A Fairtex MMA Shin Guards Review

A Fairtex MMA Shin Guards Review

Mixed Martial Arts or MMA is a full-contact sport. It uses a combination of sports, including martial arts. It includes such movements as the jab, overhand punch, round kick, trip, double leg take down, and more.

Fairtex MMA Shin Guards Review

In actual competition, when it comes to Muay Thai and MMA, when practicing the sports, MMA shin guards are sometimes worn. They are worn to protect the shins and keep them healthy. However, these shin guards must also be comfortable and durable and of a satisfactory design to be professional and of high regard. Here is Fairtex MMA shin guards review for MMA and for those who practice Muay Thai and other contact sports:

What is Fairtex?

Fairtex, founded in 1958, is a mixed martial arts as well as a boxing and Muay Thai clothing brand headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand. Muay Thai, otherwise known as Thai boxing, is a primary focus on Fairtex, but MMA, popular in the United States, is also a focus.

Their goal is to produce only the highest quality equipment using only Grade A materials from top suppliers. They have incorporated a unique padding and design not seen in similar products.

Their brand is internationally known, and they distribute to over 50 countries worldwide. The products are tested by not only people at Fairtex but also by professional fighters. This Fairtex MMA shin guards review will go over all aspects of the shin guards.

What are the features of the Fairtex MMA shin guards?

These shin guards are stitch-free, otherwise known as an open system, shin and foot protector. Therefore, they are considered more comfortable than those with stitching because a lack of stitching alleviates the pressure that can be put on a shin. They also have no metal loops.

The shin guards are made of Fairtex Syntek Leather and have three layers of high impact foam core. They are constructed with maximum shock disbursement with a hard outer layer and a soft inner layer. The shin guards stick to your shin with a natural feel and offer not only top protection as well as extended side protection. They are also designed to avoid irritation at the top of your feet where the shin guards fall.

The shin guards have elastic band straps that fit around the leg for a maximum fit. They provide comfort and protection. They fit both men and women.

The shin guards are sold in pairs and are made with genuine leather. They come in small, medium, large, and extra-large. They also come in black, blue and red. The left and right sides are clearly differentiated.

Here is a Fairtex MMA Shin guards review pros and cons list:


1. The shin guards don’t move.

The shin guards don’t move while you are moving. They stay in place while you do the various movements involved in the activity. This is important because when you are doing a move such as a round kick, you don’t have to worry about the shin guard slipping while you’re trying to focus on the move.

2. The shin guards are made of genuine leather and not synthetic.

These shins are made of genuine leather. Therefore, they are of better quality than artificial material and last longer. Synthetic leather is not breathable. Leather, on the other hand, is a natural material that is not only breathable, but it is naturally flexible. It will mold around the shin in the most natural and comfortable way. The shin guards, in effect, become tailored for your personal shins.

3. The shin guards don’t cause a rash.

Most reviewers did not experience any sort of rash from the shin guards. They are considered comfortable to use without rubbing against the skin in a negative way. This is because they are leather and not synthetic. There are no unnatural chemicals or materials in the making of the shin guards, and they are softer than synthetic. However, it’s realistic for any high-quality shin guard to be broken in before it is completely settled. Therefore, like leather shoes, these are shin guards that feel better the more you wear them.

4. The shin guards are affordable.

It is usual for people who take MMA seriously to invest in their equipment. However, that doesn’t mean that one has to spend an “arm and a leg” when there is no need. You can get quality shin guards by Fairtex that are moderately priced.

5. The shin guards fit men and women.

In some cases, when it comes to sports equipment, the equipment is broken down to female equipment and male equipment. However, the Fairtex SP3 Pro Style Shin Guards are unisex. However, even though they are unisex, they comfortable and satisfactorily fit both men and women. Although there are still more male MMA fighters than women, Women’s MMA fighting is on the rise and continues to rise.

6. The shin guards contain fitted buckled straps.

Many people are looking for fitted buckled straps or velcroed straps. With this kind of adjusted strap, no matter the size of your leg, you can have this shin guard fit appropriately. They can also be adapted to one’s leg quickly and effectively.


1. There is no size chart to help determine what size shin guards to get. Therefore, you need to make your best judgment on your own. However, how do you do that? How do you determine your correct size and avoid ordering the wrong size and having to send the product back? One of the ways to do that is to read the questions and answers on the product page. Many people have asked what size to get, and you can gauge your size based on these answers.

As this Fairtex MMA shin guards review indicates, anyone who participates in MMA activities or MMA-related activities would benefit from these highly quality shin guards whether you are a man or a woman. They are not only comfortable but effective. One of the best features of these shin guards is that they are made with genuine leather as opposed to synthetic leather. They are also moderately priced for any budget. Read the questions and answers to determine what size to order so that you can purchase the correct size the first time.