Best kickboxing workouts

best kickboxing workouts

Best kickboxing workouts

Kickboxing is one of the best workouts I’ve ever seen, but it is not a workout in itself… Or well, in fact it is a sport and eventually also a workout, but it is all round.

Yes, you’ve heard me… Kickboxing is a nice allround sport, that keeps you both musculair as lean and you’ll have stamina.

It is very intensive and thus perfect for training, gaining musscles as well as losing weight.

This is also why a lot of people start with it, but there is one specific reason people keep doing it.

See, there is this one reason why a lot of people stay motivated while kickboxing, and why I personally think it is a good way to lose fat easily.

Here is why:

Have you ever played soccer, even though you were overweight or not musculair?

Sure you have right? When you did that you were amusing youself, you were having fun.

When you have fun, it is hard to be demotivated.

With kickboxing there is another plus point even though it is amusing.

See, kickboxing is something you can also do on your own. You don’t have to fight other people at all… It is a personal choice.

The best kickboxing cardio workout:

best kickboxing workouts

For cardio it is important to mix in some jumping rope excercises except if you are too fat.

Now, it might sound rude but that wasn’t my intention at all… let me explain myself.

People with obesity (I used to suffer from this) often can get injured more quickly.

Your body is under more stress, and it isn’t used to the intensive workout, so you should start with either walking or swimming.

This way you’ll be less likely to get hurt while losing a good amount of calories.

Doing cardio kickboxing though is a very viable way to lose weight but as soon as you feel pain you shouldn’t do it. Get some medic advice from a doctor first.

While I speak from experience, I cannot advice you medically or prevent your body from hurting.

It is just very unhealthy to start with a very intensive workout schema that isn’t fit for your body.

That said, enough about that. Let’s talk about cardio.

See, cardio is awesome but what kind of routine do you do? I actually do a lot of jumping ropes and run my combo’s for atleast 30 minutes.

I take my time to adjust my pose of course, as it is really important.

Your fighting pose is essential.

I often throw a few jabs to warm up, and actually spar quite a lot but you don’t need to step in the ring if you don’t want to.

You could also just by a heavy bag and practice at home. This is a favourite for a lot of experienced people and busy people.

As you are not bound to gym hours, and if you have late working hours it can be tricky to make room for practicing.

Not everyone has time however so they rather practice at home. Others just like to build stamina and musscles, they just like to get stronger in general and they don’t want to fight others.

Then putting you in the ring won’t really help you.

Kickboxing cross training workout – best kickboxing workout

Well, kickboxing is a bit different than many sports. See, it is divided up in leagues.

For example, lightweight is a whole different ladder than heavy weights… so It is important to train in specific ways. For example, if you are going for lightweight…

…You cannot go and get too bulky.

Sure, you might think it looks good but you’ll actually not be able to compete if you are too heavy.

Also, the heavy weight seemed to be more competitive than the lightweight as people have to train a tad harder.

It is also way more populair I would say, but that is highly debatable.

It is just because I like to watch it more. It really depends on what you want to do, and how you want to train.

Or well, what you enjoy most.

Most likely everyone starts off low on the ladder anyway, and you’ll get the feeling by doing it more often.

This is why cross training is important, it keeps you in the right position and doing the right thing.

Doesn’t get you too bulky or too lean… It keeps you in shape.

Training with materials?

It is always more fun to train with materials but the most used yet most underapreciated material might actually be the best.


Training with video’s gives you an idea of how professionals do it, and you can mimic their movement.

This allows you to get a good basic nailed down, and allows you to train at home.

This way you can train in peace without feeling bad.

Now obviously you need training equipment when boxing but that is very necessary.

You need to get materials in order to keep some things from hurting and increasing endurance.

Increasing endurance is key, as it allows you not only to train longer but also just to enjoy yourself longer… I mean the results that is.

Endurance is important in the ring, kickboxing is one of the harder and more intensive sports and if you are not prepared then you’ll have a very hard time.

You will get worn out way to quickly, and all they really have to do then is dodge and look for openings.

This is because you will be going all over the mat while continiously fighting. Your competitor will likely train all day and is prepared to fight.

If you are not, and all you did is train to get stronger then you will be dissapointed.

Training is important when it comes to kickboxing, and you need a nice schedulce to get started.

I recommend:

  • Start with some warm up stretches.
  • Run 30 minutes AT LEAST…
  • Throw your combo’s for 30 minutes
  • Do jumping rope excercise
  • Buy a workout cardio dvd.

Yea, follow professionals, they know best as they’ve been training to be on the top themselves for years now.

Kickboxing at its best

Kickboxing at its best

Kickboxing has achieved a lot, and made people actually gain a lot too. Now, when people think about kickboxing though they often see more than the sport.

They see cruelty or well just “2 man beating each other”, first of all a lot of woman actually do kickboxing as well, and they often excell at it also.

Now, we’re going to focus on kickboxing and what it did for people. This way you’ll perhaps understand that kickboxing is not all about just fighting.

There is a whole lot more behind it, so much more in fact that a lot of people just don’t even try to get to know it.

They think fighting is barbaric…

…and it is.

When you are street fighting that is. See, a lot of people don’t understand how controlled fights are.

There are strict rules, and while it still hurts, all preventions are made in order to prevent themselves of getting hurt.

Well, they’ll get hurt anyway… what I really meant to say is that preventions are necessary to prevent permanent damage.

There is no such thing as naked fist, and the sport is more about technique than anything else.

It is a very intensive sport afterall, and even though it is not liked by the majority of people.

Nowadays though everyone seems lots calmer about martial arts in general, and it is more accepted even though a lot of people still pair it with abuse.

Which is obviously a shame as most fights are really paired up with nothing but mutual respect.

Now, I do get why it is hard to understand especially due to all the trash talk fighters do before they get into the ring, but what people not seem to get is that they do this in order to get riled up.

They fill their bodies with adrenaline and anger, so they can express it in the ring and fight even better.

As you can tell kickboxing isn’t a savage sport at all.

Kickboxing at its best: Badr Hari vs Rico Verhoeven

This fight was legendary, for sure it was… I mean 2 of the greatest kickboxers of this age, I mean… even for non kickboxers this was great.

Which is also why I decided to mention it.

See, at that very moment when this fight was happening there was this big hype.

Everywhere where you would go… everywhere you went, you would hear about this fight.

People had saved up a lot of money to actually visit this fight… and witness it in real life.

I myself was actually one of these people, I have to admit that.

Rico was defending his title, and everyone was rooting for him, or well that is how I saw it obviously.

Others didn’t really witness it in the same way.

Badr Hari obviously was very famous himself, even though he has been facing a few years of cell… at that time he was actually in favour with a lot of the crowd.

Now, I never personally doubted Rico’s skill as well, I have seen a lot of his matches.

I’ve seen him fight plenty of times and the guy can surely be called the king of Kickboxing.

Why this is so great though is that at this one moment everyone forgot about worries, forgot about problems…

…This one moment, they were happy and themselves.

This one moment everyone seemed to be a kickboxing fan, and I could truly say that at that point… for this brief moment kickboxing was a hype again.

Sure, it is still quite popular… just not on that level.

The whole crowd was cheering and thousands of people came. This is what can happen when kickboxing is at its best.

When legendaries meet, and giants clash.

You could say it was a clash of the titans, and the best titan actually won.

Yes, Rico won and I must say I am very glad as I am very biased myself.

See, I am one of the strictest when it comes to hatred against violence, yet I don’t consider kickboxing to be voilence.

I consider it a martial arts worth being called an art. I bet you agree, don’t you?

More on kickboxing:

Kickboxing is great because it has multiple uses. A lot of people think it is just fighting, and you have to fight others… This is not the case.

You can learn how to fight without actually facing others, and it is quite handy to defend yourself.

I mean, especially for women to learn them basic self defence… They’d be great with kickboxing.

Not that self defence is that necessary, but cmon… let’s look at the current state and statistics of this world…

…We both know that nowadays, you need to be able to defend yourself.

This way… you’ll be atleast safe!

That said, kickboxing is also great for losing weight. I myself have been doing my best to lose a lot of weight with kickboxing, and i’ve actually succeeded with it.

I lost over 50 kilo’s by using kickboxing to motivate myself in order to train.

It has been a blast, kickboxing is just one of the best things out there to lose weight especially due to the variety in it.

It is both cross training, kickboxing and many other things that keep you busy.

You need to work hard and consistent, in order to create real results.

In order to improve.

You could also go for the more competitive route which is one of the harder ones out there, I must admit… and not always realistic… But it is one of the more fun ones out there also.

It pushes you to greather lengths, and actually makes you work on your technique aswell.

Which is one of my favourite parts of it.

You push yourself daily, and the results manifest themselves in your own scores.

Tis allows yourself to get better, and better and improve… Daily.

This… is what kickboxing can achieve when it is at its best. Really, an awesome sport!

Best shoes for kickboxing class

Best shoes for kickboxing class

Geez… another kickboxing shoes class? Yes, hell yeah! See, we never really covered what shoes would be the best for kickboxing itself…

…While it is really important.

Shoes are essential when it comes onto keeping yourself safe from pain.

Not training correctly, or not wearing the right equipment can be a real issue.

It can hurt your body in various ways and that is something you simply don’t want… especially before a big fight.

When you think about it, it makes sense… the same goes for your bed for example.

If you sleep in a bad bed, I promise you you’ll feel it the next day.

Same goes for shoes… Fight on bad shoes, and I promise you eventually your feet will worsen.

They’ll hurt incredibly and then you won’t really be motivated to keep fighting nor to practice kickboxing at all.

Motivation and the fun of it is what keeps a lot of us going, but if you constantly have painfull feet, then it will be impossible to like.

So, Yes, shoes are very important.

Especially for beginners as they might get tired way more quickly of sports they never really had the chance of motivating themselves.

Sanabul Foot Grips for MMA, Kickboxing, Wrestling, Yoga

best shoes for kickboxing class

Yes, so here is the actual catch. In the ring we don’t use shoes. Nor on the mat really, but that isn’t for every gym.

Some are strict, some aren’t at all. I prefer a strict one for various reasons but let’s continue.

What most gyms do allow though are foot grips. This is very handy to protect your feet and hold it steady…

…In the meanwhile they are also more hygiënic than socks and are very comfortable to wear.

Now, more about the product though: I mean, it is easy to know what I am going to say as it is a Sanabul product.

I mean, let’s be truly honest… Has Sanabul ever dissapointed you? Of course, not… atleast not me.

They are pretty affordable, and really high quality.

best shoes for kickboxing class


  • Price: $15.99
  • Size: Extra Small – Small – Medium – Large- Extra large.

As you see, you can get a nice pair of footgrips for less than actual peanuts.

It is definintly worth getting some Sanabul footgrips especially because they are so awesome to wear.

Sanabul is just a really well known company where I regularly ordered, and I can openly tell you that it is real quality what they are delivering that is.

What I liked:

I really like how the footgrips are so comfortable. I had some others before, and they really failed.

I mean, they didn’t quite suit me… They weren’t my style also and I only had used them once before getting rid of them. Yea, they definintly pissed me off.

So, those shoes weren’t fit for me at all. Or well shoes as I said before is a though thing to say.

They aren’t really shoes but more a footgrip than anything else.

Really awesome to use footgrips actually helping me with my balance with which I used to struggle for a very long time.

After buying these footgrips I really got better and I really liked them a lot.

It is also that it doesn’t really matter what kind of size I really picked, they sat great even with flat feet.

I myself own a large – extra large, and I think this is my third pair just because I want so… but they last a lot longer than anything else.

So, yea… Big fan of Sanabul, and a really big fan of their footgrips which are just awesome to use in general.

best shoes for kickboxing class

What I disliked:

When it comes to it, I love using footgrips and I love sanabul, but what I don’t love is not wearing shoes in general.

See, I hate not wearing shoes which is funny because in kickboxing you are mainly not wearing shoes at all. But, still… it was quite hard for me to adapt to footgrips.

They weren’t nice to wear in the beginning, and even though Sanabulls ones are great, most of them might not be as great as sanabul.

So, if you are not a big fan of socks or naked feet… You can find it hard to adapt yourself.

Push a bit through, or use a different brand.

The buyers guide:

Thinking about footgrips makes me think about how stupid shoes sound, I must admit… Shoes in a ring isn’t the best thing to do.

Especially as we are kickboxers, and might actually hurt someone pretty bad with solely our feet.

Shoes are made for walking, not fighting really so lets not use them for it at all.

Now, when buying footgrips it is important to ask the seller about a size chart.

Some products, especially on amazon actually have on there.

If you have no idea, do some research urself as size is absolutely important especially when buying footgrips.

You want good ones, ones that don’t restrict or hinder your movement at all and if your footgrips do the opposite of that, then they’re not worth it at all.

You want to prevent small footgrips, unless you like them tight that is.

I personally barely want to feel I am wearing anything at my feet when fighting which is weird as I used not to like it at all.

I guess, I adapted. I quite like it now really due to my experience in kickboxing.

The verdict:

I really like sanabul shoes, and if you like kickboxing at all… You should get yourself some too.

Getting sanabul shoes is thus a nice and wise investment. Especially for people who get their feet hurt easily.

This actually supports your back, your ankles and actually positions your body better in general.

When buying footgrips you will notice that the pain you might feel, or might not feel yet might dissapear unless it is due to medic reasons.

I am not a doctor, and I am not allowed to give medical advice at all.


Best kickboxing fight ever

Best kickboxing fight ever!

Before we go into any detail, there are a couple of things you should know about me.

  1. I am a gamer who is quite good at the game starcraft 2.
  2. I am a competitive kickboxer.

Now, I have my strategies in order to improve in everything I do and these strategies work effectively.

One of these strategies is analyzing pro players, and mimicing their play.

I make it my habbit, to make their professional moves, my moves.

Sure, they might be known but pro’s are not throwing combinations for no reason.

So, I analyze why they are doing that certain combo, and I use it the same way.

Analyzing pro players makes me pick up their misstakes, and my own misstakes.

Not just that though, I often ask someone to film my own fights so I can analyze what I did wrong and improve.

This is a thing I picked up while gaming actually.

When I lost, I would look at my replays… When I won I did the same. I watched every tournament, and all the pro plays.

This improved my own style, and helped me develop my own identity within the niche.

Same goes for kickboxing, and any sport we really do.

1. Khamal vs Amrani

These 2 morrocian fighters, have a legendary fight. They’re both fighting in the Netherlands and their strategies are awesome.

I was actually here in person, and I really loved it.

Especially since you can take away so much from watching these 2 legendary fighters.

As you can see in this fight, every punch matters… That is how it goes in real life as well.

I obviously mean, if you fight someone else yourself. Every punch matters, and the right combo can win you the game.

That is why watching players like this actually matter.

I do think the game could be finished earlier, see, a lot of pro players… Well, let me put it this way. I really felt they were putting on a show for a while.

Which is all right, it is still entertainment, but I think the right timed hook, could’ve won this game earlier.

Who am I to speak though.

I am no where on that level myself, and what they do is extraordinary.

So, yes I really loved this fight myself.

I learned a lot from it btw, I use some of the combo’s in my daily workout routine… and even in competitive fighting.

Works great. Even won me a few games!

2. Badr Hari Vs Rico Verhoeven

This fight was LEGENDARY! People were waiting for this fight to happen for weeks, if not months.

This was like putting the best of the best against each other to decide who is the true kickboxing king.

Wow… simply, wow.

Now, before we go into deeper detail, it might be good to let you know that I am personally biased.

I truly cannot stand Badr Hari, because he is just a bad person overall and has intimidated multiple people as well as physically abused them…

…While Rico Verhoeven, is truly gratefull to be there. You see, how he actually respects his opponents while being full of adrenaline as well as thanking all his fans?

He thanks everyone to be there, as ofcourse without fans kickboxing would be dead.

This fight though, I knew how it would end… with Rico victorious ofcourse!

He put some nice knee’s in place but he took some hard hits as well.

In this game Rico was defending his title, and ofcourse they had a rematch happen also.

But Badr, well… as you can see, he kind of melted down half through the actual game.

So, yes… Rico definintly had some advantages here. He did enough damage to make it happen, and as you can see he was truly confident of his skill as well.

Now, it is quite normal for Badr Hari to go and trashtalk his opponents as he openly admitted to actively hating them.

But, I am suprised that he kept it to a minimum.

I tell you, this game was one of the most well known… most hyped up fights there was in the Netherlands.

They both have a huge reputation, and while Badr might be known for lesser good things outside of the ring, he is also well known for his skill in the ring.

Why I picked these fights to be the best kickboxing fights ever?:

Now, I gotta be honest… I picked the games because I thought of them as the best.

These are from the Netherlands, which is where I love closeby… so I was able to attend these fights in person easily.

Which I did of course, and attending fights in person always makes them a bit better I find myself.

But the main reason I think these fights were so legendary is because I saw these guys grow.

I knew who they were from when they weren’t as well known and I loved it.

Then I started to hate Badr Hari, as I cannot stand evil people.

That said, these guys are considered legends in the kickboxing scene, and especially in Belgium and the Netherlands, which is why I am such a big fan of these games.

Everybody here wanted to see this in person, and for just once… a lot of non kickboxing fans actually came together, to watch kickboxing themselves.

It brought people together, and for once they saw kickboxing as the beautifull sport it is.

For that one moment, it didn’t matter who was around… It didn’t matter who was a kickboxing fan or not, they all wanted to see the giants fight.

Which is why i consider it the best kickboxing fight ever. It truly is, if it can do this… then it should be considered to be so.

Now, the tickets were truly expensive though.

A lot of people couldn’t see it in person, and a lot actually gave up a lot of their savings for it.

Truly amazing fights… Really.

best kickboxing gyms in the world

best kickboxing gyms in the world

Best kickboxing gyms in the world

best kickboxing gyms in the world

Kickboxing is one of the most intensive sports out there, you wouldn’t believe it if you didn’t try it for yourself.

See, a lot of people… they think we are just hitting people. They think we are animals in a ring, just hitting each other but…

…They don’t know the energy required… how hard we train to win, or to improve.

In orther words, they don’t really know what is required to compete. They don’t know what it takes for us to succeed in the ring, or to do it as a simple work out strategy.

Sure, we are having fun but…

…It is a really intensive sport. Competing at a higher level is fun to do, but it requires years of practice and hardcore workout…

…Some people want it so bad, they search for specific kickboxing gyms.

They search for the best kickboxing gyms in the world, so that one they can compete on the ladder as well.

Or well, at a high level that is.

If you are someone like that, you might really enjoy this post as well.. We are going to cover the best gyms there are, and how you can compete.

1. Banchamek Gym

This gym is awesome, not just because you get acommodation and some world class training…

…Not because you get to spar and learn from other high performing players.

No, because it is the home of Buakaw.

Buakaw is one of the better if not one of the best kickboxers of all time, and practicing alongside him is much more than just an honor, it is a great opportunity.

Every year some people go to the Banchamek Gym, hoping they get to learn from all the top fighters out there.

Yes, it might be the home of Buakaw, but when u get to train at Banchamek… you get access to 30 experienced fighters, ready to spar with you at all time.

Not just that, what is way cooler is that they will also share their awesome strategies with you.

There are not a lot of people who came back and regret it.

Actually, I cannot really think of anyone who ever regret going there in the first place.

Location: Phuket, Thailand.

For most of us though, the distance is the real problem. So, if you decide to go – then you better should make it worth it, and why not book a city trip aswell?

Make it worth your own while, even though training at Banchamek will be awesome on its own as well.

2. Jaco Hybrid Training Center

While they don’t specifically teach kickboxing in this gym, it doesn’t mean you can’t learn kickboxing here.

What I mean with this, I know… complicated right, what I mean is that this is a MMA gym, with a couple of notable trainers who were on the top either in the MMA scene…

…Or Muay Thai, kickboxing scene.

Location: South Florida

This means going here, you won’t just learn from the best… You won’t just learn all kinds of techniques…

…You will have to learn all the workouts aswell.

It is awesome to learn from all these high quality fighters.  You get the ability to meet up with people who compete on the top.

Your trainers are awesome, and used to be on the top themselves!

3. Patong Boxing Gym

This one is my favourite gym in Phuket, or well one of them atleast.

You get to fight here with 300 atleast 300 competing kickboxers. Yes, you get compete with the best.

Not just that, the enviroment is really beautifull. You get to go to 2 beautifull beaches… which are closeby.

Location: Phuket, Thailand.

If you go here, I recommend you plan a city trip, as the enviroment is really beautifull

Now, Patong is not SUPER far away from Banchamek, so you could make it an all in training vacation.

I promise you, if you come back… you won’t be the same fighter unless you didn’t pay attention of course.

Now, just because you go to quality gyms doesn’t mean you’ll improve drastically…

They require you to work hard as well.

If you don’t work hard, and don’t put in the effort to learn from them… it is no longer a way to get better, but just you planning a vacation where you waste your time.

Why should I go to the best kickboxing gyms in the world?

You shouldn’t at all… Weird to see me say that, isn’t it? Well… What I really meant is you shouldn’t, if you don’t plan to do kickboxing competitively.

Or of course, if you can’t afford it.

It is perfectly realistic to do kickboxing as a hobby… Some people just do it to lose weight, and others just want to be a bit more confident.

Not everyone has a competitive drive and that is perfectly fine.

But let’s say… or well, lets assume you actually are competitive… Then it is quite normal you should at least try this.

You will get access to experience and knowledge from people who do this for years… and not just kickboxing, they are actually REALLY good at plenty of sports.

Most combine their strategies, and try to offer a whole package but yes…

…It is a big amount of knowledge… for not that much money at all, though you should book beforehand.

It is always a bit cheaper, and you’ll have more time to prepare also which is really necessary.

Make sure to work hard on your work out routine. This way you can keep up, and you won’t be slacking during the training.

This way you can benefit as much as possible.

Now, do make notes… Don’t be afraid to write down some combo’s or to film your training if they allow it.

This way, you can always redo your training at home… and follow EXACTLY what you’ve learned.

Put it to use in competition, and you’ll see result.

Stay consistent with your training though, as just going to the best kickboxing gyms in the world isn’t enough.

Best kickboxing combos

best kickboxing combos

Best kickboxing combos

Have you ever fought in a ring before? Have you ever went face to face in the ring?

If so, then you truly know how important kickboxing combo’s are.

Combining the right moves allows you to get through your competitors defence.

Not just that, learning a variety of combo’s will allow you to stay unpredictable.

This way your competitor doesn’t know how to counter your moves, and you already have an advantage.

Now, that might sound all cool and all… but learning new combo’s can be quite tricky and require practice.

You cannot hesitate when it comes to using combo’s while sparring, or competing.

It all has to go fluently, like your footwork!

Some of the combo’s you will see here, are ideal to start with.

We’ll teach you some awesome combo’s that will allow you to get a bit more advanced as well.

This way you truly learned something usefull, that you can actually put to use – don’t you think that is the best to do?

Of course it is, so I truly recommend you to already get started while reading, and you put your laptop or computer next to you while practicing.

Keep practicing untill it is perfect, and do know that combo’s are also great for losing weight!

Yea, kickboxing is great…

1. Jab — Cross — Left Hook — Low Kick

best kickboxing combos

This is one of the most fundamental combo’s you’ll ever use. This is also perfect to begin with and to practice on.

It is quite simple, because you are using your hands in the first three moves, they don’t expect the low kick which is the reason why their movements are focussed on their hands.

So while their defence is focussed on your hands, you bring in a quick low kick.

Do know though, that learning just this one combo is pointless. It is good to practice it, and to throw it in there… but you need a mixture of combo’s.

2. Inside Kick — Cross — Left Hook — Right Body Kick

This particular combo gets a bit more advanced already, but hey – I know you like that.

We don’t keep it easy here, do we?

Of course, not. We go hardcore, all in! Now, that said… This particular combo keeps the competitor guessing.

See, we make sure to keep all kinds of attacks comming, we give them kicks…  hooks, this way they need to protect everywhere which is quite impossible.

They keep busy, and we exploit the openings we make.

It is important for us to stay on top of the competitor, and keep them confused and busy.

This way we are mentally already ahead, as if the competitor can’t follow… it’ll mess with his confidence, opening even more possibilities for you.

This truly gives you a shot to actually win the game.

Do know though that this combo isn’t enough, and in fact I would take a solid amount of combo’s and practice them in a workout round.

This way you don’t just perfect your combo’s, you also learn how to use them together.

3. Cross — Left Hook — Cross — Left Body Kick

best kickboxing combos

This one is actually pretty similar to the first one. It relies on your opponent thinking the hands keep comming, while you disguise your kick and put it in there creating openings.

In fact, you are making use of your opponents thinking intelect. It is really effective, and combining this one with others is one of the best things to do.

This opens up a lot of possibilities, and can put your competitor out of the game.

Now, do pay attention to your competitors technique. Is his defence more focussed on the lower region, well then make sure you put in some extra punches.

If you think he sees it comming, then start with this combo – but end with a different one.

Because if they see it comming, and you can make them think that specific combo is comming, then all you need to do is switch it up in speed.

The way to master this is by practicing this a lot while either sparring, or training at home.

While practicing though make sure to perfect every move! This is essential when focussing on combo’s! So, get it right!

4. Double Jab — Cross — Left Body Shot — Low Kick

best kickboxing combos

This particular combo is focussed on heavy hits. O fcourse, it is a bit more allrounded, but do know that if you can land one of these hits…

You are really ahead.

Sure, this one looks for weaknesses and exploit them, but I wouldn’t open with this one unless you know your opponent well.

It is important to actually know the weaknesses and exploit them well.

Use other, quicker and more efficient combo’s to open up your opponent and register their moves.

At what place are they lacking their defence?

This way you know where to kick, and where to put more pressure in order to land jabs and low kicks.

Fighting is also about gathering information, the only issue is that you need to do these things at high speed. You don’t have all the time in the world, and despite what everyone says… it is truly important to fight with your mind as well.

Use this combo when possible, and not just whenever you don’t know what to do. Make it a part of your routine.

Use it, practice it… over and over again untill you perfect it, and when you do so… make sure your footwork is on point as well.

I promise you, you’ll see wins comming in. Slowly, but surely you will!

How to practice these “Best kickboxing combo’s”?

It is important to spar a lot. Sure, you won’t win all the time…

Sure, you might not even win most of the time but that is why you are sparring.

You are training, and eventually once you learn how to use the combo’s and how to position yourself proberly… You will notice a difference, and you will start winning.

Do know however, there is no magical combo… and it is still required to practice almost daily.

Your work out is ESSENTIAL, just implement some combo’s in it.

Best kickboxing videos

Best kickboxing videos

Best kickboxing videos

Kickboxing is intensive, and it is one hell of a cool sport. That said, sometimes we need relieve… We cannot train forever, sometimes we need a day off.

Here is the thing, what if you love kickboxing that much… that you are actually looking for fun kickboxing videos to watch?

Where would you look?

On Kickboxingguru, of course. Now, this time instead of cardio and other workout sessions…

…Or technique video’s that would benefit you.

No, forget about all that kind of stuff, it is important but not now… Not today!

Today we will be focussing on fun, and entertaining movies.

Video’s you can watch when sitting back and relaxing without having to worry about anything.

Video’s worth watching with a family.

I can hear your thoughts at this very moment: “You are either going to put some Jean Claude Van Damme movies in here, or some video’s that have way too much blood in it to see with family.”


First of all, kickboxing isn’t cruel, so let’s not make it look like it is. It simply is not.

Second of all, we already mentioned Jean Claude’s movies, and I will only mention them if they are really worth watching – which most of the time they are.

1. Bloodfist II review

Best kickboxing videos

Everyone eventually ends up retiring from kickboxing, especially when they have achieved their goals already.

Eventually there is no need in further competition, and we start slacking to enjoy life on a later age.

Sometimes life just get too serious, and it no longer is considered a priority.

Well, in this case the kickboxing champion Jake, thought he was finished.

He thought his fighting days were over… only to discover he has no chance to quit fighting.

Retiring simply isn’t an option.

That said, there are multiple movies about bloodfist, and some of them are great – my favourite however is bloodfist 2.

Whilst being my favourite, the video is just one of the better ones out there and actually gives a fun look into the kickboxing world.

Despite the though name, it is not really a rough movie and really entertaining to actually see.

Best kickboxing videos


  • Price to rent: $2.99
  • Price to buy: $7.99

As you can see also, it is not a really expensive movie at all. You can watch him for pennies when it comes to it.

It is also really worth to watch, and you could say a family movie but still I would be cautious of little kids watching it.

Not only is it bad for them to see violence, I’d also just refrain them from watching it cuz they get nightmares easily.

We want to keep this from happening and well, I personally think watching an action movie like this is really just more fun when u can sit back in the dark, and watch there.

Also, even though I don’t really recommend having cheat days and don’t want to tempt anyone to go on a cheat streak, it is really in your best interest to open up a package of popcorn with this one, haha!

Best kickboxing videos

2. Jackson Bolt review

best kickboxing videos

What if you are suffering immensely emotionally, you are being treated by a shrink but… It is not really doing it for you.

In the meanwhile you got your detective job, and your wife is cheating with your partner.

All you have is your kickboxing, and of course, your old kickboxing promoter who took care of your carreer by making sure you could fight?

And out of all the blue… your partner dies?

Before you know it, everyone is after you because it is a solid motive isn’t it?

Well, this is how it is for Jackson Bolt.

Jackson suffered emotionally a lot, and while he was dealing with all of this his wife was cheating on him with his partner.

Jackson has a past as kickboxer, and is struggeling with emotional problems so much he is considered unstable.

It is a solid motive, but what does an emotional unstable person do when he finds out he is set up for something he didn’t do?

Best kickboxing videos


  • Price to rent: $2.99
  • Price to buy: $9.99

This movie is awesome, even though not quite a lot of people seem to like it. I quite like the story, as I like stories with a plot twist in them.

Which is why I am a big fan of the sherlock series, but then that is not kickboxing at all… even though… the fighting skills are there, haha!

No, this movie is one of my favourites due to it combining the legal system with kickboxing as well as a nice plot story.

This, I find very intresting in particular.

This is also why this is one of the more underrated movies out there, and quite entertaining at the same time.

It is not very expensive at all, and you can watch it for less than $3 which is nothing when you think about it.

Best kickboxing videos

Buyers guide:

Picking a movie isn’t a hard thing to do, if you know what you are looking for.

If you are looking for a movie that is more about fighting in general, and while it has quite a story… not that intensive of a plot.

Well, then it is an easy pick afterall and you should definintly pick bloodfist 2.

It is a good movie, and easy on the eyes also.

Also, it has some humor here and there, so it is really fun to watch, even though the name sounds as if someone just hit a fist through someone, and pulled it back out.

If you are looking for a movie with a plot that you actually need to follow, and with some cheesy romantic stuff as well as a dramatic approach.

Then you definintly should go with Jackson Bolt. It is quite a good movie, but I have to admit a bit cheesy.

Entertaining nonetheless but still… Meh, remember it is an old movie. That is all I am saying, it is a good one but older than most movies you see today with fancy graphics and nice effects happening everywhere.


Best cross training shoes for kickboxing

Best cross training shoes for kickboxing

Best cross training shoes for kickboxing

Training is ESSENTIAL when it comes to kickboxing, but so is having the right training equipment.

Don’t believe me, go and train with shoes that are too little, or kickboxing gloves of a bad quality.

I tell you, within a few hours you’ll be here again… with immense backpain.

Not just that, you could hurt yourself permanently. It is the same as cleaning ladies for example.

A lot of cleaning ladies permanently wreck their backs because they don’t utilize the right equipment and strategies.

Same goes for kickboxers. Using the right shoes is important even though a lot of people say it doesn’t. It actually does.

Because it keeps your back from hurting, it allows you to go on for longer as it keeps a lot of the pain from you.

Now, shoes for Cardio is one thing… But cardio isn’t the only type of workout you need. It is important to buy shoes for crossfit, especially if you want to take it serious.

Your body isn’t forever, so we need to take serious care of it especially if we plan to take kickboxing a bit more serious. As it can be done competitively.

You don’t want to be hurt in that way, believe me!

1. Aleader Men’s Cross Trainer Shoes Lightweight Sport Walking Sneakers review

These are my absolute favourite, is what you expect to hear… But in fact they are not really.

See, I have serious flat feet and while the quality of the shoes is great, I do think they’re not fit for me.

I can see how others would like them, as well for a while they were actually great but… shoes need to be like super comfortable for me, and these made my back hurt.

Would I use them myself, No. Could you use them? Yes, yes… you could.

Here is why:

People with flat feet are known to experience pain way quicker than others, as most shoes don’t suit their feet.

So, here is what I personally did.

I asked a fellow kickboxer I know well, to try them out. His words: “They were amazing.”

They were amazing? That is not enough to base a review on now, is it?

Of course, it is not… So here is his opinion: The shoes were awesome, I actually ran 2 laps an hour each with them… But since that is cardio, I also decided to do my usual crossfit routine.

I never ever had to complain about my back not even once.

They really fit well, but then it depends on your size – right? I’d say, especially for people who take fitness serious… Invest in these shoes.

Best cross training shoes for kickboxing


  • Price: $47.91
  • Size: 8 – 8.5 – 9 – 10 – 10.5 – 11 – 12 – 13

These shoes are recommended for anyone who does take sport seriously, but if you have flat feet… refrain from using them.

You might actually be a better off buying shoes specially made for yourself.

For someone with regular feet, haha, you are good with buying these… You might like them a lot… so much that you might never buy other shoes haha.

Best cross training shoes for kickboxing

2. Nike Women’s in-Season TR 8 Cross Training Shoes review

Best cross training shoes for kickboxing

While this one is gender specific, I still felt the need to actually mention this one. I myself don’t really believe in genders, and I don’t really like to indentify people based on that but…

…I do think it is still necessary to mention these as gender specific as well, amazon does too.

That said, my girlfriend uses these as we both are fanatics when it comes to kickboxing and use the best gear we can afford.

These shoes however made it possible for her to actually kickbox with me.

Not a lot of shoes suit her needs as her back hurts easily. See, we both used to suffer from obesity… and we lost a lot of weight.

We were able to do that by utilizing gear that supported our backs, knees and well body in general.

These shoes, kept her back from hurting… kept her knees from hurting… It did miracles!

It does miracles.

Best cross training shoes for kickboxing


  • Price: $44.69
  • Size:  6 – 6.5 – 7 – 7.5 – 8 – 8.5 – 9 – 9.5 – 10 – 11
Awesome shoes recommended personally for everyone. That said, they’re woman shoes and I am really certain that almost every woman out there will love them.
What I liked:
These shoes really did miracles, and they were really worth their money. Actually, they are worth gold… Not just that they support the feet, very well… They also look good.
Looking good keeps you going, makes you feel good.
This is especially important to be motivated, and to like sporting even more… especially… for ladies.
That said, I don’t want to genderize this post as that is not the intention of this post at all.
I would say, I really liked these shoes because of what they did for my girl. She loves them, and we actually buy the same pair over and over again.
What I don’t like:
First of all, they’re quite small which is why I truly find them woman shoes. Woman often have smaller feet than men, their body is different no matter what you say can change that.
Second of all, there is not much I actually dislike about these shoes, and I cannot think anything else.
This is the only thing, they’re quite small. I tried to get them to make them personally for me, like a custom shoe tailor… but he couldn’t.
Of course, they are a bit pricey, but you cannot expect to get the best there is… if you aren’t willing to pay more than pennies.
They are truly amazing shoes, my girlfriend will say so too.
Best cross training shoes for kickboxing
The verdict:
Both shoes are amazing, and for man I would go for 1… Just because well, you’ll see what I mean once you wear them.
They’re amazing and look good too.
Of course you can wear both, do know though that if you have flat feet… it is better to buy shoes in person, as your feet can hurt easily… but then you know what I am talking about – don’t you?

Best Kickboxers of All Time Ranked

best kickboxers of all time

Kickboxing is awesome, but do know you aren’t the first… and probably not even the best… of all time.

It might sound harsh, and sure you can become one of the greatest by working your ass off on a daily base, but when it comes to it… You’ll have to compete with the greatest.

Do you remember… the good old days?

If not, you are lucky. I’ll cover them for you, but I cannot promise that I won’t be personally biased, haha!

I must admit, I have intensively followed the entire kickboxing scene for years. I love the old ones, the great ones.

Sure nowadays people are still good kickboxers.

That said, we’ll judge based on a few factors and I’ll make sure to stay as objective as possible when judging.

Greatest Kickboxers The World Ever Saw

1. Buakaw Banchamek

Buakaw elevated the actual kickboxing scene by himself. He combined the best of Muay Thai, and dominated the kickboxing scene.

If you don’t know Buakaw, you haven’t really watched kickboxing before. He truly is one of the better ones out there.

Well, I dare even say that without him, kickboxing wouldn’t be as it is today. Not as well known, and not as advanced, really.

In the video above you will actually see some of his highlights, and actually see how great he really is.

Nowadays though, he is mainly focussing on professional Chinese kickboxing and doing his thing over there.

But then, he knows what he is doing… Hell, he made kickboxing partially what it is known for today.

That has to be respected… Doesn’t it?

He fights less though, and is more busy with promotions and really all the things you would do if you were as well known and famous in his region as he is.

He even thought some of the boxers on this list, which is awesome… as he actually trains people to take his place.

2. Superbon Banchamek

best kickboxers of all time

Yea… This guy is amazing! While he is young, and standing at 70kg, he still is a top fighter and he is ranked #1 or was ranked #1 in the china kickboxing scene.

He is the prodigy of Buakaw.

That should tell you enough. They both have a unique and fun to watch style and much like his mentor, he is dominating the scene intensively.

He is truly one of the better ones out there, because well… else he wouldn’t be ranked that high… But yea, he is one of the better ones out there.

When you see this guy fight, you’ll truly know what Muay Thai is. He dominates kickboxing by utilizing styles you never have seen before, and he continues to win a lot.

The future seems bright for this kid.

Do know though that his training schedule will probably be very intense, and you won’t find styles like this in most countries.

This doesn’t mean what you are doing is wrong of course. The beauty of kickboxing is that it allows you to develop yourself a style that fits your body and personality.

3. Badr Hari

Badr Hari greatest kickboxer of all time

Before I go into any detail, I must admit it hurts me to put him on this list. Not because he isn’t a good boxer, hell… he has a phenomenal record. He has 93 KO’s to his name.

It is because the person he is outside of the ring.

Badr Hari is a dutch Morrocan guy with a narcissistic psychological background. He is very aggressive out of the ring also, and often even abused people.

The problem is that he gets away with it as he has connections in illegal and dark places that allow him to get away with it.

For a while, he dominated the kickboxing scene, and he was truly one of if not the best.

That was until he met the “prince”. Who actually ended his reign. So well, I think everyone eventually gets what is coming to them.

I really had a hard time putting him on the list because I don’t want you to think being good at kickboxing is a free card to hurt people.

It is not, kickboxing is a sport. What happens in the ring during the game, is just a game… Just a sport, it doesn’t give you the right to abuse people nor physically or mentally.

4. Rico Verhoeven

Rico Verhoeven Best Kickboxer of All Time

Rico Verhoeven is one of the greatest, and even dubbed “king of kickbox”. When he went against Badr Hari, the Netherlands was both shocked as hysterical.

Most even doubted him, but yet… He succeeded to beat him.

In 2013 he actually became champion and has successfully defended his title 5 times since then.

That said, Rico is kickboxing for a long while now. He was fighting adults when he was 16 due to being tall and bulky.

This is mainly due to his father being very strict with his training though. That said, while he is a good kickboxer and a strong one, he is also a very INTELLIGENT boxer.

This allows him to excel EXTREMELY.

Nowadays, there are not a lot of people who don’t know Rico Verhoeven, as he is well… the king of kickboxing.

5. Kurt Sloane – Jean Claude van Damme.

While Kurt is also a very well known ex-movie star known as Jean Claude Van Damme, he was also a really well-known kickboxer.

Sure, his movies are about kickboxing and Muay Thai, and they are really good DVDs with bad movie plots but…

They were incredible for that time though.

That said, for every young kickboxing fan Kurt Sloan was often the first and the best kickboxer they knew.

He was THAT good.

He is still well known amongst the older people, and back then the movies were considered great. He had tons of fans, and he still does.

Do know he also has MULTIPLE movies about kickboxing, all being quite successful really. Back then there weren’t many kids growing up and not wishing to be him.

Especially when he did split between 2 trucks. That was awesome. Some of his moves were truly legendary!

Best Kickboxing Workout DVDs for Beginners

Kickboxing DVD Workout - Muay Thai Boxing MMA fitness videos - EFLT-ONLINE

I know what you are thinking… Wow, wow… wow… Haven’t you done a kickboxing DVD review yet?

Sure, I did… The thing was, that I focussed both on entertainment as workout based DVD’s.

This particular post, however, will be focussed on DVD’s that could actually help out people who are beginning with kickboxing.

I will focus on DVDs that teach you some workout routines. We will not cover entertainment-based video’s, but that said… if you really like kickboxing, then you’ll see it as kickboxing as well too.

I will try and cover as much variety as possible, with this I mean cardio or muscle building. I think it is quite important.

I might not cover as much technique based DVD’s because if it doesn’t benefit you workout wise, I don’t consider it useful for this article, and my goal… my very end goal, is to teach you a thing or two about your work out routine.

See, your workout is really important when it comes to kickboxing, as the right workout routine focuses on getting better and in improving your current technique, positioning and of course stamina and power.

Every kind of workout is quite important when it comes to kickboxing as we gotta be flexible, quick, strong and we gotta have stamina.

Kickboxing Workout DVDs for Beginners Reviews 

1. Muay Thai Boxing MMA fitness videos – EFLT-ONLINE review.

Best Kickboxing Workout DVDs for Beginners

This workout DVD, I have to admit, wasn’t the first on my list. I am not a big fan of these kind of video’s, and frankly… I like to do stuff more than I actually like to watch it.

It is very motivational and explanatory and focuses on a workout that also focusses on your technique.

I was hesitating to watch this one, as I said before but that said… I really enjoyed the actual video itself.

It was great, and actually even fun to watch.

The fun thing is that I can pause it whenever I want haha, I love to try things out and watching things over again in order to perfect it.

This particular DVD actually gave me more than that. It was that in-depth, that motivational and yes that important to watch.

I’ve never had a DVD or well, an instructional DVD drop my jaw. This one did.


  • Price: $18,98
  • Workout based.
  • Fitness based.
  • Technique based.

Best kickboxing workout dvd for beginners

What I liked:

I really loved how the DVD was explanatory, and motivating me at the same time. You see, I am quite a motivated person myself, and I don’t get as motivated by these motivational videos, as others actually do.

No, I think most of them are fantastic, but it is not me doing it… So, I don’t feel as if it should motivate me.

The only thing motivating me should be me. I should keep myself going. I am quite strict that way.

This video though, kept me entertained… made me actually WANT TO EXERCISE. That is why I actually liked this video.

And of course, I learned quite a bit from it.

What I disliked: 

Some of the exercises aren’t as easy as they could be. It was explanatory, but he made it a bit well… too “professional” in a way.

Sure, it is a great video, but it is quite expensive for its money also.

That said, It was quite a good kickboxing workout DVD for beginners, but of course, it costs a bit of money.

Also, the video isn’t very basic. Some of the things he says, well… might be a bit complex for a complete beginner or somebody too young, who doesn’t know a lot about kickboxing or fitness in general

Best kickboxing workout dvd for beginners

2. Cathe Friedrich’s XTrain Series: Hard Strikes DVD review.

Cathe Friedrich's XTrain Series: Hard Strikes DVD

Cathe Friedrich is an awesome instructor, and I was actually quite happy to do a review on her, not because I myself own plenty of DVDs of her… No, my girlfriend does and we often work out together.

So, Yes. I do know who Cathe is, and I actually like her video’s a lot.

She is very instructional, and her videos are very intensive also. So, while I wouldn’t really recommend this particular DVD for everyone, I’d still recommend it for most beginners out there!


  • Price: $21,95
  • Intensive
  • Instructional
  • Cardio
  • Muscle building
  • Kickboxing technique based.

What I liked:

Cathe gives her video’s quite a Zumba vibe for being extremely kickboxing, cardio oriented video’s.

This is good because Zumba is very intensive, and this is also quite good when it comes to footwork and technique.

Yea, I love Zumba, haha!

What I disliked:

Oh, I hate the price. Have you ever seen Avengers: Endgame? Well, in my country it costs less than this actual video, it is funny.

That said, sure: You get quite a lot of value from this video. It helps you with exercising, and it is quite fun to watch but…

…Still, especially when you are a beginner… It might be quite a commitment moneywise.

A commitment you might not be willing to make money wise of course. Which is completely understandable.

Best kickboxing workout dvd for beginners


Kickboxing Workout DVDs for Beginners Buying Guide

For every beginner who has money, I recommend looking at Cathe’s DVD. I really think workout wise it might be beneficial to you.

If you are more looking for a more technique intensive, yet cardio and motivational wise DVD. The Elfit one might just be what you are looking for.

But this is, of course, just my opinion based on what I think would be viable for you. I really do think Cathe will be a favorite amongst women more than it is amongst man, due to the womanly vibe you get from the video.

And of course: Some kickboxers simply don’t like Zumba.

The verdict:

For beginners looking for technique, I would definitely go for the first DVD. It is very instructional, and very technique based.

Cathe’s DVD, however, is not just instructional but also quite fun. It is really entertaining at the same time, and quite fun to watch.

Of course, she knows what she is talking about but still, she is a bit expensive though.