top kickboxing videos online?

Well, let me tell you they are quite hard to find if you don’t know anything about kickbox at all.

I myself, I am a big kickbox fan, I have to admit.  That said, I really enjoy all the movies in general, but these are really my favorites.

I will cover movies that either teach or entertain you.

But then for me, learning is also entertainment, that said. Not everyone thinks that way which is why we’ll cover both!

List of Best Kickboxing Movies

Before we actually begin to cover any movies at all, it is important to note that I’ll use amazon to actually review movies.

This is for two reasons, first of all, I do get a commission if you guys buy anything that this website is responsible for.

Second of all, I am a big fan of amazon myself. I spend a lot of money there because they deliver quickly and they have strict rules when it comes to delivery.

1. Jean Claude Van Damme – Kickboxer

This movie has a soft spot for me because Jean Claude is from the same country I am from. That said, everyone in Belgium and the Netherlands has heard from him.

He was really a well-known icon back in the days, and I really feel he made multiple quality moves.

Most of them are even underrated even though they all were really known, I still feel as if they actually deserve more credit.


  • Price to rent: $3,99
  • Price to buy: $9,99

Our Opinion:

It truly is one of the most inspiring movies ever made, and yeah there are follow up movies to this one.

However, I really feel like this movie gave Jean a breakthrough. It really brought him out there, and for a long period, he was actually a mega superstar.

This is one of the kickboxing movies that is almost known by everyone, and seriously worth a watch for either learning or entertainment…

…Well, why not both right?

It is easy to get. Clicking the amazon buy now button will bring you to the actual movie page, where you can either buy him or rent it.

Kickboxing movies

2. Fat Burning Cardio Kickboxing Workout – Nicole Steen

Nicole Steen Fat Burning Cardio Kickboxing Workout


  • Price to rent: $2,99
  • Price to buy: $9,99

Our Opinion:

First of all, before I go into any detail. Kickboxing  TRULY is one of the best ways to lose weight! That said, I don’t recommend it for people who are morbid. This is because it is a very intensive sport that requires your body a lot.

Most of our bodies are capable of taking a lot, which is why we are able to do such exercises. They actually make us stronger.

For people who are morbid, they often can’t take it yet – and should start with sports as walking or swimming to avoid getting injured.

That said, Nicole Steen is well known in general. She makes good movies like this, even though I cannot really call it a “movie” it technically is.

This is a very good way to get started with cardio and kickboxing in general. Also, a great way to lose weight!

Nicole Steen is really an intense instructor, but she has booked plenty of results and is widely known over the internet.

Here you can see some of the exercises she’ll teach you, and as you can tell she really knows her stuff.

She herself is quite fit also, but then she works out daily!

Really worth checking out her videos, especially if you’re planning to take this all seriously. I even dare to say it is one of the better ways, except for starting yourself.

I myself really believe in learning by doing.

That said, some rather actually see the stuff first. Some actually learn better by copying someone which is understandable.

It is easier to get started, I really do have to admit it. I myself am just a fan of going to an actual gym and spar with somebody.

Kickboxing movies

3. Double Impact – Kickboxing movies



  • Price to rent: $3,99
  • Price to buy: $14,99

Our Opinion:

This movie is truly one of my favorites, but then it is because Jean Claude Van Damme is in this one.

Actually, he is in it… twice!

Yea, the move, in general, is about twins separated by birth. They’re really skilled fighters whooping some ass.

That said, kickboxing is more than just “whooping some ass” it isn’t about that at all. It is a great work out exercise and a really fun sport.

Enough about that, more about the movie: Jean truly is a superstar. He used to be a big icon in the martial arts scene and actually gave kickboxing a true face.

He inspired a lot of youngsters to actually get started, as a lot of people really wanted to be like Jean.

Nowadays he might not be as well known as he was, but every 90s kid should truly know him.

Some of Jean Claude’s real-life drill exercises:

As you can tell, he really knows his stuff, and there is an obvious reason for his success.

Every kickboxer should hear of him at least ONCE in his life, and I am really glad I might be the reason you just did.

Watching this movie is worth a cheat day! It truly is! That said, don’t let me encourage you to cheat on your diet, that wouldn’t be nice.

Renting this movie though is very entertaining, and it is a very fun movie to watch also, but then I am a bit biased as I am a big fan of Jean in general.

I grew up with his movies, and I cannot picture a life without them.

It inspired me to get into kickboxing, and if you aren’t kickboxing already, I truly hope he’ll inspire you also!

Kickboxing movies

Best Heavy bag for kickboxing

Best Heavy bag for kickboxing

Best Heavy bag for kickboxing

Now, you are probaly wondering why you should get a heavy bag for kickboxing? Well, a lot of people don’t want to do kickboxing competitively… So they still want to get some practice done.

Now, if you don’t want to do it competitively, or don’t have anyone to spar with. You can always practice your technique on a heavy bag.

A good punching bag allows you to train in peace, and get some work done.

This however is not the case if you decide to spar. Sparring however is a fun thing to do, but it is not something everyone is up to.

See, sparring actually means practicing with someone else. This also means you can get hurt, while if you punch a heavy bag, there is a very VERY small chance of getting hurt depending on your technique.

Now, you are familiar with why you should get a heavy bag, I mean… It is pretty obvious, especially for people who rather practice at home.

Not everyone has the time to go to kickboxing gyms. Sometimes it might just be nice to work out at home while having a break.

But are you familiar with what heavy bags are the best heavy bags for kickboxing?

1. RDX Punch Bag for Boxing Training

RDX Punch Bag for Boxing Training

A punching bag is nice, having a good punching bag is ESSENTIAL! When it comes to picking a good brand it can be a bit tricky though.

See, there are various punching bags that are really good and various brand that deliver really good quality.

That said, RDX is one of my favorite brands.

I’ve bought shin guards at RDX and multiple boxing gloves. They always deliver on time, and quality!

Simply amazing.

They always deliver on time, especially as I shop a lot through amazon and they need to meet certain requirements.

Awesome brand but let’s continue:


  • Price: $63,99
  • Whole set

You get everything from boxing gloves to the necessary equipment to use it… It is an entire punching bag set and ofcourse one of the better quality ones.

This bag truly is one of the better ones out there, and is worth your while.

Best Heavy bag for kickboxing


2. Everlast 70-Pound MMA Poly Canvas Heavy Bag

Everlast 70-Pound MMA Poly Canvas Heavy Bag

I was really waiting on this one. Really looking forward to this one. See, Everlast truly is one of my more favorite brands.

Even though I regularly test out certain brands on this website, I really favour everlast for a various amount of items.

My gloves for example are bought at them. They’re simply a really good brand, and often underapreciated.

Highly used though!

I myself use their stuff regularly, and often recommend it to all my boxing partners. Just because they’re great.

Testing out this punching bag I found out that not only their gloves are great, but simply everything at Everlast is great.


  • Price: $86,40
  • 70 pound

Yes, I know… It is a bit more expensive than usual, that is truly correct. But, and here comes the catch.

You get a REALLY good bag filled with sanitized synthetic and natural fibers. This bag is of very VERY good quality.

Sure, you pay a bit more… But you get quite a lot as well!

3. Ringside 100-pound Powerhide Boxing Punching Heavy Bag

Ringside 100-pound Powerhide Boxing Punching Heavy Bag

For this one I was a bit hesitant as I myself don’t really like this kind of heavy bags, yet ringside has proven to be a good provider.

I’ve used some of their stuff before, but nothing special really.

Sure, they deliver quality and on time. That said, I am not really a big fan myself as I am really a fan of everlast, but that is just me.

I still decided to test out this punching bag for the sake of the article, and I must admit that I quite liked it.

It allowed me to train more heavily, put more into it.


  • Price: $153,54
  • 100 pound

Yea, this is a really heavy and expensive bag, I myself don’t recommend this for any hobbyist who isn’t eager to go hardcore on it.

If it is more for regular workout, It is not needed to buy such a heavy bag, yet it is up to yourself whether you prefer to train with a heavier one or not.

I myself am not a big fan of it, and don’t use it at the very moment. But, testing it allowed me to see that it really has its upsides.

Best Heavy bag for kickboxing

Buyers guide:

We’ve covered one of the top brands in the scene, and all of them have their upsides and downsides but these are my most favourites.

Looking for a good punching bag isn’t easy though, you really have to pick something you’d like and howmuch you’d commit to it.

If you don’t kickbox regularly, yet enough to call yourself a hobbyist, you might go for a cheaper yet a bit heavier bag.

This is because you are most likely up to speed with your form and technique, and you might have experience with your work out routine.

For a beginner, or younger people who are just starting out, I really think starting with a lighter bag might actually be beneficial.

At this point investing in some training equipment might be beneficial.

The verdict:

Buying heavy bags for kickboxing isn’t easy. It is more based on what you need, that said. I really do think for most beginners, it is better to go with the Everlast one.

It is of high quality, might not be the lightest nor the cheapest but it is great quality.

They deliver quickly as they have to in order to work with amazon, so that is exactly what they’re doing.

That said though I never really had any complaints using Everlast, and I myself really love using this bag.

So, yes… I am speaking out of experience.

If you feel like the everlast bag is too heavy for you, or you want an all ready set punching bag… I encourage you to go with the RDX one.

They literaly provide everything you’d need.

Kickboxing training equipment

Kickboxing training equipment

Kickboxing training equipment

Kickboxing training equipment

You are probably wondering, why do I need kickboxing training equipment. I need gloves, and I’ll be all set.

Not quite right!

Boxing gloves make sure you are a bit safer. Yes, when it comes to it, they do an excellent job.

But if you think all you need are boxing gloves, you never have done kickboxing right.

See, kickboxing is a really “dangerous” sport. This is why you need protection to minimize the damage, and to avoid the damage to be lethal and permanent.

If you decide to box straight of the bet, and all you use are boxing gloves, you will get hurt.

No matter how good you are.

One blow to your face and you might lose teeth.

One kick to your shin, and you might get hurt badly.

There are various ways to get hurt in kickboxing, and yes, it is a dangerous sport.

IF you don’t use your training equipment, that is.

Do mouthguards belong to the standard training equipment?

Kickboxing training equipment

Mouthguards are ESSENTIAL to your training equipment, and here is why.

Imagine you are sparring. Sparring is a practice fight against someone else. It is putting your skills to the test.

Out of a sudden, the person sees an opening, so he lands a combo that allows him to hit you right in the face.

The chance is EXTREMELY high that you hurt your mouth permanently. You might lose teeth, or worse!

Using mouthguards prevent this kind of things from happening as your mouth is continuously being protected.

These guards provide enough protection to your teeth to make sure they’re safe and can take blows to the face.

Of course, if that happens too much, you’ll have to work on your defence, but that is a whole other thing.

How about gloves!?

Having boxing gloves is one of the standard things when it comes to training equipment.

Fighting with naked fists can hurt you and your opponent pretty bad, which is why it is vital to wear gloves.

Don’t think it doesn’t hurt with gloves though, of course. You cannot be a wussy when it comes to kickboxing.

You will get hurt now and then, but you will get hurt significantly less when using gloves.

You wouldn’t say so, but they take away a lot of power from the blow, making the painless and also lower the damage done to your body.

Is headgear important?

See, kickboxing might seem simple, but it isn’t. It is a very technique heavy sport.

A lot of people do it wrong, and they do it to hurt others and to look tough, but these people don’t last long.

Kickboxing is a sport that requires respect for other athletes and the right gear.

Headgear, however, is essential, primarily to provide enough protection to last longer than a simple sparring match.

See, when you see kickboxing on television you might think that it is all about hurting the other person, but that isn’t entirely true.

Kickboxing is also about not PERMANENTLY damaging each other, which is very likely to happen if you don’t use the required gear.

Can you practice without headgear, yes? Of course, you can, is it recommended, however? No, it is not.

Do I really need shinguards though?

Have you ever had a kick right to your shin? Have you ever been hit there pretty hard?

If not, then it is normal that you don’t understand why shin guards are required.

You can hurt yourself pretty bad, especially if you lack in technique because as said before, kickboxing is very technique heavy.

If you don’t kick the right way, you’ll get hurt. If you don’t defend the right way, you’ll get hurt.

This is why you need to do some training before you are allowed actually to spar.

This is also one of the reasons why you need extreme training equipment because you don’t want to get hurt, at least not in that way.

Sure you will get hurt, I mean what do you expect? It is kickboxing, and you are hitting and kicking each other.

There is no other outcome.

That said, kickboxing is one of the better workouts, and it is also a sport if done right, gratifying.

But to spar, you’d need to work at least on your basics, as well as your gear.

Refrain from getting lethal damage done (which is why experienced kickboxers, actually know what they are doing.)

I bought kickboxing training equipment, can I begin?

Of course, you can. Don’t get me wrong, you can also start without training equipment, but then I just don’t recommend sparring.

Kickboxing is more than just fighting each other. It is also working on your cardio.

Working on your technique and working on your skill as a whole.

I can promise you that most of the time, especially in the beginning, you won’t be in the ring.

You will be running, doing extreme training to get in shape to stand a chance in the ring.

In order to actually fight other people, you’ll have to do a lot of training, and most of it won’t even be about fighting.

If you haven’t done kickboxing before, you have no idea how exhaustive it actually can be.

It is one of the more “extreme” sports when it comes to working out, and only a handful of people succeed in doing it competitively.

That said, kickboxing doesn’t need to be done competitively if you don’t want to.

It is more, a thing if you want to.

It is also an incredibly useful way to stay in shape, and when it comes to it, you might not even get to fight other people.

If you don’t like fighting others, you simply don’t have to, and you can just fight a gym bag.

This would, of course, mean, if fighting a gym bag, there is no need for mouthguards or headgear.

It all depends on the kind of kickboxing you wish to do. If you don’t want to spar, nobody will force you.

But if you want to get competitive, I suggest you get the right gear.

Venum Kontact Shin Guards Review

Venum Kontact Shin Guards Review – Is It Worth the Money?

Venum Kontact Shin Guards

Venum is one of the brands that consistently deliver high-quality sports gears at budget-friendly prices. Their trendy logos and flashy graphics make them the preferred choice for kickboxers and mixed martial arts experts. With the all-new Venus Kontact shin guards, the company has continued its path to providing quality stuff at reasonable prices. So, what makes these shin guards value for money? Let’s find out.

Venum Kontact Shin Guards

Best features of Venum Kontact shin guards

You should go through this Venum Kontact shin guards review in detail before investing in this product. The Venum Kontact shin guards don’t mess around with bold graphics or flashy neon colors this time. They have toned down their colors and focused on the razor-sharp basic logo. These shin guards come in black, and the white logo strikes out prominently, making it look absolutely smashing.

• Fittings

This is probably one of the reasons why people love sports gears from Venum. If you are reading this Venum Kontact shin guards review, you should go ahead and try these quickly. They provide the best fittings ever. The finishing of these shin guards is much better than other brands. Venum has tactically used a thin padding material covered with a vent material so that you don’t feel uncomfortable while fighting.

Moreover, the density of the padding is high enough to provide protection to your shins. They may look thin, but are capable of enduring severe shots during fights. Most importantly, it comes with round padding on the top that helps to protect your foot. There is a separate padding that protects your ankle near the bend. So, once you put these beauties on, you can only think of attacking your opponent. The primary shin pad ranges from the ankle to your knee cap.

• Incredible elasticity

This is another area that Venum has fortified when it comes to these shin guards. They have added an elastic strap just below the knee pad. It has a mesh section that holds your calf firmly. When you are in the ring against your opponent, you wouldn’t want your shin pads to flail about independent from your leg. That is why Venum has also added a couple of more elastic straps just below the calf area. This provides a better grip on your shins.

Most importantly, you get a comfortable gripping section right in front of your heel. That means there are fewer chances of hurting your leg if you fall awkwardly. With so many protection in various areas, Venus has certainly made sure that safety is more crucial than flashy logos right now. Although many kickboxers will still want dynamic colors, they will feel safe when they use this pair of shin pads. Venum confirms that there is 60% SBR, 20% EVA, and 20% nylon used in making the meshes covering the padded areas.

• Extra padding for better protection

Safety for all athletes seems to be the motto of Venum this time. Whether you are attacking or defending in a fight, you should always make sure your feet position is correct; otherwise, you may be vulnerable to different attacks from the opponent. However, to resist a terrible fall or severe injury, Venum has come up with reinforced foam in their padding. These padding may look soft enough, but they can endure heavy blows. Whether you are a beginner or a veteran, this pair of shin guards should be in your kit whenever you go for a fight.

Also, the mesh construction around the padding area increases your body thermoregulation and helps to absorb sweat. You can practice wearing these shin guards for hours, and you won’t feel a thing because the pad absorbs your sweat in no time. The Velcro closure on the top allows you to tighten the shin guards according to your comfort level. They are not like the traditional sock-like guards where you need to insert your feet. Just put on the shin guards and tighten the Velcro around, and get ready for your fight. It’s that simple!


• If you prefer reading the Venum Kontact shin guards review before buying this stuff, you should wait longer. These are some of the best shin guards you will ever come across at this price range. When it comes to design, this one beats its competitors by a fair distance. The black and white combination steals the show here.

• Movement is another big positive for this set of skin guards. You don’t feel there is a shin guard on your legs while fighting. Venum manages to distribute the weight of the padding efficiently. This allows you to move quickly. Kickboxing and mixed martial arts involve quick feet movement, and this pair of shin guards provide enough agility so that your legs don’t stick to the rink for more than a second.

• The size and fittings are a massive bonus for all users. You have three different sizes: M, L, and XL. Whichever size you choose, the top of the shin pads will reach your knee. Moreover, the fitting is simply outstanding on this one. If you wear it once you will not want to take it out anymore. With comfortable padding at the top and on the angle, you can fight with more aggression. This is one of the rare shin guards that manage to get everything right. From construction to fitting, you will love every bit of this gem.


• It doesn’t have any flashy color or dynamic logo that many MMA fighters and kickboxers want. However, the black and white combination is attractive enough to keep your mind away from those colors.

Final verdict

If you still haven’t got a set even after reading the Venum Kontact shin guards review, you should get one immediately. This pair of shin guard will never disappoint you. Whether it is comfort or agility, the Venum Kontact shin guards top the list in every department, making it one of the best products from this brand in recent times. Go purchase your set now.

Meister Elastic Shin Guards Review

Meister Elastic Shin Guards Review Guide

Meister Elastic Shin Guards

When you love to take part in sports, you need to make sure that you are wearing the proper gear. There are many reasons why shin guards are important and if you are going to play in your favorite sports, you are going to need to invest in the shin guards that you can use on a regular basis. Since the benefits are many for wearing shin guards, you want to make sure that you get the right ones for the use that you need them for.

Meister Elastic Shin Guards

Why Are Shin Guards So Important?

Your shins are one of the most fragile bones in your body. They can be injured easily, especially when you are playing in contact sports. The injuries that can happen will be very painful, as well as make walking difficult. Protection of the shins is required in some sports. A player will be mandated to wear shin guards for protection or they will not be able to play. You need to follow the rules so if shin guards are required, then you must find the right ones for yourself so that you can engage in playing your sport.

What Can Happen If You Don’t Wear Shin Guards?

You will be more apt to experience injuries that are very painful. Some of them can be cuts, abrasions, lacerations, and you can even break your shin bones. These injuries are very painful. They can also make walking very difficult so protecting yourself with shin guards is the best way to not obtain injuries and stay well while you are playing. Be sure that you find the shin guards that will give you the best protection while still allowing you to enjoy playing your sport and doing the best that you can while you play.

Meister Elastic Shin Guards Review

The Meister Elastic Shin Guards review is below will give you the information that you need in order to make a good decision on whether or not to purchase these particular type of shin guards. For many reasons, people are choosing these skin guards because of their fantastic protection qualities. Here is the Meister Elastic Shin Guards review that you will find to be beneficial in making your determination about these shin guards:

1. Quality – Made to the highest quality standards, the Meister Elastic Shin Guards have an elastic body. This allows for a tight hug when you are wearing them. They are made to last and provide for durable protection while you are engaging in the sports that you love.

2. Protection – These shin guards are lightweight but protective. With the padding, you can be assured that they will keep your shins and insteps guarded during your play. The elasticized parts of the shin guards are exceptional and provide a firm protection for you. You can feel confident that you can play when you are wearing these shin guards.

3. Comfort – With the padding that you need, you can wear these shin guards for a long time in comfort. They snug against the leg and are breathable so you will not have a problem with them retaining moisture when you sweat. You will also like that they have the hook and loop closure with an elastic strap for a tight fit that will allow you the ability to move about easily. These shin and instep guards are also easy to put on and remove at any given time.

4. Care – With the Meister Elastic Shin Guards, you will have the ease of care that you desire. You will simply need to wipe them off with a damp cloth and machine wash in a normal cycle because they are made of cloth. It is important to make sure that they are totally dried before you decide to use them again. You don’t want the moisture there when you put them on so drying is to thoroughly completed on a regular cycle.

5. Price – The Meister Elastic Shin Guards are priced at $14.99 – $17.99. For the price, you can’t beat them. They come in black and they are made for use for both men and women. Always keep your eyes open for sales, promotions, and discounts that are sometimes offered at different times of the year. You might be able to save even more money on the already low price of these shin guards.

Customer Service Is Great With Meister

Meister is a company that is proud to offer the best products in their field. They are always available for any questions that you might have about their products and the care that you will need to do for them. Their staff is personable and professional and you will find that they are available when you need them. With their expertise and knowledge, you will know that you are getting a product that the manufacturer not only is proud of but is extremely helpful in any way that you require them to be.

A Gift Of Shin Guards

Give someone you know and love a great gift with the shin guards. They will love that you thought of them and how they enjoy playing their sports. You can give these gifts for birthdays and other special times throughout the course of the year. Make sure that you also tell them how to use and care for them properly. They will really appreciate your thoughtfulness with this type of gift.

With the information that you learned above about the Meister Elastic Shin Guards review, you will be able to make an informed decision before you decide to purchase them. Many people are finding that these shin guards are extremely beneficial when they are playing sports. They feel confident that they are getting the protection that they need when they are on the field and putting their all into playing their sport. Since these shin guards are of the highest quality, their confidence is high when they are involved in contact sports that require their skill and attention at all times.

A Fairtex MMA Shin Guards Review

A Fairtex MMA Shin Guards Review

Mixed Martial Arts or MMA is a full-contact sport. It uses a combination of sports, including martial arts. It includes such movements as the jab, overhand punch, round kick, trip, double leg take down, and more.

Fairtex MMA Shin Guards Review

In actual competition, when it comes to Muay Thai and MMA, when practicing the sports, MMA shin guards are sometimes worn. They are worn to protect the shins and keep them healthy. However, these shin guards must also be comfortable and durable and of a satisfactory design to be professional and of high regard. Here is Fairtex MMA shin guards review for MMA and for those who practice Muay Thai and other contact sports:

What is Fairtex?

Fairtex, founded in 1958, is a mixed martial arts as well as a boxing and Muay Thai clothing brand headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand. Muay Thai, otherwise known as Thai boxing, is a primary focus on Fairtex, but MMA, popular in the United States, is also a focus.

Their goal is to produce only the highest quality equipment using only Grade A materials from top suppliers. They have incorporated a unique padding and design not seen in similar products.

Their brand is internationally known, and they distribute to over 50 countries worldwide. The products are tested by not only people at Fairtex but also by professional fighters. This Fairtex MMA shin guards review will go over all aspects of the shin guards.

What are the features of the Fairtex MMA shin guards?

These shin guards are stitch-free, otherwise known as an open system, shin and foot protector. Therefore, they are considered more comfortable than those with stitching because a lack of stitching alleviates the pressure that can be put on a shin. They also have no metal loops.

The shin guards are made of Fairtex Syntek Leather and have three layers of high impact foam core. They are constructed with maximum shock disbursement with a hard outer layer and a soft inner layer. The shin guards stick to your shin with a natural feel and offer not only top protection as well as extended side protection. They are also designed to avoid irritation at the top of your feet where the shin guards fall.

The shin guards have elastic band straps that fit around the leg for a maximum fit. They provide comfort and protection. They fit both men and women.

The shin guards are sold in pairs and are made with genuine leather. They come in small, medium, large, and extra-large. They also come in black, blue and red. The left and right sides are clearly differentiated.

Here is a Fairtex MMA Shin guards review pros and cons list:


1. The shin guards don’t move.

The shin guards don’t move while you are moving. They stay in place while you do the various movements involved in the activity. This is important because when you are doing a move such as a round kick, you don’t have to worry about the shin guard slipping while you’re trying to focus on the move.

2. The shin guards are made of genuine leather and not synthetic.

These shins are made of genuine leather. Therefore, they are of better quality than artificial material and last longer. Synthetic leather is not breathable. Leather, on the other hand, is a natural material that is not only breathable, but it is naturally flexible. It will mold around the shin in the most natural and comfortable way. The shin guards, in effect, become tailored for your personal shins.

3. The shin guards don’t cause a rash.

Most reviewers did not experience any sort of rash from the shin guards. They are considered comfortable to use without rubbing against the skin in a negative way. This is because they are leather and not synthetic. There are no unnatural chemicals or materials in the making of the shin guards, and they are softer than synthetic. However, it’s realistic for any high-quality shin guard to be broken in before it is completely settled. Therefore, like leather shoes, these are shin guards that feel better the more you wear them.

4. The shin guards are affordable.

It is usual for people who take MMA seriously to invest in their equipment. However, that doesn’t mean that one has to spend an “arm and a leg” when there is no need. You can get quality shin guards by Fairtex that are moderately priced.

5. The shin guards fit men and women.

In some cases, when it comes to sports equipment, the equipment is broken down to female equipment and male equipment. However, the Fairtex SP3 Pro Style Shin Guards are unisex. However, even though they are unisex, they comfortable and satisfactorily fit both men and women. Although there are still more male MMA fighters than women, Women’s MMA fighting is on the rise and continues to rise.

6. The shin guards contain fitted buckled straps.

Many people are looking for fitted buckled straps or velcroed straps. With this kind of adjusted strap, no matter the size of your leg, you can have this shin guard fit appropriately. They can also be adapted to one’s leg quickly and effectively.


1. There is no size chart to help determine what size shin guards to get. Therefore, you need to make your best judgment on your own. However, how do you do that? How do you determine your correct size and avoid ordering the wrong size and having to send the product back? One of the ways to do that is to read the questions and answers on the product page. Many people have asked what size to get, and you can gauge your size based on these answers.

As this Fairtex MMA shin guards review indicates, anyone who participates in MMA activities or MMA-related activities would benefit from these highly quality shin guards whether you are a man or a woman. They are not only comfortable but effective. One of the best features of these shin guards is that they are made with genuine leather as opposed to synthetic leather. They are also moderately priced for any budget. Read the questions and answers to determine what size to order so that you can purchase the correct size the first time.